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  1. Lurking but haven't been active here for a few months. Removed personal info since I'm not posting anymore, just checking. I'm mostly fine LOL just trying to get control of my time. Wishing everyone great things in this new year!
  2. (parts of OP snipped for space) I am greatly in favor of simplicity, and not overdoing holidays (plus I'm broke and lazy, LOL!) but I do try to make things happen so my kids have happy memories and something to look forward to. My girls do a lot of the decorating and preparations. I hang out nearby and provide snacks. BIRTHDAYS/GIFTS. One child has a birthday on or near Thanksgiving, another a few days before Christmas. We celebrate their birthday as if it were any other time of year, but since we aren't able to have several family gatherings for a birthday and holiday in the same week,
  3. If I had a crystal ball, I bet it would show a scenario involving your car and some illegal activity which becomes your responsibility because it happened while the car was registered to you. Not only do I have concerns about a guy who took your car for repair estimate to buy it for himself and is instead having someone else purchase it, but alsomfor the person who would buy a car in this manner... or needs to go the shady route to purchase a car. Are you certain he actually paid for the repairs or will you be getting a bill for those?
  4. Registry only lists people who got caught and convicted... (Not totally doubting your assessment, just pointing out the unfortunate flaw of the system)
  5. :rolleyes: And I thought the parents of the 15 & 25 year olds were crazy. That is an entirely new level of looney. Any Boy Scouts around selling popcorn? I'd buy a big bucket and settle in to watch this drama unfold :rolleyes:
  6. There is nothing in the law requiring you to provide any prior educational records. Not even for high school. Your 12th grade EVALUATOR can require transcripts (your own are fine) for previous high school work in order to sign the state diploma form This is all assuming you're homeschooling, not cyber schooling or private tutoring. All you need to begin are affidavit and objectives. Portfolio at the end of the year is only seen by the evaluator who will provide an evaluation report which you would send to the school district Standardized tests are required in grades 3,5, and 8- on
  7. Other. I would not have given a push, but I also would absolutely not allow holding up the lesson. I'd hope the lesson began without the child As described, not abusive.
  8. When my girls get their learners permit to drive, after they get the Big Speech about our zero tolerance policy and consequences for texting or other device use while driving, the very first thing they learn is to NEVER asssume that any other driver is actually following traffic laws, especially red lights at intersections. We always look to see if someone appears to be running a red light, and sadly, we're rarely wrong
  9. You're welcome. Unfortunately, we have way too much experience in that area. It has been incredibly damaging. I can at least hope that, since this was an event for girls, it won't end up with a rant on how being female shaped will cause boys to stumble since boys weren't present? :rolleyes: Please, be firm with the coordinator. If she assumes the girls intent was to "look hot" and it wasn't I promise her words will haunt this girl for years. Mine can still quote the people who said rotten things to or about them, and even just in general at classes or events. Also, out of curiosity:
  10. Agreeing 1million% Don't make this into a modesty beating. my girls have never tried to intentionally "look hot" (words escape me, but you know, going for that attention-grabbing outfit?) but due to their looks, figure, and/or clothing choices it sometimes just happens anyway ;)
  11. Facebook accounts with names like HusbandWife Lastname, with the profile pic of the two of them. I can never tell who is posting, commenting, or who I'm talking to in Messenger :( People on Facebook with very active sales businesses or ministries who don't have a separate account for that so I can choose to follow or block one, the other, or both Or maybe Facebook just needs to be banned :D
  12. COUNT CHOCULA!!!! Oh my gosh I think I ate a box of that stuff every day for a few years of my life :wub:
  13. Whatever happens, I hope the court doesn't rule that the original contractor has to perform the work. NO WAY would I trust him to do a good or even acceptable job, even if he is truly capable of top-level artisan-quality work. I would never trust a buttonhole like that to not intentionally screw something up just to be a spiteful weinerhead. If I ruled the world, I would get three estimates for builder-grade (not bottom, not elite upgrades) tile installation from local established businesses of good reputation, and require the original estimate guy to pay the average of those estimates fo
  14. Normally I'd agree, but this is a party to welcome new members and no new members will be there to welcome
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