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  1. Ds works on our farm and listens to his mp3 player while he does chores. He would like more things to listen to. Right now, he has quite a bit of sermons, literature, and history. Do you have any suggestions? He would really like something for science. He's 17.
  2. Years ago, I purchased clipboards. They were big and square, and came with a wide rubber band to hold the end of your paper down. I need some more, but have forgotten where I purchased them. Anyone know where I can get them?
  3. I purchased this at Walmart last night. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. We have been searching for a place to move to, but due to my 19dd health problems, we can't just move into anywhere. We moved all of our things away from the mold and the mold is isolated, but the mold was in a hidden area, so who knows how long it was there. We are moving in the next few days though. Found a place yesterday and they are cleaning it with vinegar, soap, and water and turning it over to us without all the usual carpet cleaning, painting, etc, since that would make it unlivable for my daughter. Anything that is porous and can't be thoroughly cleaned is suspect. That means our books (3000+ with lots of vintage, tons of Landmark, Happy Hollister set minus one, etc). We love books, so this is one of the hardest things. The other thing is sentimental items from Steven since he is gone now and things from the children when they were little. Anything you can't soak or scrub can harbor mold spores and mycotoxins. The computer and printer. Refrigerator. Washer and dryer. And it's not a simple matter of blowing it out. Black mold is sticky and klings to things unless scrubbed off, and even that is not a guarantee that you got it.
  5. PC. Desktop or laptop. Yes to dvd player. We don't store photos on the computer. Graphics need to be good enough for Ookaisland, Mathreflex, Dreambox, and streaming. Don't know about the budget. Less is better, but I have no idea what a computer costs.
  6. Due to mold in our home, we are having to leave almost everything behind and start over. We are moving to a rental temporarily (4-6 mos) while our home is being fixed. Funds are limited, so I am replacing only super needed/much used items. Air purifiers for the bedrooms. A vacuum cleaner. The bedrooms and living room of the rental are carpet. It needs to work super great due to dd reactions. Computer. The children do online classes, classes on dvd, movies, etc, so this is a necessity. Extra points if I can get if from Staples since I have a reward coupon to use. Also need some kind of copier/printer since I am going to have to reprint all of the children's Math Mammoth, Systematic Mathematics, etc workbooks. What are your recommendations?
  7. Due to major health issues in my 19yo, I am trying to streamline school and get the children to be more independent. How easily do you think Rod and Staff Grammar and Math Mammoth would be to use independently? I would like to have the student teach themselves from the text and asking me for help when needed. This is for third, sixth, and eighth grade.
  8. audiobooks in Spanish? Anything from Charolette's Web to Moby Dick. 19dd is bedbound and trying to keep her Spanish flowing.
  9. This is for dd who is very sensitive to smells. She wants to know how people who smoke feel about smoke smell?
  10. During the week we do all of our regular stuff and errand running. I don't like running errands in the evening or on the weekend when everything is so crowded. Saturday is work day. Farm things and bigger projects than we can tackle during the week. Sunday is church, lunch at Subway with the inlaws and the rest of the day is relaxing and spending time together.
  11. We love it! Several of my children have used it. Grouping all the letters by similar strokes and saying what you are doing as you are doing it helped all of them.
  12. Nice and crispy with the smell of fall in the air.
  13. We are on average billing, and it runs $420-$450 year round. I have two with medical conditions so we can never open windows, but they must be kept cool. The kitchen is a separate area that has a window a/c. The waterheater for the main house is electric and everyone takes 1-2 showers a day, sometimes more if it rains and they get muddy. We wash and dry 4-6 loads of laundry a day. We use propane for heating the main house and kitchen, the kitchen waterheater, and the stove.
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