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  1. Throw them in the washing machine and add detergent and some Lysol disinfectant: http://www.amazon.com/Lysol-Brand-Concentrate-Disinfectant-Original/dp/B000P9WR34/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344317831&sr=8-1&keywords=lysol+disinfectant The stuff has a weird, strong Band-Aid sort of odor straight out of the bottle, but it does a great job for removing stains and odors in the laundry. Then, put them outside in the sun to dry. We've been doing this all summer and no issues here.
  2. My dd's Kindle has the ads. I waffled between the 2 versions forever before deciding to buy that one. The ads are NO problem whatsoever, very small and unobtrusive. There have been no eyebrow-raising ads either. If she keeps the wi-fi off (which she does unless she needs to download a new book) for long enough, the ads stop running, lol. So if she's finishing up a book and doesn't need to download a new one for a while, she has an ad-free Kindle anyway! :)
  3. BJU if she's a science-y kid. The format of Apologia and lack of pictures bored me silly. The wordiness of the explanations and the layout of the lessons drove my dd nuts. We're just starting, though... only BTDT insofar as making the decision between the two. Just the lab book availability was worth choosing BJU as far as I was concerned. We're also using Miller-Levine, though, at least for certain topics. We still prefer the layout of the BJU text to the Miller-Levine.
  4. :smilielol5: Nope. Not even close. These are not people new to home-improvement, btw. They do this thing often ... but these walls were a bugger. If you love it, though, the durability would be a positive thing... so. Just passing along the information... food for thought... having seen it firsthand. :) ymmv and all that... If all I'd seen were the blog pictures, I'd have thought about doing it on the walls too... the pictures are beautiful! But,irl, on all 4 walls, it was... unnerving. It wasn't just us who thought so. I still like the look of it on the floors! :)
  5. Just putting in a timid word of caution to those considering putting this on bedroom walls... I just saw this irl a few weeks ago in a bedroom. We were visiting someone's new house and they were trying to figure out how to get it off the walls so they could paint. We all thought it was rather terrifying because it *really* looked like a wall of human skin - like something out of Silence of the Lambs. {{shiver}} I imagine it looks much better on the walls of a smaller room - and even better on a Floor. But, on all four walls of a regular-sized bedroom, it was downright creepy. Of course, furniture would probably help too - this house was empty and someone had broken in before they bought it and threw paint all over the walls of another bedroom, so the somewhat creepy factor was already in full-force, lol. But, still... {{shiver}}. JMHO, of course, but wanted to put that out there for those considering it on bedroom walls - just something to think about before putting in all the work. I can sure vouch for its durability, though!!! They have spent HOURS upon HOURS trying to get it off without destroying the sheet rock behind it. Finally gave up that hope and are having to do major work in that room to fix it.
  6. ew. Didn't read this thread until it reached 4 pages and only skimmed this last page. Wishing I had stuck to my original plan to not find out... :blink: :confused: :bored: :huh: I was happier not knowing. yuck.
  7. Yes, her other classes are English I (lit & comp) and Algebra II. :) We're hoping to add a business class of some sort in one of the later years so she can learn about building a business plan and the financial/accounting side of things. She'll probably take those classes through the CC.
