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  1. Yes. Once for myself, I had an out of control heart rate (which FINALLY led to a diagnosis after being told I was having panic attacks). Once for a bad t-bone accident that happened right in front of me (debris actually bounced off my car when it happened)
  2. Several reasons. First, I often don't know until I'm in the kitchen cooking it. Sometimes it may even change mid-prep. Second, when I was cooking for 5, inevitably someone would not like what I was making. Third, as the kids grew closer to adulthood, and I spent 25 years cooking for everyone, I really began to resent the assumption that *I* was the one cooking dinner, even if everyone else had been home all day while I had been at work and school.
  3. Sorry. The words redneck and and solar array used together in a sentence do not compute for me :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Heavy caffeine user here...lol. Probably shouldn't, as it sometimes makes my heart wonky, but I'm hooked. Plus I love the taste of coffee, tea and chocolate. I also use reflux/antacid meds quite often. (although less so since my separation!) I have an occasional drink, but don't self medicate with it. Oh, and I have IBS meds that I take when I have a flare up. Sheesh, the more I think, the more I can add...I have a regular script for Meloxicam as well for an old shoulder injury and sciatica that get aggravated from time to time. I don't always take it though, because it makes the aforementioned stomach woes worse. I usually try to tough it out. I wish I didn't have to take any of the gut meds, but I also like to swallow and eat. Compared to my peers, however, I seem very minimally medicated.
  5. My concerns lie more around circumstances rather than age. I married at 16, dh was 18. 25 years later, I'm in the middle of a divorce. I married someone I loved, but really it was a means to escape a bad situation. We'd only dated 9 months. I made a split second decision, literally while sitting on the hood of a car. It probably saved my life, but we were never a great match, and that only intensified as we grew older. We came from very different backgrounds, and had very different faith-views. Now at 41, I'm literally starting my life over. Ideally, I want my kids to date their future spouse for longer than a year or two, NOT get married as an escape from something, have things in common that will carry through their lives together, and to be from the same faith. I would also like for them to have some way to earn money independently when/if needed. (a degree/trade and some experience).
  6. I started getting gray hair in my early 30s, but it has really ramped up now. I'm 41 and probably 1/3 gray. I like it though. It has grown in such a way that it isn't patchy, and kind of looks like I did it on purpose. The bulk of it is around my face, so when I wear my hair down, it looks like I have strips of solid gray under my bangs. When I pull my hair back, as one of my lovely friends exclaimed, it looks like my hair is a completely different color! I'm in the process of growing it back out long, and hoping my curls return to their former glory (they disappeared completely for some reason in the front once the gray started coming in, but it are starting to return?) I don't color it 1. because I feel like I've earned every white hair on my head and 2. because I am far too lazy to keep up with the color and do NOT want the skunk look.
  7. Trulia and Zillow are the same company, and feed from similar info.
  8. Zillow has some issues. (it is actually part of my job right now to update Zillow listings for our realtors, and it can be kind of glitchy). I do highly recommend getting a buyers agent. They have access to listings before they hit the market (which in my local market can be essential). They can also find out more information about a particular home than you can (generally), and can help cut down on wasted showings. Some houses look great online, but not so great in person...and photos don't convey smells! lol.
  9. Oh yeah. Our JRT pretty much permanently smells like skunk now because she won't STOP chasing them. And she kills lizards and rabbits.
  10. Cold cheese. Well, most cold cheese. I'll eat fresh mozzarella and feta. Anything else cold is NASTY. But I love melted cheese.
  11. Our JRT is fairly well behaved. She was the easiest dog to housebreak that we've ever owned. Her barking is nuts though. She is VERY territorial with other dogs too. She is also super smart, and gets her feelings hurt easily. (After 5 years with zero accidents, she got mad at me over something and POOPED in the middle of my BED!) You also cannot hide treats from her. She finds them and will harass you endlessly until you give her some. That said, she is also super sweet. I miss her (my dh and I just separated, and he got the dog since she is his baby).
