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Just wanted to share that I took a positive pregnancy test this morning!!

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We won't tell anyone else until after 16 weeks because we lost one between our two dd's at about 13 weeks. It was a heartwrenching experience that I hope and pray we do not have to repeat - EVER! We had already told everyone of course, then had to call and tell everyone when we lost it, so now we wait. We didn't tell anyone when I became pregnant with the littlest dd (except a few close family members so they could pray) until I was more than five months.


We used the "sperm meets egg" plan, for the 2nd time (littlest dd was conceived using this method) and it has worked the first time, both times! We "tried" after my last cycle in December and achieved success!


You can google it if you want to use it. Just SOO happy I wanted to share! I will be 40 in April! :hurray:

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Congratulations! I wish you all the best. I am not the biggest advertiser of early pregnancy, but I don't think you should hold back just because you might have a miscarriage. I think women who have miscarriages should be able to share that too and get comfort from their families. But I'm sure you've thought this through.


Anyway, wondering what made the "sperm meets egg" plan different from, well, a sperm meets egg plan without the quotation marks, I found this funny description:


When your OPK turns positive, begin trying every night for three consecutive nights, skip the fourth night, and then once more. Then stop! The waiting begins.


Which made me wonder...why are you instructed to stop?

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Congratulations! I also understand the hesitancy to tell people. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We told almost everybody as soon as we found out I was pregnant. Everyone was very supportive.


We had a little scare in the beginning of this pregnancy, and we only told immediate family because we wanted their support and prayers. Everything seems to be fine now.

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