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  1. I like the Ask a Manager blog. One of her posts on interview questions last year was https://www.askamanager.org/2020/01/these-are-the-best-questions-to-ask-your-job-interviewer.html Erica in OR
  2. My mother's solution for blisters when I was a kid (which I've used into adulthood) was to thread a needle (sterilize first), then poke into and out of (like taking a single small stitch) the layer of skin forming the top of the blister, as close to the surface as possible. Pull the thread into the in/out holes and leave there, trimming the ends short enough to not interfere but not fall out. It allows the blister moisture to wick out through the thread and dry it out without losing the protection of the skin covering the blister. It dries out after a day or two, leaving the skin over it intact. Remove the thread. Erica in OR
  3. I know of others who will do the same if masks *are* required. They feel uncomfortable about their children wearing masks all day long. Rock < > hard place Erica in OR
  4. Would this perhaps be classified as tutoring rather than child care? Less to navigate re: legality? Erica in OR
  5. I thought that meant just no change fees - you'd still pay the difference in your fare if you didn't take this flight and took another one that was more expensive at that time. Erica in OR
  6. Thought this article I read over the weekend was interesting. It relates to your vascular comment. https://elemental.medium.com/coronavirus-may-be-a-blood-vessel-disease-which-explains-everything-2c4032481ab2 Erica in OR
  7. Cleaned out the game closet with the kids. Made a stack to go to the thrift store. Kids are now playing some of the games that got unearthed, that we're keeping. Win—win. Erica in OR
  8. Yes. Nearly done with an associate's degree. Dealing with life's stresses in healthy ways. Continuing on medication. Continuing to realize when they need support and talking to a counselor. A blessed part of our family. It was such a worrying time for a long while, and I wished I could solve everything instantly. It takes time. Erica in OR
  9. The Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction book series has some fun builds using household materials. My son also really liked extreme dot-to-dot books. Erica in OR
  10. These are my comments from a similar thread on the board in late 2016: I've now used Science in the Age of Reason as well. Still like it. The only other thing I would add that it makes a bit awkward when trying to hold to the four-year history cycle, since Science in the Beginning (days of Creation) is a year-long book. Next time around, I might consider condensing Science in the Beginning to a semester and then moving on to Science in the Ancient World.
  11. This. Very similar with one of my kids, plus myself. At a minimum, easy to prep/grab food that is protein-based, but more effective for us was me doing like AK_Mom4 and just handing him the food I felt he would eat. Erica in OR
  12. Ganglion cyst, maybe? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ganglion-cyst/symptoms-causes/syc-20351156 My daughter had one on her wrist, and the doctor just had her massage it daily to help it try to go away, which it did in the end. I actually have a strangely similar bump right now, same hand/finger/location, but I'm not right-handed, so I know with me it's not due to that pressure. Erica in OR
  13. Thanks - not sure what happened to the first link. I edited it to use the link you shared.
  14. Susan Wise Bauer just posted on this yesterday on her Facebook page (the extreme condensed version of it is "No, audiobooks are not cheating," in response to https://www.thecut.com/2016/08/listening-to-a-book-instead-of-reading-isnt-cheating.html. Erica in OR
  15. We stayed at https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1058318?guests=1&adults=1 last year. Good host. Excellent location for walkable Metro access, plus had underground parking included, and was across the street from a Costco and near a Harris Teeter grocery store and Whole Foods. Erica in OR
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