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  1. We used it last year, it has all the same info as the audio CD, plus visual. No bugs last year. It kind of replaced me having to lead review, we used CC as ann"extra", I just handed off the iPad and said, do weeks such and such. Kids preferred it to the Cd, which we also had. It is pricey, and for the price I would have liked some additional features. But, if we had continued with CC I would have purchased again. You do have to purchase it each cycle.
  2. We have done MP 1-3, we have enjoyed the read alouds but I have found most of them at the library. Ordering the package is great for convenience but there have only been a couple that I felt we really needed to own. And there have only been a couple that I was glad that I had not purchased! My 3rd grader likes to listen in to most the first grade read alouds and vice versa.
  3. Yes this is true. In the last month there has been much talk in IN regarding just this exact thing, rushing thru standards that are just a revamp of CC. Given this I am puzzled over the reporting that this is some kind of victory. I guess it is a victory over the reporting or something? Color me confused!
  4. I use one box, one set of cards and one set of dividers. My kids are in AAS 1 and 4, so are far enough apart that they don't overlap cards. I keep one kid's cards paper clipped together within the appropriate divided section. My DH finds my set up way confusing, so on the occasion that he does school,he doesn't usually help with AAS unless I set it out just so. This works for me, but it would be easier to have two boxes.
  5. Definitely take the online Youth Protection, you just have to register as a user then watch the videos and answer questions along the way, it will only take about half an hour and will prepare you to write a well-informed letter. You can visit nearby dens without any formal transfer, once you find a good one they can help with whatever paperwork. I am sorry this happened to your Tiger.
  6. http://www.wishtv.com/news/traffic This looks helpful, links on left especially.
  7. According to my DH who was there Sunday, there is major construction. He is not up or I would ask him. IIRC. 65 may be closed and that traffic is routed to other roads. Could be awful. Maybe do a search. Otherwise I would agree with above posters.
  8. Never mind DD remembered it is a knitting fork. once saw a YouTube video showing how to use it. I need to find instructions again, but knitting hook is not getting me anywhere, so I must not remember the name either. My 6 year old dd is waiting ever so patiently for me to show her how to knit with it. Pic attached hopefully. TIA Pic to big. It is Y shaped with a hole in it near the top.
  9. I was so hoping it would be out by Sept. that really stinks. LisaD, I think it was about $15 lst year. It was worth it to me because for second semester I used the ap rather than making a "board" at home. The ap is basically the memory work visuals they have on the resource cd and CC connected, in ap form combined with the audio.
  10. Many benefits can be passed via a trust, put the assets in an irrevocable trust for the benefit of so and so. Legal arrangements can be made for children. I did not vote in the poll.
  11. Keep the eraser in your pocket, BRILLIANT. I don't know how much of my life has been wasted looking for the eraser. No more!
  12. We used baking soda on a mattress once. I can't remember if it was sprinkled or if I made a paste with water, but it worked.
  13. I am in the minority, but I think it is the hostess' responsibility to make her guests feel welcome, especially the guests of honor and guests who are not family (in this case your parents), and would not have a problem asking people not to bring alcohol. So based on that I think you could make such a request. Actually, I would feel uncomfortable bringing alcohol to someone else's party unless it was a hostess gift or a "bring your own" party. Your husband's opinion complicates things a bit, as others have said, he knows their reaction best. It may cause more trouble than it is worth. Definitely let your parents know what to expect.
  14. Go. Niece is not YOUR kid, so you will get a break. I think you will still have lots of fun.
  15. If they attend a convention near you and you order there they will ship free. A least they have done so in the past, most exhibitors do this, so I may be stating the obvious.
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