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Since Halloween has been mentioned

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I need help coming up with a costume for my pony. Every year she pulls a wagon into town and I hand out candy. She's been cotton candy and a zebra. This year I'm thinking about a unicorn but can't find a horn I that isn't expensive OR painting a skeleton on her (hard)


Any ideas? I need to start practicing.

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I found this. Lots of neat ideas. Maybe one will inspire you?


I'm personally kind of partial to the 1-horse power John Deere tractor. Looks like mostly cardboard. I love the bucket on the front. :D

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They're not as big as ponies (almost!) but one year when Molly was about four we dressed her up as a circus lion tamer and made great big lion manes out of yarn and she went up to every door as a tiny circus performer with her "lions." She got a LOT of candy that year, and the "lions" got a few milk bones!



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Celebrating Halloween is wrong. Homeschoolers should not do this. Neither should anyone else.


I am appalled at the OP. Horrible.





































Buwahahahaaa! I would dress the pony up like the pony/horse in Nanny McPhee. I love that movie. I also agree that making a unicorn horn out of paper mache would be easy. They also have styrofoam forms in the floral section of most craft stores that could work. If nothing else, it would be a great form for the paper mache. Post pics!

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