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  1. How do you gently tell someone (a family member) that it gets a bit tedious that they pretty much only talk about themselves? I mean, we all occasionally brag a bit, or go on about our own activities/interests, but how do you handle someone who does this ALL the time? Since this is a very close family member, I cannot simply write them off. Michelle T
  2. I'm 46 now, and haven't had a period in over two years. But I STILL occasionally get hot flashes! Even menopause didn't end them for good! MichelleT
  3. Let's say you were going to renew your wedding vows for your 20th anniversary. You wanted to have a really fun, big party, and money was no object. Give me some ideas for fun "themes" you would use for such an event, if you weren't looking for a particularly religious vow renewal, but more of a recognition of 20 years, a commitment to each other, and an opportunity to have a fun, wacky party, unlike your actual wedding, which was traditional and largely planned by your mother. Ideas? What would you do if money was no object? Michelle T
  4. I would love advice from anyone here who has managed to homeschool through and after a divorce. Particularly on how you managed financially. If you don't want to answer here, send me a private message. Thanks Michelle T
  5. Aren't these both phones with internet and other applications? What is the difference between them? Michelle T
  6. I have a 13.5 year old DS with raging ADHD and fairly severe LD's. While he does read more-or-less on age level, he doesn't have great comprehension, and he is quite behind in every other area. He has dyscalulia, and believe me, he doesn't understand fractions either, or much beyond the absolute basics of the four arithmetic operations. The reality is, my DS is extremely unlikely to achieve the level of academics spelled out in WTM. I doubt he will really get beyond an 8th grade level. And that's okay. If that is the highest he can achieve, then his achieving it is a big deal, KWIM? Not al
  7. He told me yesterday, and is moving out today. It will be a very hard Christmas. Right now, I am not sure how I will survive the day. Michelle T
  8. WHen life blows you apart? I could use prayers right now. Michelle T
  9. I remember all the stuff mentioned. That whole episode with JGEMom actually made me feel kind of sick, I was so astonished at how I had been taken in by her. I don't come here as much as I used to, though. Michelle T
  10. I am interested in the many sets of premade slides offered in the Rainbow Resource catalog. Could I view these with a Brock? What strength eyepiece do you use? Michelle T
  11. Starting in March, we will be doing world history. DS will be using SOTW 3 and 4 (he's done ancients and middle ages in the past, and isn't interested in covering them again) as readers. I will be adding in the Usborne history encyclopedia, along with a couple other supplements that provide questions, writing assignments, comprehension questions. I will probably also use a couple of the Genevieve Foster books, along with historical fiction. I'm going to more-or-less follow the Sonlight Core 7 schedule, but substituting and adding a variety of books. I expect to take more than a year, proba
  12. just wanted to say that I often have the same problem, and let you know you aren't alone! Michelle T
  13. Corgis are medium sized dogs (adult males are generally around 22-28 lbs) but have very short legs, so they are sort of compact. Our pooch is great with everybody, our three cats included. He is quite active, but easily handled with daily walks, tug-of-war sessions, fetch with tennis ball, and general play time. Corgis do shed, although they are short hair dogs. Definitely NOT one of those purse-dogs, not a frail, delicate little thing, corgis are real dogs. We love our corgi dearly. He is the smartest, most fun, most affectionate and cutest dog we have ever owned. I'm going to try and at
  14. Giving to charity is required, not an optional thing, at least in my religion. I send checks to various charities monthly. I do often send these checks in memory of a family member who has died, but I do this for my own gratification, there is no notification going to anyone else. Gift giving is totally separate from charity, IMHO. While I think it would be lovely to have a donation to a cause I believe in sent in my name, it would in no way relieve me of my duty to do my own donating. It wouldn't be a gift to me, but really a reflection on the person who did the donating. And if a d
  15. I have Googled Human Odyssey in an unsuccessful attempt to find a site showing inside samples of the books. Anyone know where I can see samples? Michelle T
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