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  1. I haven't found that button, but finally one picture said it was too large. I am adjusting to see what happens. Thanks for all your help!
  2. LOL, I am already there on FB! Thanks for the invite though. I was just trying to reach more people by selling here as well. My posts will say picture loaded, but they still aren't showing. Oh, well. I don't have time to keep messing with it.
  3. Yes, that is what I am doing, but the pictures are not showing in the ads after it says it is finished uploading.
  4. For whatever reason, I can't figure out how to add a picture to my for sale ads. If I click on the picture icon it asks for the URL but I just want to upload from my computer. If I add a file, it doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong?
  5. My dh is the new guy, and the only other guy. There are no other employees or co-workers other than the owner of the small business and his wife. At his former job there were other employees. I don't want the owner and his wife to feel obligated to do anything, but I also want to be prepared in case they do.
  6. I am assumming it is. Partly because we are in the south and it is a small company. I may just send a platter of cookies or something that they can share with their customers.
  7. After over a year of prayer and looking and interviewing, my dh was offered a new job with regular pay last Friday and he began Monday. At Christmas I usually gave small gifts to his co-workers and boss (all 3 of them) at his last job. At his new job he is working for the owner and his wife, there are no other employees. Since he started Monday, and I just met them yesterday, I have no idea of what token to give. I don't have much money, and I don't know if there are food preferences, and all that.... They seem to be great people, very involved in the community and very excited to have my husband as their employee. What would you give? I would prefer it cost less than $10 if possible. And no, I had not made or bought anything for the old job yet so I can't just give it to the new people. Thanks!
  8. My daughter has had several now. The worst was when a nurse convinced us that the first drug (some spray in her nose) combined with dd's exhaustion and a liquid was enough sedation for her. Boy, as she wrong. My daughter woke up in the machine as soon as it made it's first loud bang. It naturally terrified her, they then had to give her something strong and fast, which then led to her having difficulty waking and being way to drowsy for hours, literally. The next MRI we asked for something more. When dd passed out, they did an IV and wake pu while not fun, was way better than before. Depending on the length of the MRI you may not be given a choice as far as sedation type. The longer the MRI is to last, the more likely it will involve an IV.
  9. My dd is 5 and still growing. According to a calendar we found recently, I am just 1 inch taller than I was at age 10. At age 10 I was the tallest kid in the class. I also started my period that year. By the end of high school I was one of the shortest.
  10. When I was having severe hormonal migraines, my gynecologist suggested that I increase my calcium to 1500 or 2000mg (?) per day. Apparently calcium also helps with neurotransmitters and pain. It was a slow change, but after about 2 months, my migraines dropped dramatically and it was the only type of medicine/intervention I was taking.
  11. I would has the vet why and what concerns he has at this point. My brother kept putting off the cleaning on his dog, who eventually had an abcess and rotten teeth despite brushing. After having to have several teeth pulled, the poor thing now has to have a special diet. A very expensive learning experience for all of us. If the vet gives a general 'routine' kind of a thing, I might wait. But if he can give specific concerns with your specific dog, then I would seriously consider it.
  12. I loved it as a child. I read it often. As an adult it doesn't seem to appeal to me, but I can't really say why.
  13. Can you call the station commander and share your concerns?
  14. If your state has an Insurance Commissioner (it would be someone in the state capital and a state office of sorts) I would call them and ask what their experiences are with them. The commissioner in our state gets involved in situations where companies don't pay when they should, or as well as they should. They also investigate individual agents and agencies and can give you their impressions and ratings for them. Some companies are great, with terrible agents. Some agents are great but have contracts with lackluster companies. And so on...
  15. If you aren't interested in renting the too small house, then I would wait until it sells.
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