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  1. If I had to choose between the two, I would use A Beka. We used MFW K for preschool, and many components of MFW 1st grade for K.
  2. We love Artistic Pursuits here! Using the K-3 and Middle School levels. I find the cost very reasonable compared with taking outside art classes. We have tried several others and AP is definitely the winner! :)
  3. Mosdos - minus the TM - the text has plenty of info. on its own. IMO, the TM is geared too much to the classroom.
  4. We use these: http://www.carsondellosa.com type in search box: Exploring North America Resource Book There is one workbook for each continent. I purchased the download for each one, and just print out the pages as we need them. I have scheduled all of the workbooks over two years.
  5. Artistic Pursuits has been a huge hit here! We tried Atelier and it was just way too expensive. My kids liked it, but not as much as they have enjoyed AP.
  6. I now have the guides for AHL and the Notgrass Exploring World History texts. I have reviewed the guides and read through much of Notgrass and really love it! After looking through the comp./lit. MFW has to offer, I'm hoping dd will go with the complete program. I am very pleased with the writing instruction. I plan to order the remainder of the AHL program when the S&H rates drop back down in Sept. - lol. :)
  7. Thank you! This is what I need to hear. My dd is so hit or miss with lit. choices. Ideally, I would like to use the lit. w/ MFW. Maybe she will surprise me and enjoy them as well! I have ordered the guides which I should be receiving any day now. If the guides look good, I will order the rest of the package. :)
  8. Would it be worth doing MFW for just Bible and History? I know we would not do the writing portion, we already have that set. I'm not sure if dd would go for the lit. choices, so we may end up doing something else for lit. I like the idea of stretching world history out over 2 yrs, but wonder if it would be worth the cost if we did just Bible and History.
  9. I just came across this last night and it looks interesting. Has anyone used Epi Kardia? So far I have ruled out TOG d/t cost and have been taking a serious look at MFW (still a little more than I would like to spend). Epi Kardia looks great - less expensive and more of a lit. based study, which is what I'm really looking for.
  10. Which would you choose for American History, BJU or Notgrass? Why?
  11. Crystal, Do you know where I might be able to view sample pages of the lit. supplement for MFW? I wish they were more generous with samples on the website. I think this is what holds me back. I have been going back and forth with MFW vs Notgrass. From the description you give, my dd would not be too happy just using the text. We definitely need more. I will probably continue with what we are using for writing, but would use the Bible and Lit portion of MFW in addition to the history. Do all of the Bible readings in AHL line up with the history each week? We have a Bible curriculum we are using now, but I could easily drop it if we decide to go with MFW.
  12. Sheryl, Thank you for your ideas to supplement the Notgrass text. I will take a look at those. :)
  13. Crystal, Thank you for your reply. We will be coming from doing lit based (Biblioplan) for middle school, so it's difficult to imagine switching to traditional textbooks. I love the look of MFW, but the price is a factor for us. If the price tag was not a factor, TOG would be my first choice. MFW comes in at a close second. I still have a year, so maybe with some luck I will be able to find the updated edition on the sale/swap board. I also think Notgrass has a Yahoo group.
  14. I am interested in hearing from anyone using Exploring World History as written by the author. I have read numerous reviews of MFW AHL & WHL, but really want to know how strong the course is on its own. I am really only interested in the World History credit. We have other materials we use for Bible and Writing. I am also looking at Oak Meadow for world history, but really want to integrate Biblical History as well. Notgrass looks like it fits the bill. I would love to hear any pros/cons to using the program as written.
  15. I appreciate all of your replies on Notgrass/MFW. At some point I had ruled out MFW, but I'm taking another serious look at it. :)
  16. I have looked a TOG - way too expensive, and way too overwhelming. Sonlight - ?? not sure. Streams looks boring, but I haven't read it. Oak Meadow - strongly leaning toward, but want Biblical history included. Notgrass World History - I keep looking at this because I love how Biblical history is included right in the text. I read the FAQ, and they do quote a passage from the book explaining their YE beliefs. Is this the only place in the book I will find this, or is it interwoven throughout? Also, does the curriculum include literary analysis?
  17. Michelle and ChemMommy, Thank you both for your reviews. I like that it is easy to tweak, if needed. I have yet to find a program that doesn't need even a little tweaking. :) Have either of you used the Bible/Worldview part of the curriculum?
  18. I am considering TOG for grades 9-12 and would love to hear any advice, pros/cons, etc... I'm a bit nervous about taking this on, but it looks like a perfect fit. One question I do have: is the course taught from a young earth perspective? We are not YE, so I'm hoping this is something we can easily work around.
  19. Does anyone know if a schedule exists for Biblioplan and History of Western Civilization by Spielvogel?
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