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  1. Thank you! Finishing my degree gave me a wonderful sense of accomplishment that I really needed.
  2. It's been a while since I've been here and I wanted to drop by and say hi. Lots of big changes in my life since I was last online. I think last time I was on here I was considering going back to school... or maybe I already had. I left my husband in charge of homeschooling so I could focus on my education and return to work, but that didn't work out well at all. We put the kids in public school because they were getting very behind. Common core math blew my son's mind so he ended up being placed a year behind, but otherwise the kids have done a great job adjusting to school. I'm going to be putting up our books as I get a chance. Have to figure out how to price them; never sure about that part. I finished my associates that I started way back in the 90's and am working on a BS. Hopefully next May I will graduate and be on my way to teaching computer classes in a high school. I'm really excited about it.
  3. I just put the arms on stitch holders. It's not there, where the shoulder seams would be, but the neck part of the shoulders, where the shoulder begins. THe back of the neck between the shoulders, then from armpit to armpit. Clear as mud?
  4. I'm knitting a 0-3mo sweater for a friend's baby, due in Jan. My gauge is correct, but I keep looking at it and thinking, are babies really this tiny? LOL It's been a long time since mine were babies and I it's hard to remember them being that little. But seriously, are babies this tiny? The top of the neck in back, between shoulders, is 4" and where I stopped increasing at the bottom of the arm holes is 5", it will be 10" long. Sound OK?
  5. That's great! Maybe it will click for him too. I do like this program
  6. Oh, no. I have til Aug of next year. It's just that unless he hits some developmental milestone and takes off with this, I dont' think we'll finish second by then. We're behind schedule now, having slowed down to accommodate his pace. I had wanted to be at 2nd grade now, and we still have several weeks of first. I can see us getting about a semester behind overall so it will be difficult to put him in 3rd next fall. He will be 8 next month, and almost 9 when he is supposed to go into 3rd.
  7. My son becomes a comedian when he has school work he doesn't want to do. Friday he told me the capital of MS is M. LOL. Sorry kid, I've heard that one before.
  8. Our driver's ed teacher had us drive him to his house every afternoon so he could pick up his diet coke. He never shared. :(
  9. One day at the store, I tucked my babies into their car seats, locked the doors, then pushed to buggy to the nearest corral (which was further away than I would have liked). I came back to find a man standing by my car. He said he thought I went shopping and left the babies in the car, so he was watching them to make sure they were OK. Told him I'd never ever do that, but thank you for caring enough to want them to be safe. You know the safety level of the area, you know your kids maturity level and what situations they're capable of handling. While I can understand the woman's motivation, I do think it's a little extreme to call the cops on children within my own view. But then I'm a mom, and I have a bad tendency to be everyone's mom... so hey...
  10. Oh, that's one I had meant to read then forgot about! Thanks for reminding me. Definitely want to try that one.
  11. Thanks guys! I"ve got a great booklist going here. Last night I started a book called Life after Life. It's about a woman who keeps being born and dying again and again, with different outcomes each time. Looks interesting.
  12. The Book of Lost THings looks interesting. And I've never read Terry Pratchett, so I'll check those out. Which of his books should I start with?
  13. THe last book I remember really enjoying was The Mercy of Thin Air
  14. Oh, hey, while I was looking for something to read I found a cool lit map http://www.literature-map.com/audrey+niffenegger.html
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