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Entire freezer full of meat - ruined

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Dd5 went into the basement freezer two nights ago to get me a bag of meatballs and must not have closed it all the way. I just went down there and the door was wide open and everything was room temperature and needs to be thrown away. I just spent a whole paycheck and BJs to fill up the freezer with meat this winter.


Sigh . . .

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We lost an entire freezer full of meat and homegrown veggies about 2 years ago. We pulled something out of the freezer before leaving for vacation. It didn't quite close; a plastic bag got stuck in the seal. We came home a week later to a huge mess. It was so upsetting. The veggies had been on the bottom, so the meat dripped all over them. I am paranoid now about the freezer being closed.


I'm sorry. I know it's a big loss.

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We have had this happen, but not to the point of actually ruining everything, it was just left ajar because an item stuck out too far.


We don't allow the kids to go to the freezer anymore. It is a pain because it was easier to say, "Go down to the freezer and get me X" and now I have to do it, but it is better than dealing with ruined food.


I am really sorry.



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:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: Thanks, everyone.


I have to admit, I did cry when I saw it. Not just the money, but me and the kids had a good time portioning everything out that evening, wrapping them and organizing them neatly in the freezer. It was a group effort:)


Oh well, it was totally my fault for not checking. Dd was trying to good a good deed getting me the meatballs because I was in a hurry.


We always have beans . . .

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