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Expired Canned Tomatoes  

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  1. 1. Would you use canned diced tomatoes that expired in May 2016?

    • Yes! Canned food last way longer than the expiration date.
    • Yes! But only if you can use them all before XYZ time has passed (please give me a time frame)
    • No! Expiration dates are there for a reason.
    • I hate canned tomatoes.

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My dh just brought home a flat of about 15 cans of diced tomatoes. The only problem is the expiration date was in May of 2016.


Dh says they are fine because canned foods only go bad long past what the date on the can says.


I'm hesitant to use them.


Who's right?

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Considering I just used a spaghetti sauce in tonight's supper that expired in May of 2015, I obviously have no reservations.  ;)


Every now and then cans get moved to the back of our cupboard and these things happen... We almost always use them.  I can't even remember the last time I got sick (stomach), so it hasn't bothered us.


If something smelled off or seemed weird, I'd decline, but short of that we eat things past their expiration date even if they aren't canned.  

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You could make your DH eat a can by himself first and then watch his reaction. :)


As long as there is no rust or dents on the cans as mentioned upthread, they are probably still good.


ETA: A friend and I were just talking about limiting plastics and toxins in our homes (she has an autoimmune disease and thyroid issues) and BPA came up. She is even wary of BPA lined cans so that might be something to consider if someone in the household is extremely sensitive to the nature of the food packaging (and not necessarily the food itself).

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