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  1. I have a sun on my right leg and the solar system on my left leg (they represent my spacey years) - a vine around my belly button (bad choice) - tribal on my lower back (tramp stamp) and I just had a hibiscus and tiger lily added onto two weeks ago - a superwoman logo on my left shoulder (this gets the most comments, lol) - and my name is the 5 languages of past exchange students going down my neck. Ready for more!
  2. They are not illegal in Finland, however most people don't own a dryer. People choose to hang their clothes outdoors in the warmer months, and in the sauna in the winter months.
  3. I took my three girls (and myself) clothes shopping last night. After I had selected 12 articles to try on I asked the young man working at the store for a fitting room. He looked at my clothes and asked, "Are you planning on buying any of them or will I just have to hang them all back up?" Sarcastically I replied, "Would you like to see my bank account before I try them on?" He snickered and said no. Now keep in mind, he still has not made any steps to unlock the dressing room. Then, he continues, "There is a maximum of six items in the fitting room and if you're not going by any t
  4. My kids (2), our current exchange student, and family gifts for a past exchange student - in addition, we bake bread for others.
  5. Have we done a thread on what you are getting the kids? Here is my list: Dd 8[/b] Something you want: Lyv dolls Something you need: house robe Something to read: mermaid book (can't remember the title) Dd 12: Something you want: rollerblades Something you need: bed light Something to read: journal of animal researchers on the field (can't remember the title) Hungarian exchange student: Something you want: Starbucks gift card Something you need: pajamas Something to read: The Notebook
  6. I agree. When children are that young, of course they want a dog (and a pony). Perhaps a dog isn't in your future; the children will not be scarred if they don't get a dog (or a pony). We've adopted from a rescue shelter before and had to sign papers that the dogs will only live inside. If you are interested in adopting from a shelter, I suggest you find out their policy first.
  7. I never thought of soup! What a great idea. I can buy "soup at hand" and warm it up at the gas station - that will be a time saver (and a money saver) for lunch. We don't do lunch stops because we travel with animals and can't leave them in the car. I should also mention that my kids are older (but that doesn't stop them from being messy).
  8. The requirements are healthy and not messy. Ha! So far I have: apples, bananas, nuts, jerky (not healthy but a must), rice cakes, carrots; what else is there?
  9. What career would your child like to pursue versus what career would you like your child to pursue? Answers: 12 year old dd wants to be in the fashion industry. I would like her to pursue music. She has been playing for 9 years and plays multiple instruments (well) and I would love for her to use this gift as a career. 8 year old dd wants to be a make-up artist. I think she has a fantastic idea because she has been into my make-up since the time she could walk.
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