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  1. When my kids started public school in Australia they began using it. I hear k8ds say it here all the time, so I decided not to fight a losing battle.
  2. DH and I wax poetic about Costco. I miss it so much. I knew it was a budget helper but turns out it was a budget saver. Wish we had one in Perth.
  3. I have a Cordelia (7yo) and a Persephone (17mos)
  4. Never had a moment of morning sickness during any pregnancy. Sorry. I do get wicked heartburn.
  5. We had 1 (she lives with my mum and her male Pyr now because she couldn't move to Aus with us). They are gentle, loving, snuggly. Ours was indoor only. They bark, a lot, at everything. They are people friendly but not friendly to other dogs they don't know. My mom's Pyr consistently and viciously attacked my Great Dane but is very submissive to my female Pyr. They both have gone after my brother's Golden but generally the 3 get a long well. Both the Pyrs love kids and cats. Our Pyr would gladly give her life to protect her "flock" of humans, cats, and dogs as long as it didn't involve her
  6. Everyone I've had in my life: Joseph P. Smallwood (named after Newfoundland Premier) "Joey" -black lab childhood dog Daisy - wire haired pointing Griffon childhood dog Riley - Great Dane Willow - German Shepherd / Rhodesian Ridgeback Rufus - Great Dane Bear stray ancient newfie we found by our fence one night. He lived for 6 weeks then passed away. Ranger - Great Dane Blossom - Great Pyrenees Winston - mom's Great Pyr but lived with us for a year. Smokey - 8 year old cat I took in to keep her from being put down DSH Rover DSH Odin norwegian forest
  7. We rented a house with one and loved it. Hot water all the time. Ours was gas heated. We now have solar hot water system which is great 8 months but we need to depend on the very pricey electric heater in winter to heat the water. I miss our on-demand hot water
  8. I love Austen and admit that I like several film adaptations just as much as the books. I also love Jane Eyre, but would rather have my fingernails ripped out than read and/or watch Wuthering Heights again.
  9. Just to clarify in Australia and New Zealand, it is a separate room that is handicap designated not just an accessible stall. So, in many places there are 4 separate rooms : women, men, handicap accessible, and family / nursing.
  10. Yesterday mum and I ate at a cafe. That exact item was $19. Sides like avocado were extra $2 each. The coffee was cheap at $3 small or $4 large. Of course, I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.
  11. My DH went to download it today from ITunes but instead I ended up with an "I hate Foxtel" tirade in a text message. We are so upset but I've been reading the books since they first came out so I am well-versed in waiting for George R.R. Martin related things.
  12. That is so sad. I admired her as a mother. So much pain and death in that family.
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