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  1. I'm Caucasian and use it. FWIW-- my absolute favorite conditioner is Mixed Chicks.
  2. Thanks for all of the good ideas. The relationship is somewhat strained so I think he'd be more comfortable if he didn't go with us to choose. Giving him cash isn't an option. We'd really like something tangible to show him that we believe in him and his chosen career.
  3. We're looking to get our son knives of his own to use at work. As far as I know, he's been using the knives in the kitchen where he works. He's a sous chef and was recently promoted to executive sous chef. Any advice on brands, sizes, or anything else?
  4. The kids always want mixed nuts still in the shell.
  5. If the little trinkets/toys are in great shape and fun to play with, I've donated to the local school and put some in operation Christmas child boxes. Smaller stuffed animals in good shape are appreciated by our local police dept. The offices usually keep a few in their trunks for dealing with kiddos. Goodwill also likes the trinkets for their grab bags.
  6. Well, the candles were a great deal at Aldi's.......
  7. We bought a hot tub about three years ago and use it several times a week. Dh uses it almost daily to help him relax before bed. It's outside on our deck and covered with a gazebo so we use it all year around. Someone else mentioned the remote controlled candles. We got a set of three at Aldi's a couple of weeks ago that we keep by the hot tub.
  8. We have greenish teal 1990's countertops that I'd like to replace. It's not in the budget though. What's helped soften them is to paint the walls a medium, neutral gray. It's one of the more popular Benjamin Moore colors, but I can't remember the name. Then I made window valances with a really pretty dark gray material with a teal design and some other brighter colors mixed in. I bought the material on sale at Joann's Those two changes greatly updated our kitchen.
  9. Nope. Our area had recent death said to be by mold in expired pancake mix. Before that, I probably would have.
  10. Agree with Lucy: must have taken Helping verb plus past perfect tense
  11. I can't go that far, but have no problem with saying, " Dh, I'd like xyz for my b-day. Is it okay with you if I pick it up? " Usually, I buy it myself and then he has something small for me as well or a sweet card.
  12. I'd have said I'd really like the purse for my b-day and asked him purchase it then since it was at Nordstrom Rack and the stock changes quickly. I used to hate doing this but have come to understand that dh isn't good at hints or surprises. He likes to buy things for me but just doesn't think about it although he does bring me flowers and sometimes a magazine that he thinks I'll like.
  13. It's almost opposite in our house -- I can't seem to get rice right in my insta pot , but it's the only way i'll cook quinoa anymore.
  14. Old married folks warning: We sometimes go to Home Depot and buy things.
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