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Planning for new school year: Post 5th grade plans here

Amy loves Bud

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Bible - Kay Arthur study of James


Math - MUS Epsilon/Zeta


Latin - LCII


Language arts** - Spelling Power, Writing Tales 2, GWG5, personal dictionary


Literature - just reading good books together and discussing; I occasionally use the VP guides; plus daily independent reading from books of his choice


3 days: SOTW 2 will finish mid year and move into SOTW 3, Kingfisher; plan is to read SOTW aloud with younger ds, then have him work on Kingfisher as described in TWTM


2 days: Science - Apologia Botany?


1 day: music/art appreciation; art; other seasonal topics


Extracurricular: guitar lessons, soccer


**I'm toying with going more LCC and dropping the grammar. I'm not sure I'm brave enough! If I keep it I will arrange the GWG topics to correspond with WT topics.

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Math: MCP F

Grammar: R&S 5

Spelling: SWO F

History: SOTW 4

Religion: Christian Studies

Latin: Latina Christiana

Art: (hopefully) artist studies (random sources) and sketching (hopefully DWC)

Music: piano lessons cont. and random Music Apprec. studies from various sources

Writing: from R&S carried over in other areas (also looking at other possibilities to beef if up)

Logic: still working out

Science: MWS (finish what we have) and WTM ideas for rest

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Bible: Sonlight Core 5

Math: CLE

Science: Apol. Elem. Zoology 3

Grammar: CLE or Junior Analytical Grammar (haven't decided)

Spelling: Spelling Wisdom from Simply Charlotte Mason

Writing: IEW

History: Sonlight Core 5

Logic: Dandylion, logic problem puzzle books, Sudoku

Composer & Artist study: AO schedule

Literature: AO Years 3 and 4 selections

Latin: undecided (maybe LC I)


outside: cello lessons, homeschool orchestra, YMCA P.E.

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Spelling: Megawords 2 & 3

Grammar: GWG 5

Writing: Writing Tales 2

Reading: Literature corresponding with history and using the How to Report

on Books 5-6 from Evan Moor

Latin: LFC B

Math: Saxon 6/5

Logic: Dandylion Logic Series, Grid Perplexors

History: WTM style logic stage Ancients

Science: WTM style locgic stage Biology

Art: ArtPacs and Art Appreciation along with history

Music: Story of the Orchestra, piano lessons

Home Economics for Homeschoolers

P.E.: Swimming, other classes and activities

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I almost didn't open this thread--I can't believe my middle son will be grade 5 next year!!!


Tentative plan:

English: Growing with Grammar

Math: Saxon 6/5

French: The Easy French

Science: WTM recommendations

History: SOTW 3

Geography: Geography Trails

Literature and Bible: Reading and writing about it

Writing: ??? possibly no program and simply cross-curricular narrations

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Things keep changing here but the current plan is:


TOG 1 (?) with SOTW

finish Saxon 7/6 and start TT Pre-Algebra

Shurley English 5

Writing Strands finish 5 and start 6


Apologia Zoology 1 and 2(?)



Harmony Fine Arts art and music app. (?)

VP Bible

Logic with Fallacy Detective (?)

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This is what we've been using this year:


Bible - Kids Discover 4 Yourself Bible Studies by Kay Arthur, Training Hearts Teaching Minds, Hymns for a Kid's Heart Vol. II


Latin - LFC A


Greek - Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek, Level 3


Spanish - Elementary Spanish 5/6 (unitedstreaming.com)


Writing - Paragraphs Made Easy currently. Mixing in some BJU, also.


Grammar - R&S 5 (we do the writing, too)


Memory Work/Copywork/Dictation - Selected from various sources


Poetry - Poetry Speaks to Children and The Oxford Treasury of Classic Poems


Spelling - SWR and Megawords, added in R&S recently


Math - A Beka 5, Aleks.com


History/Reading/Read-Alouds - Sonlight Core 4 and Tog Year 1 Units 3 and 4


Music - Wee Sing America and Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra with a mix of classical and instrument specific CD's


Science - BJU 5


Geography - Trail Guide to U.S. (when we get to it)


Computers- Typing Instructor and An Introduction to Word Processing


Logic - Mindbenders Warm-up and A series


Art - Once a month private lessons and Child's History of Painting Program by Calvert


Piano, Tae Kwon Do, Scouts, Co-op, and season specific sports

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I no onger have a 5th grader... but it looked la littl ike this


Explorers bible study

TOG year 2 history and literature only

Spelling Power

GWG 4 (5 wasnt out yet)

Saxon 54

Science mostly lap books Penguines, and I cant remember the other 1 or 2... I know she did 3 last year...



