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    Complete set: Text, DVDs, Solution Manual and Teacher's guide. The disks and TM are like new. Text and Solution Manual are in very good used condition. $215 Shipped (this set is $315 on the Dr. Callahan site)


  2. We are in TN. Often, TN school districts don't know beans about homeschooling. I highly recommend an umbrella. We used HomeLife. I have graduated one, who is now 20 and about to graduate from community college in May. I have two more that graduate from our homeschool in May. They have both been accepted into every university they've applied to, gotten into the Honors College, and received merit scholarships. We liked HomeLife because other than requiring you to submit your plans for the year and entering grades each semester, they leave you alone if that is what you want. They also
  3. We had a similar issue with our "dumb" phones. I think it has something to do with data.
  4. I had an Oxo that worked great. I, too, managed to throw it away over the holidays. I just bought a Kitchen Aid brand one that was made very similarly, but haven't had a chance to use it yet.
  5. They were in class for an hour each week. Then they did article reviews (one page papers), lab reports, and homework problems/reading. DD said it took her around 3-4 hours a week to do the work. (They work and read rather fast, so it may take other students longer)
  6. I wanted to add...in her class they really did just use the text as a reference. Dr. Underwood did her own in depth lectures and covered a lot of current events within Biology as well.
  7. I don't know about the online class, but my dds took her biology class in person and really liked it. One of them took college Biology this year, got an A, and said that she already knew most of the material from taking Dr. Underwood's class.

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    Complete set of the self-grading version. Good used condition. The book wasn't even used and is like new. The first 6 discs are scratched up some, but are still functioning properly. The photo shows the most scratched one. $100 0, shipped


  9. I've lived in 4 states (MN, TX, TN, AK) and due to moves and visiting relatives while living in such spread out states, I have at least driven through most of the eastern states. We've also visited NY, D.C., the Carolinas, AL and FL on vacation, so those scooped up a lot of coastal states. Other than briefly being in the Canada side of Niagara back when you didn't need a passport, I've never set foot outside the country, or further west than the middle of TX. Dh has actually worked in all of the continental US states and Puerto Rico. He's also worked in several other countries. Due to h
  10. And here, all this time, I've ACTUALLY been ignoring this thread.

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    Jacobs Geometry - Textbook only $30, shipped. This is a worn copy with some writing.



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    Apologia Marine Biology, CD version. This is the full text and tests on disk. You can answer the On Your Own questions right in the program. $45. The main disc has a very small crack. It was there when we received the program. The disc still works fine, but I ended up copying it to my computer to avoid it cracking further. If you want me to burn a backup copy of the disc to go along with it I can. (I will not sell copies) The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia $5 Myers Psychology, 8th Edition $5 The Power In Your Hands: Teacher’s Guide $10 Wheelock’s Latin 6th Edition $10 (worn and a lot of highlighting) Please add $3 for shipping to the continental US.



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    Jacob’s Geometry – Ask Dr.Callahan set. $110.00, shipped. Includes: one 3rd edition textbook, Test Bank, Enhanced Teacher's Guide and the full DVD set from Ask Dr.Callahan.



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    MOH Vol. I, 1st edition text (activities in book) $20. Some writing in pencil. Worn cover. MOH vol.3, 1st edition. Hardcover text (good condition) and paperback companion guide. Again, maps have been removed from the book, but I think I still have them all. $40.


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