  8. Thank you! Yes, she'll still have 4 years of traditional English Lit & Comp credit. The creative writing would be entirely separate from that. And we would only count the Creative Writing this one year, since she'll be doing more than just NaNoWriMo, or more than just writing her own creative story. Next year, she'll be in more of a routine, I think - and she'll be taking a not-as-tough Chemistry course (compared to what we're planning for biology)... plus I think the 2nd year of juggling two languages will be easier than the first... so we'll be able to add in the memory work of Geography much easier next year, and she should be able to carve out enough free time to continue her passion for creative writing and designing without incorporating it into the school time... :)
  9. DD was set to do a Physical/Cultural World Geography course this year for an elective for 9th grade. My other two kids would do physical/cultural geography during the same year. But, her schedule is packed with some tough stuff... including her first year of Latin (lots of memory work), Biology (lots of memory work), second year of French (ummm, more memory work), Art History (memory!!) - along with a ton of literature to be read and writing to be done. I'm thinking Geography (more memory work) just might push her over the edge and it might be wise to save it for next year. So - thinking in terms of "light" on the memorization side of things, does this sound like something that could count as a high school credit? Semester 1 (half credit): Creative Writing. She'd spend 1 hour a day, including instructional time, written assignments, and writing. This semester encompasses NaNoWriMo, which she's done for the past 2 years, so time would be spent this semester modifying and editing her NaNo novel after November ends. Semester 2 (half credit): Pattern Drafting/Creative Design. She has an interest in fashion design and has a small biz idea that would involve sewing for children. She would spend this semester being taught how to draft her own patterns, learning tricks of the trade of sewing. The final project would be sketching her own designs, drafting her own patterns, and making the final products for a product line she would like to produce. Possibly 7 pieces in the final project (including a purse). She (and I, teaching her) would spend more than 5 hours a week working on this. This would give her a total of 7 credits for 9th grade. She's also involved in band and will spend an average of 1½ hours a day (7 days a week) with either practice at home, lessons, or class, which I am just counting as an extracurricular. But, this is our first high school-aged kid. I'm not sure if courses like these are appropriate? They do both pay homage to her creative side, which is highly likely where she will find the career path she loves... so I hate to add more memory/hard work classes on her (because then she has neither the time, nor the energy to bother with her creativity when she's academically bogged down. That happened this year... and I'd like to avoid it this year. This is already a really full plate, I think, and we will pull Art History this year if the year starts out rough - she can take it at the CC in 11th grade).
  10. I think my kids barely even look related, but other people tell me they see many similarities. I just don't see it at all. I think that most people are seeing similarities in mannerisms as opposed to physical similarities. Their hair color/hair texture, eye color/shape, noses, chins, dimples vs no dimples, body build... nothing is the same. None of our individual families resemble one another at all, so each kid seems to have inherited a specific genetic set from distant relatives. ha! One child strongly resembles dh... which is just not fair at all. :glare: :lol: I look exactly like my dad's side of the family (and none of our kids picked up on that particular genetic strand) - and my dh, I think, maybe fell off a turnip truck because he doesn't look like anyone in his family. :p
  11. Yes, I made an assignment sheet that all of us use together. We call consult "the master" book for what's planned that week, I write in each assignment as it's assigned (so it's always current, never "behind"). The kids check things off as they complete them, and I mark it off once I've checked those items I needed to check. I don't forget to schedule quizzes, tests, writing assignments anymore. It has made ALL the difference! :)
  12. DD really wants to begin taking Latin this year (and probably the following 3 years as well). We at first considered the Lukeion Project classes, but ... honestly, we are tapped out for classes already decided upon for the coming year, so will do at least this first year of Latin on our own. I'm using Prima Latina/Latina Christiana/etc with a younger sibling. So, I looked at the Memoria Press Henle Latin series: http://www.memoriapress.com/descriptions/Henle1.html (eta: I just saw the independent study program at Memoria Press for henle, though... http://www.memoriapress.com/onlineschool/fall12/hslatin1.htm Has anyone had any experience with this??) And Wheelock's Latin. I found a used 6th edition of Wheelock's along with the 38 Latin stories book. I know of the workbook and flashcards that can be purchased to go with (and we would probably buy the flashcards, since she'll also be making flashcards this year for French and biology). If she's strong in English grammar - am I right in understanding that Wheelock's would be the better choice? She's a very self-motivated student, I'll be studying alongside her, her grandpa took Latin all through highschool and three years of college way-back-when (so I thought we'd buy him a set of student books so he can refresh his memory and help her out when/if we hit a roadblock). I'm leaning toward the Wheelock's? That way if we decide to opt for future online courses for Latin II, she's already familiar with the text they're using? What other must-have items should I be aware of for her to best accomplish this? Are the exercises in the text and workbook sufficient along with all the memorization? She will also be taking French 2 and a tough Biology course this next year. Thank you for any input! :bigear:
  13. :bigear: I'm listening in!! I've placed two orders (one of 2 books and one of a set of 6 books) and spent something like $30 in shipping. Now, I want to place two more orders... but don't want to spend that in shipping again! :glare: I was hoping I wouldn't like the books in my 2nd order... but, that didn't work - I loved them!! lol
  14. Would taking BJU Biology and doing the AP Biology prep books and flashcards prepare a student for the AP Biology exam? Our current plan is to do Miller-Levine this year, Chemistry next year, and Campbell's Biology in 11th grade, Physics in 12th. But, she really wants to take a tough Biology this year, because we both feel that this year she will have more "free" time than she will in future years to devote to a memory-laden course such as AP Biology. Is BJU enough prep? We prefer its layout to the Campbells. She has had Physical Science with Chemistry prep. I am so tired of researching options for Biology. I've changed my mind at least a dozen times and am ready to just pick and order something and be done with it! :ack2:
  15. Love mine! Posting from it right now, in fact...
  16. That's wonderful!!! I *think* that this link will work to go to the photo directly: https://photos-3.dropbox.com/i/o/Opzs2H6xdBQomEr4w3H8s1tM0YTq_IWWvYY2-NAGbVk,qCajrfZfPvh5OcAEa_rjMNYVoK67-wB-20aJTrH1ZY8/18919856/1337274000/74ed3ef/D7K_0589.JPG
  17. Can you use the MCT Island alongside R&S grammar? My ds is 9yo, ending 3rd grade. We'd start with the MCT as soon as it arrives... and he's currently doing lessons with R&S 4. In looking at the online samples of MCT Island complete package, I am thinking we could go ahead and work with MCT and R&S? It's hard to tell from the samples... but I am too impatient to wait the week+ for the package to arrive! :)
  18. Putting this here so I can find it at the end of the year and see how close we stayed to the original plans... :D English 9 - 1 Rod & Staff English 9 Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings (lit) 1 semester Lightning Literature British Literature (lit) 1 semester Institute for Excellence in Writing – Windows to the World 1 semester Institute for Excellence in Writing – Elegant Essay (or SICC-C) 1 semester I am still wishy-washy on the IEW selections. We'll have finished up SWI-B by fall, which is our first IEW program. So, will decide that for sure closer to fall. Caesar’s English I & II (I just ordered these, so I am hoping it will be something I can use with all of my kids this year) Algebra 2 - 1 Saxon Algebra 2 with Art Reed DVD Biology I + Lab - 1 Prentice-Hall Biology by Miller-Levine Kolbe syllabus, following the honors track French 2 - 1 online 2-semester course World Geography, Cultural and Physical - .5 Using Harmony Art Mom's plans as a springboard to putting together our own course. If I flat run out of steam before fall, we'll use BJU Cultural Geography as a last-minute decision. Trail Guide to World Geography by Cindy Wiggers World Geography semester project World History I - 1 History of the Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer (from April '12-August '12) History of the Medieval World by Susan Wise Bauer (August '12-June '13) The Great Courses: The Iliad of Homer (Vandiver) The Great Courses: The Odyssey of Homer (Vandiver) Art History - .5 Meet the Masters (with a co-op) Art History, Revised Second Edition: Volume 1 by Marilyn Stokstad Art History semester-long Project: Art History notebook Band - 1 is 1 credit what's usually given for band? She'll be in possibly 2 classes for band, with 1½ hour practices per week for each class - plus practice at home for 1-1½ hours per day? We'll be doing a 1-semester music theory course at home this year also, as she's brand-new to reading music, but moving along to advanced music pretty quickly. I'm including that with the band credit.
  19. Thanks for everyone's input so far - it helps so much to see where there may be holes or doubling-up. We want this year to be thorough, but don't want to over-burden her, either... trying to find that delicate balance, lol. :) And, we will totally adjust as the year goes along. I just want to have everything "in place" so when we're ready for it - it's already sitting on the shelf, and I've already had time to learn the program, etc.
  20. OK, that's good to know. Maybe what she'll do is do the LLLotR at a steady pace. If it takes longer than 1 semester, we'll just keep going through. We're not planning to do the fill in the blanks either (maybe out loud...). She'll be reading Beowulf and King Arthur during that next year too (those are included in the LL Medieval Literature set). I have to read the unit study for LLLotR on those books - not sure if I should order the LL Medieval for those, or just use LLLotR. Then, we'll see how much time is left at the end of the year. I'll have the LL already, so I'll choose one or two selections from that to do if there's time, instead of trying to cover the whole thing. :)
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