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Here's what we are doing:

Writing: mainly working on story of DS's own creation

Grammar: focusing on capitalization and punctuation

Spelling: Apples and Pears

Math: Mastering Math from Steck Vaughn

Science: doing our own thing using Science in a Nutshell kits

History: just about to finish our own study of U.S. history

Michelle T

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Rod & Staff Grammar (grammar)

Writing Tales II/ Writing Aids (writing)

Spelling Workout E (spelling)

Christian Studies II (Bible study)

Latina Christiana II (Latin)

Dandy Lion's Logic Liftoff (logic)

Horizons & Singapore math

Tapestry of Grace Yr1 Redesign (history, literature, geography, art history)


WTM based biology study for 5th grade (science. Science is the area where I

am still looking. I'd like something neatly laid out for me,

but haven't found the right program yet.)

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I am leaning more LCC for 5th grade also so my plan is...




Latin- LCII, Lingua Angelica

Writing- IEW theme-based lessons (Ancients)

Math- MUS Epsilon and Zeta

Literature- read and discuss various books



Bible- Answers in Genesis

History- FMOG and FMOR

Science- Education Exploration

Piano and guitar lessons

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Here are my plans for him:


Singapore Math


Galore Park Latin


Classical Writing Homer A


Piano Lessons


Early modern history, either with History Odyssey or doing my own thing


Don't know about science


Still thinking about Greek


Literature/Classical Studies pulled from LCC book

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My youngest will be in 5th next year. She's dyslexic and sees a tutor every 3-4 months for an assessment and recommendations for what to use along with frequency of use.


Math -

I'm going to try out MathSteps from Houghton-Mifflin combined with Math4Today. The tutor I use for my dd recommended this approach for her math. She'll finish Moving with Math level B tomorrow and she'll start the 4th grade level MathSteps on Wednesday. She'll skip some of the work in MathSteps, but not all. When I looked at placement tests for math programs, MWM put her about the middle of 4th grade in nearly every program I looked at.


Language arts -

Sequential Spelling for spelling

Megawords for reading/phonics

IEW for writing

currently using Flashkids LA, but thinking of trying out Hake Grammar 5 for next year, spread out over two years


Literature -

30 minutes daily silent reading

30 minutes daily out loud reading

SL Core 3 readaloud (that I read to her)



SL Core 3



either Scott Foresman Science 5 or start working in Prentice Hall Science Explorer, my dd gets to choose



one tumbling class and one gymnastics class each week

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Oh I love planning!


Bible - Kay Arthur or read Bible with narration sheets.


Math - Singapore with RS games


Latin - Want to start LL and Minimus I bought for this year but haven't done because I then had to add ds to the roster, so I put it on the back burner.


Language arts-CW Homer with Harveys or Analytical Grammar and SWR spelling.


History: TOG year 3/4


Science - God's Design Finish Chemistry and do Physics (nope not on the WTM cycle here) on own; listen in on the younger kids Apologia Zoo 2 and 3


Writing: combo of-in order of use: Classical Writing, lapbooks, narration and TOG. My dd is into writing.


Literature: TOG


Art/Music History/Appreciation: TOG


Art: Pursue on own with books I buy (seriously crafty).



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Hi! I am not very modern with the computer so hopefully I will figure out some of these really cool extras!!


Math-R&S 5

Latin-Our Roman Roots

French-First Start French

Grammar & Comp.- Writing Tales 2


Intermediate Lang. Lessons

Science-CLP Nature Reader 5 +other resources for the human body

(We did microbiology and the microscope first sem.)

We are also reading Florence Nightingale

Geography-Seabird with notebook pages, guide from BF and the map

Art-Hillyer's History of Painting lessons and 3 artists: Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Velezquez (we will read I, Juan de Pareja for the latter)


Music-private piano lessons and Children's Classics CD

Bible-Golden Children's Bible

Literature-A Little White Horse, Caddie Woodlawn, Swallows and Amazons, Children of the New Forest, Tall Tales, Heroes, Harp and Laurel Wreath (poetry) and some selections from Tales From Shakespeare. This is only the literature we are working on now or have left.


History- our spines include CHOW, Our Island Story and This Country of Ours

We are reading Bard of Avon, In the Days of Queen Elizabeth and Da Vinci as supplements to our history readings.


My dd10 has really enjoyed our readings this year. Her favorites are:


The Princess and the Goblin

Heroes (greek myths)

A Little Princess


A Little White Horse

Tales From Shakespeare

Tall Tales (were humorous to her)


HTH Lisa

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Stephanie, I'm curious how things are going LCCwise for you. Particulary without grammar. I guess I want you to talk me into dropping grammar and being happy with the grammar covered in WT and in Latin.


Oh, and I could also be talked into switching to CW if the grammar is a bit more in depth than with WT.



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For next year we plan on using...


