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  1. Edited and removing wrongly worded portion........... It is through a gift card. Amazon itself doesn't accept Paypal. A quick Google search will give specifics on how to do this.
  2. They aren't. They are meant to be used as a supplement. We use them on and off, but don't have a completion goal in mind.
  3. I agree with Heather. My eldest two are like this. The oldest is now 20 and the younger of the two is 17. Its okay. Each of us have our struggles and strengths.
  4. I had this happen once and it was either with DHL or FedEx, I can't remember, but I did post about it here. Anyway I called and demanded to see the signature, turns out the driver "accidentally" signed when he put it in the delivery pile or some other such nonsense. They ended up delivering it the next day.
  5. Dh got laid off early last year, so I know the feeling. It is a jumble of emotions. He got several leads and his current job through his LinkedIn profile. After you take a few days to process, I would encourage you to encourage him to update or set up his profile.
  6. I'm sorry. I pray that he goes to his evaluation and you get some answers.
  7. This is my story, almost exactly, except mine was in 2004. Bullseye rash that absolutely came from a tick bite, and a 2 week rx for abx. Fortunately, I've been generally healthy ever since.
  8. When I purchase bras, I always purchase undies that mix and match. If my underwear start to show signs of wear then I fill in with a multipack from somewhere. When dressing I try to match colors, black bra to underwear with black, but it isn't the end of the world if they don't match. I have no idea if dh notices or cares, he's never said anything. I like to feel coordinated and pulled together, so it matters to me.
  9. The malls in our area are doing great. Our OK climate is bi-polar. Not sure if that plays into the mix or not.
  10. No, but I tend to take people at face value. If they said, "I had no idea," I literally would think they meant they didn't realize, but had now come to the realization.
  11. A lot of airlines don't allow cash transactions. He will need a way to pay by credit or debit card with a significant allowed amount, in case of checking baggage and such. Most won't allow stewards to take cash either, so if the airline is one that requires you to pay for earphones or a drink in-flight then he will need a card. He can also get a government issued photo ID at the DMV. It isn't needed to fly that young, but could be helpful.
  12. Thank you for your advice. I am deleting.
  13. This is why I went to a rotating menu for a while. Monday was spaghetti, Tuesday was tacos, etc. It varied somewhat depending on ingredients at hand and life. My grocery shopping and meal prep was significantly simpler. The family survived. :D
  14. Its pretty uncommon to get a parasite from a dog. Cats on the other hand.....
  15. I had to Google it. I've always referred to the tiny hairs that everyone seems to have as baby hairs. Who knew I could've offended someone.
  16. Our go-to meals are spaghetti, taco bar, and soups including chili.
  17. I have one adult daughter and another that will be an adult this year. I'd like to be added, please.
  18. Growing up with divorced parents meant Sunday was commute day for me. I was picked up on Friday night and returned Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure what the families did when I wasn't there. My travel time was 2 1/2 hours each way. I know one side of my family had a fend-for-yourself night on Sundays. Dh's family did the get-togethers at Grandmas complete with loads of cousins, weekly roast beef, and family games. We tried to carry on the tradition here, with just our immediate family as most live too far away. I spent years either putting a frozen roast in the crockpot late Saturday night or would have dh put on a brisket. Last summer we started grabbing fried chicken from the grocery deli and heading to a park for a picnic. I love the idea of a weekly large sit down meal with family and friends, but refuse to put in the enormous work involved. If it can't go into the crockpot or onto the table quickly, it's not happening. Sunday can only be a day of rest, IF it is a day of rest for everyone.
  19. A friend's costs jumped astronomically. She pays over $1200 per month for her family. I've mentioned this in a previous thread, but dh's niece with a rare form of cystic fibrosis was not allowed certain necessary antibiotics after a routine procedure. She was told the only way to receive it was to go home and end up in the emergency room.
  20. What is pink and fluffy? Pink fluff! What is blue and fluffy? Pink fluff holding its breath!
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