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  1. Has anyone here done this? I've seen some videos and still shots and everyone looks like they're in their twenties. Could a forty-something housewife train for something like this?
  2. My MIL has three hives near her garden, and she got stung yesterday (once). I hate to get rid of bees, but once I heard that if they're stinging people, they're probably Africanized. Does anyone here know bees? Thanks, Alexandra
  3. I thought the show was great. Did anyone notice all the Biblical names? Peter, Paul, Francis, Christine, Rachel, Adam....
  4. Wow, thanks for all the information ladies. Joanne I'm sending a message.
  5. thanks to everyone. There were not charges filed. The couple has no children and the person is female. I have another question...is it possilbe for this to be handled medically - seems to me I've heard of medicine that helps curb cravings? I have not yet PM'd Joanne, but plan to this afternoon.
  6. Someone I care about is abusing alchohol. This person becomes a rageful, combative person after drinking and has NO memory of it the next day. There has been one DWI (that Iknow of). A few days ago this person was out at a bar, slugged the bartender, had seven cop cars show up and was pepper sprayed. This person is resistant to any advice. The spouse is desperate and needs support. What can be done before this person kills someone or self? Thank you.
  7. I taught GED last year and I liked the Steck-Vaughn material. It is my understanding that they are the publishers of the actual GED test and that gave me an added sense of confidence that the material was well thought out. You can buy it on Amazon. I also am not very strong in math. I did 1-2 hours of homework each night to prepare for the Algebra section. The regular math and Geometry stuff was fine - actually fun! GED is a tough gig, especially if you have little court ordered teenagers. It was an education for me too. Good luck to your husband.
  8. For those who have done this WOE can you tell me how long the low energy lasts and if you continue to have problems with cravings. If so, when does it become easy? :) Thanks!
  9. A member of my family is going in for the third surgery on this problem. The surgeon suggested that we try a different healing method where they don't stitch it up but leave the wound open! Anyone have any words of wisdom on this difficult and stressful problem? Thanks! Alexandra
  10. His lawyer has spent all of five minutes with him. My student thinks that he will get one year probation when all is said and done but I wish that I could figure out a way to get the whole thing dismissed. I know it sounds unfair but this kid has been paying all his life. I just wish that I could help him get a break, kwim?
  11. so it is difficult for him to get a job. He lives with mom and dad but they have no actual home. We live in TX btw. Do judges take extenuating circumstances into consideration?
  12. A young man I teach with be going to court in a few weeks for a Misdemeanor theft charge. He is very bright and I am looking into college options for him. His family is basically homeless and I want to get him some scholarship help if he qualifies, but I worry about this charge. He is so bright! He knows he made a terrible mistake. Is there anyway that I could help him? I am writing a letter to say how he has made such gains in my class. He even helps/tutors other kids! Any ideas on how I can help this wonderful but exasperating young man?
  13. I like to write and allow the story to unfold and a friend of mine says that she thinks that it would help my writing if I really planned it out. She's not a writer but she's read everything that I've written and I appreciate her responses. I've tried using an outline and I think the writing seems stale when I do that. Are you a planner of a seat of the pants writer?
  14. Yes! She is the heroine so she should be framed or set up or something. She can be accused of sleeping with the judge for example but she musn't be guilty of it. She's flawed but she's not a floozy or a criminal. She got into defense because her mother was a Gloria Allred type lawyer that defended floozies. And so she went the other direction to defend the common guy - or gal. Thanks to everyone for their posts and thoughts on this.
  15. I am reading a great deal about law and disbarment but I am drawing a blank on how to get my character (a defense attorney) to face some sort of inquiry or some sort of major legal headaches. Anyone want to help me with this small little writer's block?
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