Singapore math


Trail Guide to World Geography

BF History of Science

Daily Grams 5

Wordly Wise

Writing - undecided between Writer's Express or Writing Trails

Orbiting w/Logic

Latin (program undecided)

Literature - just good books

Art - study on animation

Bible - use MOH and read through Pilgrim's Progress

Music Theory

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Bible - Memoria Press year three program


Math - MUS Delta and Singapore 5


Latin - Lively Latin or Latin Primer


Language arts - Spelling Workout G; Writing Strands or something else if it doesn't work out; Abeka Grammar; Getty-Dubay Italics


Literature - "just reading good books together and discussing; plus daily independent reading from books of his choice" - me, too! And I'll be adding in some report writing next year, as well....


3 days: Kingfisher Ancient World and Kingfisher encyclopedia, plus SOTW I as a read-alone this time around. He will outline from either the Kingfisher Ancient World, which is written in paragraphs, or from SOTW. Of course, adding in tons of good library books.... Will be doing some report writing following the topics suggested in WTM, too. Also will be doing timeline work.


2 days: Science - although I'm trying to figure out how to get more days in, LOL. We're doing How Nature Works with living books first half; How the Body Works, with living books second half; adding in loads of projects and critters and field trips; also doing a Botany study by Kym Wright throughout the course of the year....


1 day: music/art appreciation - yes, I'm trying to work this in with the BF music app. study, Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, etc. Also hope to get him in an outside music class for at least 6 weeks and he will continue piano, which includes theory work. I'm buying Art Paks (which I used with my oldest) to do at home. I also hope to keep in in lessons with an area artist that have proved great this year.....


Extracurricular: soccer; swimming (I hope); horseback riding when we get the chance and other sports-type activities, such as bowling, etc.


Also, for us - Spanish - I plan to use Espanol para Chicos y Grandes; and Geography - I plan to use the Holling books and BF guide/maps.



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Bible: SOAP (Scripture, Observe, Apply, Pray)

Math: TT 6

Latin: LC 1 & 2

Writing: tutor uses the 6-trait method, heavy focus on grammar

History: Ancient w/ SOTW 1, KF, living books & FMOR, Netflix docs

Music: Piano lessons

Art: class through school district

Drama: Christian Youth Theater (She has a role in Little Women currently)


We ditched formal science, spelling, grammar & vocab and trying more of a LCC focus

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Halfway through 5th grade she comes back home, so do I start over all 5th grade material 9since the public school stuff was not the same as what I would use) or jump ahead to 6th grade? Hey - do both :-) Here is what we start tomorrow for 5th/6th grade:


Easy Grammar grade 6 - we already did the 4/5 bok in 4th grade.


Teaching Textbooks grade 6 (BUT may test out of first several chapters) and do over the summer, too, so can getinto grade 7 next year.

Trail Guide to World Geography - middle level.

Biblioplan 1600 - present (just start now and keep going through end of next year's 7th grade)

Singapore Science 6. May or may not do over the summer - or finish next year, then go into 7th grade SS.

WriteShop (we actually did the first couple bits in 4th grade, so will just restart)

Wordly Wise whatever book comes after what we did in 4th grade - since each book builds on the previous book's vocabulary I do not think we can skip ahead!.


Music - weekly band at school (she is percussion)

PE - 4 hours a week (so far) in martial arts.

Art - h'mmm, I buy stuff then we never use it. Sigh.

I've also got the Building Thinking Skills book level 2 - did level 1 in 4th grade.

Reading - we need to finish HP7 , sharing pages as we read aloud - also she will be reading decent kid fiction etc.

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Guest RaineyJ

Bible: Veritas Press:Chronicles to Malachi

Math: Saxon 6/5

Reading: BJU5 & some Sonlight Core 4 Readers

Spelling: Sequential Spelling 2

Grammar & Writing: Rod & Staff 5, with some Sonlight LA4 thrown in

Latin: Latina Christiana 1

Greek: Hey Andrew 3

History: SOTW 4

Science: Noeo Chemistry 2

Art: Artistic Pursuits K-3 (modern period)

Music: Piano lessons & Drum lessons with local homeschool band

Phys Ed: Swimming lessons, skiing lessons and church clubs


Whew...that's a lot! Makes me tired just typing it! :)

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Bible: Padfield Studies

Latin: Latina Christiana II

Math: Saxon 7/6

History: Our Island Story - reads and narrates

Grammar: Our Mother Tongue

Memorization: Psalm 40:1-10 and Psalm 111:1-10

Poetry: Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Science: Exploring Creation Zoology I & II

Spanish: United Streaming 5/6

Citizenship: Plutarch (Publicola)

Typing: Typing Deluxe

Geography: Outline maps

Art: Attends art class 1xweek

Literature: Various selections

Music: Piano lessons 1xweek, practice daily


Hope this helps.