  12. Only two right now, but I'm home. When I'm working, I have two screens with 20+ tabs open, about 10 of them different databases I work in. Several of my co-workers and I have decided that we need this: http://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-qh90-super-ultra-wide-329-monitor-photos-2017-6?utm_content=buffere7da5&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer-ti
  13. I'm not an agent, but I work for a real estate group. They work their butts off. Good agents can make a good deal of money, but it really takes a LOT of work. In our group I see agents come into the office at 9AM, get their day rolling, go off to work with clients, and not get home until 7 or 8PM...that can be 6 or 7 days a week. Not to discourage you, but it can really take over your life. It is hard to do it "light" and keep a client base. ETA: I do work with people that love their jobs, and it is a rewarding career. It just takes the right people.
  14. I've been using the Loreal Extraordinary Oil line and it has helped a ton. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. I also flat iron it. After all that it actually looks like normal hair...lol. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with thin hair, but mine soaks up the oil and drops the frizz. Another thing I have to keep up is my hair cuts. The woman that cuts my hair thins it out a LOT with the thinning shears. It cuts out a lot of the bulk that makes my head look like a fuzzy mushroom.
  15. No input on the original question, but I'm amused that kombucha is an ID purchase in some areas! I drink them at work :tongue_smilie: I do often feel a bit more relaxed after drinking one...hmmmm.
  16. There aren't enough likes in the world. The above bolded is my life right now. Not super fun for my marriage...but like you said, I don't have two forks to give.
  17. 6-ish. I am generally in bed by 11 and up at 6 or earlier. I also very rarely sleep straight through. I usually wake up every couple of hours, and am often awake for an hour or so around 3AM for some reason. I don't get enough. By the weekend I'm usually power napping on the couch around 2PM..lol.
  18. DD used the official CLEP prep book, and took a few of the practice tests. She did College Algebra, and used a college algebra text to study each topic. She passed the CLEP.
  19. I think it has been 4 or 5 years since I have seen my bio-dad. We aren't really estranged, but have a kind of indifferent relationship. We basically keep in touch through FB. We see my in-laws about once a week, but they only live less than a mile away.
  20. Not me personally, but my husband is going on year ten of some unknown chronic illness. It is progressive, causes him to live in constant pain, makes him have sleep problems, fuzzy thinking, blurred vision, and he's had other "random" things like ruptured discs, a ruptured colon, a muscle tear, joint problems, bone spurs, and more. He's an old man at 43. We've seen countless doctors in two states, and no one has a clue. It is frustrating and depressing. I'm sorry you are going through this.
  21. When the girls were small we'd usually take a week long trip once a year or so. Back when it was cheap, and we could cram everyone into one bed..lol. As they got older, cost more, and grew opinions, the vacations started getting spaced out more. The last one was about 3 years ago..a week long trip to NYC. It was probably our last as a family, all together. We found it very expensive, and we have too many different interests/dislikes for all of us to really enjoy it. Dh's health doesn't hold up well for that long either....at least not well enough for him to have a good time.
  22. Lakes, mountain biking, greenways, off-roading, camping, etc. If you want to drive a little further, there is a National park with a lot of historical sites in addition to hiking and water sports.
  23. One is soon to leave to work at a camp for the summer. Her twin sister is supposedly looking for a part time job, but mostly finding reasons to spend most of her time with her boyfriend..lol. My recent community college graduate is working at two libraries until July, and then will begin a job search for a full time grown up job.
  24. I've seen one girl at our college wearing something similar. I couldn't help but think about all the nasty butts sitting in all the desks around campus, and how there is no way I'd want those bits of me coming in contact with those same desks. :ack2: :ack2: :ack2: :ack2:
  25. I didn't vote. Here one person has a disproportional share of work, by far. One person does it all, or directs teens to help. Said one person has even been doing it all most of the time while going to school full time and working full time. Said one person is tired and grumpy.
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