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  1. These are my comments from a similar thread on the board in late 2016: I've now used Science in the Age of Reason as well. Still like it. The only other thing I would add that it makes a bit awkward when trying to hold to the four-year history cycle, since Science in the Beginning (days of Creation) is a year-long book. Next time around, I might consider condensing Science in the Beginning to a semester and then moving on to Science in the Ancient World.
  2. This. Very similar with one of my kids, plus myself. At a minimum, easy to prep/grab food that is protein-based, but more effective for us was me doing like AK_Mom4 and just handing him the food I felt he would eat. Erica in OR
  3. Ganglion cyst, maybe? My daughter had one on her wrist, and the doctor just had her massage it daily to help it try to go away, which it did in the end. I actually have a strangely similar bump right now, same hand/finger/location, but I'm not right-handed, so I know with me it's not due to that pressure. Erica in OR
  4. Thanks - not sure what happened to the first link. I edited it to use the link you shared.
  5. Susan Wise Bauer just posted on this yesterday on her Facebook page (the extreme condensed version of it is "No, audiobooks are not cheating," in response to Erica in OR
  6. We stayed at last year. Good host. Excellent location for walkable Metro access, plus had underground parking included, and was across the street from a Costco and near a Harris Teeter grocery store and Whole Foods. Erica in OR
  7. I purchased a 10,000 lux Carex this year from amazon ( and have been pleased with it. I'm looking for the website that recommended it, but can't dig it up at the moment. The link was suggested by a local therapist as having reasonable recommendations by a doctor who had looked at the research for light therapy and depression in depth. Erica in OR
  8. Thank you. Saving this for regular reminders. :) Erica in OR
  9. is a site you could look at for this sort of up-to-date info too. Erica in OR
  10. A friend of mine has a large homemade blanket made out of pieces of denim cut from jeans, with a back layer of something else. It feels incredibly heavy to pick up. I always wondered if that would be adequate for someone younger that needs less weight. Erica in OR
  11. I just sent requests to the people in this thread that I'm not friends with on Plan To Eat already. You'll see a request from a three-letter username, starting with E (would rather not post username). Erica in OR
  12. I did some paper embroidery a couple Christmases ago. It was easy to start/finish, and I liked the results. There are some free Christmas patterns out there to try. I started with this one: using metallic thread. I found a hole punching tool at a local store and used pieces of watercolor paper that I attached to the fronts of cardstock cards after stitching. Erica in OR
  13. We actually cram two home offices into our bedroom. Not ideal, but it works. We share the printer and each have a small desk. DH's has filing cabinets as the supports underneath it, so that doubles as storage. My computer is a laptop, so I sometimes take it elsewhere in the house to work. Erica in OR
  14. I had some similar experiences that went away after an adjustment period (a couple weeks?) when I first went on Lexapro. Waking bolt upright during the night, with an awful feeling that something wasn't right, either a specific thought "I feel like I heard someone choking upstairs," which I then felt compelled to go check, or just generalized.This was even with starting at a very low dose (5 mg) and stepping it up gradually. Like your daughter, this was not my usual type of anxiety. I continued with the medication and it did go away after that adjustment period. I do agree with a previous poster that I wouldn't hesitate to bring up these symptoms with the doctor. Erica in OR
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