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  1. OKBud, you sold me on FLL! I used FLL 1 when we first started homeschooling. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to give it a look again. I just checked out some samples of FLL 4 and I decided to give it a try. With good ol' Amazon Prime I'll get both workbooks and the teachers manual tomorrow. That will give me time to go over it before we resume school after the holiday. I think/hope this will fit the bill. I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Thank you for the recommendation! Thank you everyone for your help! Tracy
  2. My 10 year old, 5th grade twins seem to require a certain amount of review in grammar. We've done BJU for a few years and now we are doing CLE and they are still struggling with retention. I was looking for something with a lot of review but I stumbled upon Easy Grammar in my research. and it looks interesting. I flipped through one of the workbooks at our local homeschool consignment store and I like that the lessons look short and to-the-point. And I'm intrigued by the idea of focusing on preposition and prepositional phrases before other parts of speech. I've seen it raved about on h
  3. I looked into R&S today and I'm not sure it would work. There doesn't seem to be enough review? I will look into Hake/Saxon as well. Thank you!
  4. Thank you all. I will take a look at Rod and Staff! I have never used any of their curriculum so I'm off to do some research. 8FillTheHeart, thank you! I know the difference myself but trying to explain to my not-interested 10 year olds, based on the CLE explanation, wasn't working. And based on their explanation there were a few answers to questions that didn't make sense/seemed to be wrong (ex: labeled as a preposition instead of an adverb). This has happened a few times throughout previous lessons, and it frustrates us all. I personally never had any problems with grammar so I find th
  5. Hello everyone! My 5th graders are doing CLE Language arts and we just don't love it. I switched from BJU last year. I really liked BJU, and my girls liked BJU, but retention was a big problem. They did well day-to-day with the lessons, but really struggled with the language arts component of the standardized test. So we switched to CLE at the end of last school year because I liked the constant review and repetition. We use CLE for math and it works wonders for my girls so I had high hopes for their LA curriculum. I just don't feel it always explains new topics very well. Today we were workin
  6. Wow. You both are amazing. Truly! Thank you. You've given me a lot to think about. I need to become more versed in the terminology! I'm sure there is a much more articulate way to express my concerns but you both get it and for that I thank you. She is very smart. At home it's almost easy to forget that she has the diagnosis. When I pulled my daughter out of public school, because she wasn't getting what she needed and had so much anxiety, she immediately thrived and I naively thought I could get a firm grasp on some of her ASD tendencies and work through them with her myself. And in man
  7. Hey everyone! So one of my twins has been previously diagnosed with Autism Level 1. I pulled her out of PS in 1st grade and we are almost finished with our 3rd grade year. She still very much struggles with reading comprehension. She can read just fine, and reads above grade level. But comprehension has always been a struggle. We are currently taking our required annual standardized test, the Iowa, and she bombed the reading comprehension portion. She did okay last year because the answers themselves were usually somewhere in the paragraph, word for word. But this year they are supposed
  8. For naturally stunning I would hightail to the Swiss Alps. I've traveled fairly extensively and the Bernese Oberland tops my list for the most beautiful area I've ever been. It's a long flight. To each their own. I've flown to Europe for only 3 nights one and 4 nights twice so I wouldn't hesitate to fly for a week. I've never lost a day due to sheer exhaustion but I know how to handle jet lag. Depends on what you like to do though. We all have differing opinions on how we would like to spend a vacation. A beach and tropical getaway would do nothing for me personally. What about mayb
  9. It's difficult even with a family of 4 to find hotel rooms large enough to accommodate us. In Venice that involved squeezing two extra twin beds along the walls in our hotel room to make a "quadruple room". So we usually use airbnb or VRBO to find apartments if we are staying for 3 or more days. This was our second trip to Europe as a family (a few years ago we did Switzerland, the Alsace-Lorraine, Paris and Bavaria) and rented two-bedroom apartments in every location except Paris, which was a one-nighter. As a bonus the apartments are usually cheaper than hotels and come with kitchens. Our tw
  10. I'm sorry you have to cancel your vacation plans and it sounds like you made the right decision. I only have my 9 year old twins, but it's been trial and error figuring out what everyone likes. We take a large vacation every year. Just got back from Italy a few weeks ago. My girls loved Rome. liked Venice okay but found the hill towns in Umbria boring. As annoying as that was, I think my 9 year old self would have thought the same. We, as a family, did not like Disney and are not beach people so it is helpful that we have more similar interests. If Colorado was still an option I wou
  11. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about writing next year for my twins, who will be in fourth grade. They are reluctant writers. We currently use WWE 2 but I want to switch next year. I'm considering IEW but also keep going back to EM Daily 6-Trait Writing. Would the EM be enough on it's own?
  12. I thought I was the only one who actually enjoys turbulence! For some reason it lulls me to sleep 🙂 On our long flight from Venice (Italy) to PHL last week I had 9 hours to do nothing and it was fairly relaxing as the flight was less than half full. I watched a few movies, read from my book and took a nap and my kids did the same. Had a glass of wine and lunch and a snack served to me...it felt like a quasi spa day!
  13. Thank you all for easing my mind. I'm not worried about the test itself. I was dissapointed because it seemed as if we were somehow behind. Now that I know more about the tests I feel better. We spread the test out over a four day period and usually do something fun afterwards like playgrounds, ice cream or lunch. J-rap, are you in NC by any chance?
  14. I don't mind it. I don't love it but it doesn't really bother me too much. The actual getting on the plane before taking off is the annoying part. Dealing with long security lines, delayed flights, last minute gate changes, and the oh-so-fun running through the airport to make your connection...those are the things that stress me out. Flying is a means to an end. I love to travel, particularly abroad. So flying is pretty much my only option unless I want to take a boat. Just flew home from Italy last week. Long day of flying but so worth it.
  15. Maybe I should have just purchased the CAT. I was so worried about the material on the sample (online) test that I went back to Seton and ordered the Iowa. We usually spread the testing over a week so my girls won't get fatigued. Good suggestion about the Spectrum testing workbook. I may pick up a few of those. I don't know why I am so worried about it. I never anticipated homeschooling and when I pulled my girls out of PS (halfway through 1st grade) it was assumed that we would put them back in at some point. Now that I've been HSing for a few years and things are going so well I don't
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