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Do you rinse out your recycling?

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My dh thought the same thing. Then, we all went on a field trip to the recycling center! Now, they didn't say that you had to rinse it all, but we were there when it was still pretty warm out, and when you saw the poor sorters, you would be glad you took the time to rinse. Even dh agreed! The person who gave the tour said it was "common courtesy". So.....

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Dh thinks that I'm insane for washing out plastics and glass items for recycling. I will even put some through the dishwasher because I can't get residue off. Am I going to too much trouble?


Yes, yes, you are insane.


No doubt about it.


Probably you've never been just right, and this is just another indication of the bigger problem.





But I rinse out the plastic and glass stuff before I put them in the recycling bin, too, so if nothing else, at least we'll have each other's company when they finally throw us in the crazy house.



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This is the problem I have with recycling. I don't have a dishwasher. I'm already bogged down with oodles of dish to wash. Yes, yes, I've tried having the kids wash dishes. They suck. My kitchen is constantly back up with dirty dishes awaiting "re-wash". It's a small kitchen. I'm pulling my hair out all the time because I can't just go in there and cook something when the mood hits me because there's a stack of dishes waiting to be re-washed.


I'm not anti-recycling. I think it's a great thing. I'm anti-washing the garbage.

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Yes, if something got left out (tomato paste can) and the residue is dried on either I fill the can with hot water and let it soak till it will rinse off, or if I am in a hurry I will just toss it in the trash. (I don't know why those tiny tomato paste cans always manage to hid behind the toaster or the mixer after I've used them, guess they get pushed aside by other dishes and such)

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