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Do you keep the dust jackets for your children's books?

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On children's books I generally remove the dust jacket so they don't get ruined. So I've ended up with this big stack of them and I'm not sure why I'm keeping them. I guess with the thought that I might eventually sell the book and having the dust jacket will increase the value. Worth it? What do you do with them?

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I used to carefully save them in a stack but eventually decided I was okay with tossing them. I see the argument for them but they don't work in our busy house with lots of kids and they make a book harder to hold in one hand to read while nursing a baby.


Also, I don't mind that it makes our wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling bookshelves just a tad more visually calming.

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Not only do I keep them the dustjackets for hardcover books, I buy Brodart covers and wrap the dustjackets.


The cost of the Brodart covers does add up, but since we have relatively few hardcovers with DJs intact (most of our books are used) I like to protect them when I can.


The covers are also useful for "rescuing" very old used-book dustjackets that have seen better days. Even if a DJ is chipped and torn, you can do some repair work (taping up the tears from the inside, etc.) and then encase the whole thing in the cover. I actually just did this with a first edition of The Year at Maple Hill Farm--the DJ was torn almost in half and the edges were quite chipped, but it's been rescued!


It doesn't look perfect, but I consider the cover art on that particular DJ to be essential to the book (the cloth-bound book itself has almost no decoration on the boards), so I'm glad I did it.

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I absolutely keep the jackets for childrens books. Not sure why other than the fact I like to keep books in as close to their original state as possible. Like a weird respect thing.


However, for non-fic books that I buy for myself....they are high-lighted, filled with sticky notes and have notes in the margins. And I like it that way :D

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