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  1. SF-Oakland Bay Bridge Mount Rushmore Crazy Horse Memorial (was started in 1948)
  2. I wonder if the new wife encouraged him to let the dd go with her new "dad" so she wouldn't be bounced between homes? Maybe it wasn't all his decision.
  3. :iagree: , too. I think you are wise to listen to counsel of older people, though. Run it by a few older people whom you trust and look up to. Talk to a few people with unusual names. To see what your dd may go through, introduce yourself to a stranger as Persephone and see what their first reaction is. BTW, we never told anyone the baby names before they met the baby because I didn't want such a strong reaction. Everyone has an opinion.... :I
  4. One of my local acquaintances says stuff like that ALL the time. She openly and blatantly spouts her not-asked-for-opinion on everything from hobbies to clothes to dc's activities: "Why would you send your dc to _______? How boring." "That is a very tacky (Christmas) sweater you're wearing." And there are others.... Just this week I was formulating a quick come-back. She always catches me by surprise because I would *never* say the things she says. I may just use the exact one op used. :D
  5. You know what, though? You COULD have lived in a house like that. If you sent your kids to school and went to work. Think how much time they give up with their darling children to live in that house. There are costs with every decision. We decided to live in an old, small farm house so we can homeschool. Some days I'd love a house without the north wind blowing through the house, but I'd rather have this precious time with my kids. :grouphug::grouphug:
  6. Music lessons here are non-negotiable. However, our dc's other activity is one we encouraged because, like gymnastics, it's not something they'll do as adults. Seriously, how many activities (besides learning and reading) do we continue through life? I've told my dc that they'll be able to take up swimming or tennis or a host of other hobbies when they're adults. Gymnastics, though, is for kids. Enjoy it while you can. =)
  7. One reason is to weed out people looking for bait dogs. You can always lower the price when you find good owners. I would never offer a dog for free to people I don't know.
  8. I had this challenge when I taught ps. What I finally ended up doing was avoiding anything related to halloween specifically. We talked and read about autumn and harvest activities. Since a jack-o-lantern is specific to halloween, and some kids don't carve them, I wouldn't have used that book (or left that part out when I read it). The monster book...while it's not a halloween book, some kid will speak up about being a monster for halloween or something. It would be easier to read it, without upsetting any parents, any other time but now. Just my 2 cents.:001_smile:
  9. It may be too late, but *I* would rent a car and get out of Dodge by Sunday. There is no way I would stay in the city, let alone wait to get a plane out. :grouphug:
  10. Can I ask how many times they said she used the bathroom? Does her class have planned bathroom breaks throughout the day? Or are they all expected to hold it all day? As a former ps teacher, I *know* there were kids who went just to get out of lessons. But I couldn't not let them go. And I'm telling you, it's very disruptive for a child to leave in the beginning or middle of a lesson, esp multiple times per day. And when it's the same student, it's frustrating. Do you think she might have a bladder infection? Does she use the bathroom a lot at home? So you know, I had one c
  11. And she, btw, can run in high heels, never breaks a sweat, keeps her coiffure looking splendid, never rips her clothes or gets more than a well-placed smudge of dirt on her. You know, like us moms on a normal day. :D
  12. IME, the important issue is that she already practices an hour a day without you making her. It's not whether she's serious or that she'll have a career in music in 15 years. :) She enjoys it, it's great training, she has the time, and she's being encouraged by what sounds like a great teacher! Bump up lessons and stay with it for the rest of the school year. Re-evaluate in May. :001_smile:
  13. :iagree: with both of these posts. Scouts has given my ds a long-term goal. He's already thinking about his Eagle project. :)
  14. :iagree: It sounds like he might ask you to do child-care or foster care.
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