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Well, 5th for us will look something like this:


I think we will switch math to MUS or R&S:confused:


Science will be Chemistry


Language arts: LLATL Purple, Ridgewood Grammar, journaling


History: Truthquest AOR 1


Music: guitar lessons


Foreign Language: Spanish (he's already great at speaking so we will focus on reading and writing)


Bible: daily reading and journaling and memorization weekly


So far, that's it. We'll see what else I can come up with!:D

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I'm still working on it but here is what I have so far:


Math: R&S 5 & 6 (We will finish up on 5 and then start 6)

Spelling: SWR

Grammar: R&S 5

Writing: Looking into Writing Tales but I haven't fully made up my mind

Latin: LC1 or LL, again I haven't fully decided

History: I'm strongly leaning towards History Odyssey Ancients Level 2

Science: Totally unsure right now :confused:

Music: Piano Lessons

Art: Someday I will get art into everything but I'm not planning anything yet.

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DS 10 does:


AWANA for bible

BJU math

Reading various library books

BJU english

Calvert spelling CD 5

BJU Handwriting (because he needed it)

Mind Benders A&B

BJU science

Rainbow science (at co-op for labs)

Creative Writing (at co-op)

MFW ECC for history


What we dropped:

Wordly Wise


What I wish we did:


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Between Latin and CW, I am *very* happy with the amount of grammar we do. Connor is wrapping up Homer A, and in a typical lesson he diagrams; he parses nouns, verbs and adjectives; he rewrites sentences with grammar changes; he takes a diagram and builds a new sentence out of the diagram structure.


Meanwhile, in Latin he's got to be able to take apart and parse items in order to translate. They reinforce each other nicely. Plus, we go through Harvey's Elementary Grammar with CW, although we just read through the lesson and discuss it. We don't keep a grammar notebook like they recommend, and we've even stopped doing the workbook.


I'm not familiar with the grammar in WT, though. What do you do in a typical lesson?

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Well, we are just in Writing Tales I, so I don't think I can compare it to CW Homer, but more likely Aesop A. It's basically going through the 8 parts of speech, and using analysis of the stories to reinforce those lessons.


Looking at the samples of CW, it does appear to be more in depth on the grammar side of things that WT.


At this point, I think for 5th I may be dropping Growing with Grammar and Writing Tales, and adding Classical Writing. I'll probably start with Aesop B to be sure we are on task, then move as quickly into Homer as we can. I'll need the Aesop level for Peyton anyway, so I don't mind buying it.


Any advice is welcome!

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Well, provided none of us implodes between now and then... for 5th grade (which, yeah, thanks, btw - I hadn't actually *thought* about the fact that my WeeFirstBorn is starting 5th grade next! GAH!)


Latin: mmm, LfC-B *or* Latin Prep 1 (on the fence, and it's uncomfortable, here)

Math: MUS Epsilon

History: SOTW III (I hope. I pray. Please let us start that on time.)

Bible: we don't have a Bible Study, per se. We read. We talk. Sometimes I use the Keys 4 Kids devotionals - but those are more b/c the boys enjoy them. I have to wade through them and glean as I go. ;)

Science: I'm undecided on this one. We're doing the Periodic Table of the Elements right now, and that'll take us quite a way into the fall. I'd like to do at least a term of biology, and wildlife conservation/management next year. And, I'd really like to play w/ a new microcsope!

Music: start piano lessons

~Language Arts:

Writing: Classical Writing - Aesop (should have started that this year, I know. we didn't. we'll live.)

Literature: Just keep reading all the wonderful things out there, discussing them, and then re-reading them b/c I could swear he didn't actually read them the first time. (Actually, I'm hoping that won't transfer into 5th, but it's been a theme in 4th... *sigh*)


Is that everything? Did I forget something?

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Here is what my 5th grader is doing this year:


Singapore Math


Spelling (Megawords with a little SWR thrown in)


Classical Writing, including the Grammar (Aesop last fall; just beginning Homer A in January)


Latin Prep 1 (just beginning in January)


Tapestry of Grace Yr 2


Science (last fall did RS4K Chemistry; reading from Prentice Hall Science Explorer in second semester)

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In Aesop the grammar is pretty light - you work on identifying the different parts of speech, and you learn diagramming. But since I know what's coming up in Homer, it doesn't bother me that Aesop is a bit light, especially as my Aesop child is doing Latin, as well.


So I don't know ... it may be that the WT grammar and the CW grammar in Aesop will be comparable.


Uh ... just to throw a monkey wrench into your works ... I'm considering maybe using WT for my next child instead of Aesop, and then moving him into Homer when we're done with WT. I haven't seen enough of WT to make that decision yet, but I'm considering it. From what i've seen, WT seems to be just as good as Aesop, but a bit more fun for the student. I need to look into it more, and to see if it would flow pretty seamlessly into Homer. I know, I just did not help you at all, lol. But either way I think you're just fine.

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