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  1. Most kids here (OK) don't use helmets. It isn't required by law and frankly people just don't. Heck, it's not even required by law for motorcyclers over 18. Yes! I've had the homeschool lecture! We've also had the cloth diaper lecture. One of our peds couldn't wrap his brain around the fact we chose cloth diapers for dd #2. Why did it matter? She was in clean cloth diapers. Honestly it was easier to see when they needed to be changed than when we used packaged. Needless to say we changed peds quickly after.
  2. I have encountered this increasingly more in the past few years than in the previous ones. Dentist, medical, and occasionally vision receptionists loudly stating reason for being seen or x drug or x insurance company. I really wish we had a separate area for check-in. Most of the time we are only visiting a doctor for basic, boring, standard care, but it really isn't any one's business in the waiting room whether we are there for routine care or something more invasive. Why do they have to be so loud?! Do you encounter this as well? Does it bother you?
  3. I remember a Paige Turner! She did a mini workout camp at my school and was at cheer camp as a counselor the same I attended as a camper. Our allergist's name is Dr. Haymore.
  4. Dh's nephew went several years in more than one state. He loved it!
  5. Yes! My first dd had horrific acid reflux with projectile vomiting. She could've literally choked to death had I put her on her back to sleep. My dc sleeping positions were just that, whatever position would allow them (and me!) to sleep! Yep.
  6. After my second or third child the hospital staff talked me into getting rubella, because if I ever had another child and I was exposed that child would die in utero. The place on my forearm where I was given the injection formed a cyst. Occasionally my arm aches and the cyst shrinks. It is very small now. Eta: This was 14-17 years ago.
  7. Piggy backing off of your wonderful idea... You could give said journal then suggest she write her family's history or genealogy especially about dh's childhood, you know for prosperity.
  8. We have 9 dc. Our oldest dd is an adult, 8 are school aged. I have always used WTM as a jumping off point and have found it to be a very practical resource, however no one can do it all. While I do read and re-read it every year, we have found what works for our family. It is better to find an imperfect curricula or way to school that works and "gets the job done" vs a perfect one that doesn't. We've done eclectic, MFW, VP, workboxes, and Homeschooling Journals. Right now what is working for our family is textbooks. I never thought I would be one of those homeschoolers, but literally this is the first year that everything is getting done. It may just be for a season, and I am certainly not saying it is the only way or even the best way, but it *is* getting school done for us and the children are enjoying it. I went through each textbook in the summer and scheduled out how many pages per week we would need to finish in order to complete the textbooks with wiggle room for field trips and free days. Now there is no scheduling for me, I just pick up and go. We have also implemented an idea we found on this board, fine art Fridays. It gives the children a lighter Friday and allows us to add in art projects and music. When my children were your children's ages I often took them on errands with me, so we only schooled 4 days per week. If we tried to school and run errands I turned into not-fun-momma. We even had a season where errands happened one week and deeper housecleaning the next. I agree with the PP who paraphrased Mrs. Swan. Definitely treat it like a job and keep school hours, remembering of course, you are schooling children, so flexibility is the key. Interruptions will happen! Also, have a cut off time. If you plan to only school until noon or 1, then put up the books and move on with life. Math will be there tomorrow! If you need to schedule educational videos for part of school, then do it and don't feel guilty!! If your dh is home in the evenings have him read some of the scheduled books for bedtime read alouds. You have 5 children 5 and under. That is busy!! If you can have your 13 year olds read a variety of books and find a self-teaching math curricula a lot of your schooling time can be spent discussing their readings with them while managing toddlers. For your toddlers google tot trays or work boxes. They are lifesavers! I used to set my toddlers down at the table with an activity like play dough or puzzles with a 15 minute timer and have them switch activities when the timer sounded. I would repeat this for 3-5 activities buying me a little one-on-one time with the older children while keeping the toddlers entertained.
  9. I'm on the fence with this one. While I did allow one of my toddlers to dress as a clown one year (she was adorable!!), I am one that usually sees clowns as creepy. However, the rebel in me wants to dress as one this year just because the criminals and idiots out there shouldn't get to choose what costumes are off limits for the United States at large. