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  1. My dd is in Mr Hummel's Prep for Expo class and I felt the same way. She started out in an Expo 1 class with another teacher and it was too much for her. She's an avid reader but her writing skills were lacking. At first I felt Mr H was way too laid back but I just went with it. Boy has my daughter flourished with Mr H and his laid back teaching approach! She really enjoys his class and writing.
  2. My daughter is taking this class online at Veritas Press. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they email a syllabus for this class? I don't want to have to buy all the books at once. I was hoping to buy half for the first semester over the summer and the rest later on and I wasn't sure when everything was needed. I'm assuming I can just go chronologically, but I just want to be sure I'm not missing anything.
  3. Has anyone tried the live classes at CurrClick? I'm very tempted to try the IEW writing class with my dd. The prices seem reasonable but I haven't seen any reviews. Hope someone can share their experience with me.

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    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Student Guide and Teacher Manual + novel Heidi Student Guide and Teacher Manual + novel Lassie Come-Home Student Guide and Teacher Manual + novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Student Guide has pencil writing in about a third of the book. We ended up doing most of it orally. The rest of the set is in like new condition. The Heidi Student Guide has writing on 2 pages and is in otherwise excellent condition. The rest of the set is like new. The Lassie set is brand new and never used. I am asking $22 per set and $55 if you take the whole package. I'll pay for media rate shipping. PayPal preferred. AbbeygurL4@gmail.com



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    This set is in excellent condition! The workbook has the first 6 lessons done, but the other 26 lessons are not written on. The text, the Peterson guide and the Teacher's manual are in like new condition. I am asking $28 for the set and I will pay media rate shipping. I prefer PayPal. AbbeygurL4@gmail.com


  6. Well, the Biology class at VP is 1.5 hr two times per week and at MP their Biology class is 1hr and 15 mins once per week. VP biology is $645 and MP biology is $500. Even though I think my ds needs two class meetings a week, the MP biology course looks a little meatier and maybe more interesting. I just can't decide which is why I'm glad the OP started this discussion.

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    ***SOLD**** This is new. I bought it and decided not to use it. It is from 2013 Book of Astronomy and Space The Story of Inventions Diary of an Early American Boy Energy Bell and the Science of the Telephone Discover & Do Level 4 DVD Electricity and Magnetism Light and Color Instructor's Guide - NO WRITING or tears This would be $136 plus shipping from Sonlight. I am asking $70 INCLUDING shipping! I prefer paypal, but I will take checks or whatever. AbbeygurL4@gmail.com


  8. I'm thinking about enrolling my dd. My ds is taking science online at Veirtas Press and we've been happy with them. VP classes meet twice a week and most of the MP classes are once per week, I'm wondering if my dd would be okay with once a week. Hope someone chimes in with irl experience with MP online!
  9. There is usually a writing assignment every other week. Occasionally Mr Turnbull has them do peer reviews under his guidance, but he gives feedback most of the time. Like you, I don't like giving feedback on ds's assignments unless he asks me to. So far the longest essay required has been 5 paragraphs. They also read some of the paragraphs or essays aloud during class and there is a "word of the week" they are encouraged to use in their essays. Mr Turnbull also incorporates some IEW techniques. Here is part of my ds's last essay with feedback from Mr Turnbull: In Charles Dicken’s
  10. My 14 yo ds is taking Mr Turnbull's Writing the Essay and History of the Christian Church tutorials. We are very happy with his classes and plan to take more next year. Matthew Turnbull is a wonderful, nurturing teacher. What, in specific, would you like to know? Assignments are emailed weekly and there are online quizzes a couple times each semester. Here is a sample email: Dear Discupuli, Please read up through chapter XXX in Ivanhoe. This brings you to page 259 in the Dover edition. Enjoy the dangers of castle battle. This week you get to write a short two- or three-paragraph story
  11. WOW! Great info, I'm glad I asked for help. I'm going to print it all out. My head is spinning and I can't wait for my Rick Steves guides to get here on Friday.
  12. I am going to Europe with my 11 yo dd!! My sister and her husband are taking us to London, Paris, Rome and Florence for about 17 days end of May beginning of June. Are there any books we should read before we go. We want to have fun, but I sure would like to slip some learning in! What things should we see for sure ? I ordered a bunch of Rick Steves' travel books, but I'd also like to read up on history so we can better understand what we are seeing. We will be in Paris for almost a week so we'll see the Louvre and Orsay and Orangerie Museum and then Rome for 3 days and Florence for 3 days
  13. My daughter wants to read books set in the civil rights era. She read The Help and Secret Life of Bees but there has to be others. Any suggestions?
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