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  1. What about Lynn Osen's "Women in Mathematics" book from 1975? I felt it was pretty similar to "Men of Mathematics"; it's a little dated on the "where we are today" section but good short biographies.
  2. Does your local community college have a math for liberal arts type course? This is generally a much less algebraically intense course than any other math course (I would say algebra 1a would be enough, or a strong prealgebra), and if he could DE, he would be able to transfer the credit and it would count for GE for most non-STEM and non-business majors.
  3. I'm not sure about other states, but I know at least one that does college algebra, trig, precalc algebra as 3 3cr courses. There is also a 4cr precalculus algebra/trig for people who get an A/B in college algebra. It's very common to have a two-semester sequence that is college algebra and then precalc, the 3-semester is a little bit more uncommon. My guess is that they found that people with a C in college algebra were failing precalc in droves but couldn't really tighten up on standards in college algebra any more and so put this on as a sequence intended to help the C students re
  4. I agree that I'd avoid a math break of a semester if he's going to look at a business degree. They usually require stats and very, very often a "calculus for business" course. The good news is that the calculus for business course usually doesn't cover trig, but the bad news is that it does usually expect solid college algebra skills. I've taught this course several times, although only once recently, and weak algebra skills are what tank a lot of the students. I agree with going for a solid precalculus course, and then if you have time doing some calc-lite with MUS. If you just
  5. Don't give up, a lot of times finishing strong and especially putting in consistent effort will cause a borderline grade to get pushed over the edge.
  6. It's incredibly depressing right now especially with the total inability to be sure that someone's actually heard something. I can't tell you how much I hate this. I spend more time emailing, nagging, and dealing with people who didn't read the directions that were literally IN THE NAME OF THE ASSIGNMENT, or people who are just getting started on a course that started a month ago. I'm pretty much in "fine, whatever" mode. The homework's open. Knock yourself out. Yes the late penalty applies. If you get up to any of the assignments that don't autograde I'll grade it. Since I have only rarely se
  7. We are online for spring for sure, other than some health sciences + fine arts + lab classes.
  8. Pearson mylab has gotten a lot better. I am using it now. One of the nice things is that if you want to ask a question and they don't have questions like that you can import questions from any textbook on the topic. You can search by learning objective or by title of text. You can also write your own questions and/or modify/edit questions. There are a lot of guided visualizations and animations that can be very helpful if they are enabled. Depending on the textbook the accompanying videos range from "meh" to "very good".
  9. Can she take that one class somewhere else and transfer it in? Living in a dorm in a COVID situation for a class that meets once a week sounds utterly ridiculous.
  10. I would expect drop policies to be very generous under such circumstances. Unless it's right at the beginning of the semester, incompletes are also options; this would apply especially to a student who got ill and was able to work some but not quite to keep up. If your student does become ill, try to have them just drop a note either to instructors or to someone in the dean of students office depending on the policy for your college; if the instructor knows what's going on they can work with the student. I would much rather write makeup tests for later than assign poor grades to some
  11. Relevant article: https://www.npr.org/2020/07/22/893525083/colleges-spent-months-planning-for-fall-but-a-covid-19-surge-is-changing-everyth
  12. It is VERY common to ban Nspire on tests due to the algebraic manipulation capabilities.
  13. Several of my (community college) students are full-time students and have kids at home as well. I just set up an extended deadline schedule for one because she has to share the single computer with her kids. A couple of others are overwhelmed with the work because their parent is an essential worker and they've suddenly had their younger siblings dumped on them for keeping up with the school. Several of my coworkers at the CC are completely flooded (one of them told me if her marriage makes it out intact it's going to be a miracle 😞 ) because they've been working 80+ hour weeks tryi
  14. Whether they open or not, I see most with a tremendously expanded online/hybrid schedule in order to try to retain their students/faculty who are high-risk or live with high-risk people, or are international and can't get back into the country.
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