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  1. Our ball python escaped once. He was gone for 6 weeks and showed up in the same room that he disappeared in. My dogs had him backed in a corner. I hope you find yours.
  2. My situation was similar to yours except I only had one mass and they got me in much quicker. Turned out to be a fibroadenoma. My doctor did tell me that's what he expected but I don't think it's out of the range of normal for most not to want to say one way or the other. Like another poster said, smooth and oval is good. I wish you could get in earlier to get an answer. Most of the time it turns out benign and I hope that is the case for you.
  3. My lump turned out to be a fibroadenoma. I had a biopsy and it was not bad at all. Wishing you all the best.
  4. My daughter has been anxious lately and I agree with this. She likes to write her own version of graphic novels and I let her do that most of the day. She also loves owls so we researched them today. We watched a video on weather. We are just taking it easy for now. She is still learning but it doesn't seem like a chore at the moment and we are both getting a bit of a break.
  5. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: . I don't have anything to add except to say that the ladies here have been an invaluable source of support for me and I always feel better after sharing. I wish the best for you and your son.
  6. Thank you for the links and encouragement. My lack of computer savviness is showing. I also appreciate the encouragement. CAPD is so frustrating and comes with so many challenges. It breaks my heart to see her struggle so, so much so that I broke out the Easy Bake Oven. :) I am going to order the Dyscalculia Tool Kit today and just work in it for now. She will enjoy the games. Thank you again, Lisa
  7. Grrr! We are not an Apple family and from what I can see my only option for the recommended book is via IBooks. Is this correct? I was/am ready to jump right in with her. Today was really rough.
  8. I am back! Sorry for the long delay in responding to such valuable information. With regard to my daughter, she was not diagnosed with dyscalculia in her initial diagnosis (CAPD, dyslexia) but when I read the definition it seems to fit her. She struggles terribly with time, money and measurement, word problems (CAPD) and counting backwards. In addition, today's lesson was doubling numbers and it reduced her to tears. With ones, she is fine but throw in a number like 47 and it gets her. The text instructs to add the 10's column which would be 80 and the ones 14 and then combine. She just cannot seem to master it. She is getting it right some of the time but without certainty and understanding. It's the tens that are tripping her up. So with this information, would you recommend the Ronit Bird resources with the c-rods or MUS Primer? I have decided to just park for a bit and work on getting this solid with her. We have worked with an abacus in the past and I am going to break it out in the interim. Thank you so much for your help, Lisa
  9. I just wanted to pop in for a quick moment to say thank you for the replies so far. My oldest is turning 18 tomorrow and has prom this weekend :w00t: so I am a bit crazed. I look forward to reading all of the advice thoroughly when I can breath. As always, thank you so much for your generosity.
  10. Hi all: I have previously written about my daughter's issues with all things language as a result of CAPD and most likely dyslexia. I have received great recommendations and now I could use some help with math. She is using CLE and doing very well with it overall. She can add/subtract/multiply/divide but does struggle with word problems as is to be expected. Here is where I am finding she has some major issue. Although she can skip count, she gets tripped up when using anything but a round number. For instance, she just did geography review and got 38 out of 50 states correct. She could not tell me the amount that she got incorrect. I tried to have her count to the next 10 (48) and then figure out to add 2 more. No go. She had to count from 38 to 50 on her fingers. She has this issue transitioning to hundreds also.(ex: 96 to 106). After 106 she went to 206. She also cannot grasp time. I have worked with her tirelessly. She is at the point that she can tell time but does still not understand that 1:30 is half past one, 1:15 is a quarter after, etc. If I go a week without reviewing, she will not remember that each number represents 5 minutes. I have worked with manipulatives, clocks, etc. I have the same issues with measurements. Is there a specific resource or recommendation that would address these issues? I feel like we need to park for awhile. She is a rising 5th grader and we are just starting CLE 4. As always, thank you!
  11. Your son sounds very much like my daughter. She has the SLD with impairment in reading diagnosis but it was never explained to me to be dyslexia. She also has CAPD with expressive language being her main issue. She makes constant spelling errors in spite of knowing the rules and after going over them dozens of times. She spelled min for mine tonight. She has made progress with graphic novels and really enjoys them. She struggles greatly with reading comprehension, time, before and after, and word problems. We are currently working on sentence formation and sequencing.
  12. Sorry I am just replying. I was out delivering GS cookies. 'Tis the season! I truly appreciate all the hand holding. I just put the suggested book on hold and am slowly trying to digest all the information. It is very overwhelming to say the least and I am thankful for the encouragement. I am going to sit down and read over everything carefully and I am certain I will be back with more questions. Thank you all for being so gracious!
  13. Regarding the therapist, the last few sessions she has been working out of a basic spelling workbook with her. Nothing special. Something ala Barnes and Noble. She told me to work on having her write sentences using her spelling words. I just don't see anything special being done. A few weeks ago it was contractions. I just don't see the rhyme or reason. There is no sequencing work being done. I am looking for the sheets you referenced above but am having a hard time finding or knowing exactly what I am looking for. This is exhausting. :(
  14. Thank you so much for all your help and information. I agree regarding the SLP.I really don't think what she is getting from her is worth the time and effort either. Off to google and see if I can make more sense of all of this. The VSL link provided by Wapiti made my heart race as well. So much of it fits my daughter. I certainly need to take a more hands on approach with her which is not my forte.
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