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  1. Jean - hope ds car fix is an easy one Chris - hope your headache goes away quickly I am awake and drinking coffee, does that count for something? Meeting Laundry Straighten weekend disaster..aka the house Try to stay awake
  2. Following this closely. I have vitiligo that is now on my face. I hate feeling greasy and break ours but I need to be more vigilant with my face now. Last year my mom got me CeraVe sunscreen. I think spf 100. It was thick going on and if I didn't run it in good had a whitish look for a little bit. But it was not greasy and didn't feel bad. For the rest of my body I use a dry spray sunscreen
  3. (((Jean))) Yesterday I was up and moving really early. I was accomplishing stuff fast. Then I had to run an errand and stopped to have a coke with friends. Yep ended that spurt. This morning I woke early but haven't been moving to fast. I am home alone. I should be getting tons of stuff done but instead I have been chilling. I had grand intentions today but my body is like, ha yeah right, chilling is better. Have started going thru the "dumping spot of all items no one knows what to do with" otherwise known as the enclosed back porch. Hopefully will finish that
  4. Pink & Green - supper sounds amazing. Sorry have to work concessions tonight. minor pick up from yesterday 's company take down winter curtains laundry start another project??? Am I up for it??? There is something I am forgetting. Need more coffee and maybe will remember
  5. Melissa hoping all goes well with Twin 1 Been busy last few days with projects so that means the house looks way worse than normal. Have company coming Monday so I need to get to work. Finish 1 project Clean the mess from said project, probably take all day Laundry House in some kind of order
  6. Glory Days -- Bruce Springsteen School's Out -- Alice Cooper
  7. Yes...sherbert in punch bowl and pour ginger ale or 7up over. Enjoy
  8. Main goal for today. Going thru a few piles and deciding to toss or keep. If keep it needs a permanent home.
  9. Me too! WAY to much stuff! I am slowly going thru stuff and boxing up to get rid of. of My other problem is: am I going to save the stuff and try to have a yard sale OR just take it to goodwill? I want to just take to goodwill so I can see progress in my house. BUT if I have a yard sale maybe I could make a little money for some projects. UGH LOVE THIS!! I too am one that laughs out at books and don't care if I am at dr or home.
  10. My friend went to the Mercantile and the Lodge. Said it was super cool
  11. People have always told me I look like my mom. I see it more daily. Also see my actions more like hers too. I was looking at my mom the other day and thinking she looked like my grandmother. Then it dawned on me I would probably look like that too.
  12. Go thru drawers of a cabinet Try to toss as much as possible Organize the rest
  13. I use suave 2 in 1 or suave volumizing.
  14. This weather is crazy. Yesterday was warm and I felt like working. Today is cold and I want to bury under a blanket and not move. But I need to go thru a bunch of boxes. Get rid of as much as possible.
  15. Usually by this time of the year we have some cool days (and chilly baseball nights) but not like this. We had snow the other day and it is below freezing right now.t Crazy Weather
  16. Crockpot Supper on a dog, hamburger, pork chop sandwich, chicken patty etc. -- fix the meat portion early and heat up when we get home or heat and stick on a bun and take with us to eat in car Drive thru fast food Eat big meal as late lunch then cereal for supper after practice
  17. Restoring or repurposing old furniture. Turning a dresser into a bench or tv stand, dresser drawers into a bedside table or planter etc. Lots of ideas on Pinterest. Building stuff from pallets.
  18. Good morning :) Today is more cleaning and celebrating ds birthday. So very proud of the young man he has become.
  19. Did alot of work in kitchen yesterday. Today will be general pick up and getting house "company ready"
  20. Just realized it is Wednesday, family is coming over Friday and the house is a disaster. Soooo major house cleaning is on tap today.
  21. I took the photos at a special place. He did poses I asked for and he picked poses. They were so him. Then I made a photo card using several of the favorite pictures. It was an announcement & invitation all in one. He didn't particularly want to wear the gown for graduation but he did. He wanted nothing special with his graduation and NO party. My next one has informed me he wants it all! LOL
  22. I put a fan in front of my heat vent and angle it toward clothes on the drying rack. Helps circulate the air and dry the clothes a little faster.
  23. A local convenience store sells the rectangle school pizzas. Dh has gotten them on occasion for our dss to try and us to have a walk down memory lane.
  24. Made coffee Started laundry Cleaned bathroom Washed random dishes from last night..people must have been hungry after supper Folded laundry from dryer Cooked breakfast
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