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S/O: What did YOU read your senior year in high school as assigned reading

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Wow...too long ago to remember. But I did go to an all girls private school that prided itself on a "rigorous" education for "young ladies". LOL


So, this is what I remember reading in high school, although I couldn't say which ones I read in which years. Except for these three: Anna Karenina, Wuthering Heights and Tess of the D'Urbervilles....that was the year of "heroines I hated". :lol:


Other books read in high school:


Romeo & Juliet

Merchant of Venice

King Lear


Dante's Inferno (parts of it)

Canterbury Tales (Whan that Aprille with his shores soote... Yes, we had to memorize the prologue. *shudder*)

The Great Gatsby

The Grapes of Wrath

The Scarlet Letter

David Copperfield

Les Miserables (In French for my 3rd year French literature class...it almost killed me. :lol:)

Silas Marner

Death of a Salesman

Ethan Frome

Portrait of a Lady

Various short stories like "The Lottery"



I'm know there were others...we read A LOT. :D

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I was so sad, I started a book club with friends instead! (This is was in the late 80s before book clubs got popular.)


We read the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. Not the fun Tales, of course. Nun's Tale anyone? No. Just the absolutely boring and dry prologue.


We read Julius Caesar. Now, don't get me wrong. JC is a great play. I loved it when I covered it again in college. But couldn't we cover a comedy in high school? No because of all the s e x and innuendo. Ugh. Tempest would have been good. MND would have been fine, too.


I can't remember anything else. Poetry, maybe?


Dh says his class was originally assigned actual reading, but then spend the entire year studying vocab. Hmmm...

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Our Mutual Friend, collected poems of Keats, selected poems of Tennyson, The Importance of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband (it was a 19th century course that year) plus Measure for Measure. The UK system opts for intensive study of a relatively small number of texts.


I was also studying French: I remember reading Candide in French, a modern novel called Hans and Le Grand Meaulnes.



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I took an AP world lit course Senior Year. The pace was brutal. About 80 pages a night. Never more then a week and a half on a book. Usually discussion Monday to Thusday with practice paper Friday. Content quiz daily. I remember hating Heart of Darkness, did not care for Joyce either. We did several by Shakespeare.


I know we started with Genesis (sworn to tell no one what we were reading in public school) and went forward through Beowolf, Canterbury Tales etc.

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My senior year I took AP English Lit and Comp.


I remember we had to memorize some part of the Caterbury Tales.


We also read



A Winter's Tale (we also saw a play of this one which was pretty good although freakin cold since it was at an outdoor theatre in late Oct in WI)


I also remember having to read The Great Gatsby, The Awakening, Jude the Obscure, some poetry although I can't remember what and by whom.



Jude the Obscure! 9th grade. I adored that book. I still read it occasionally.

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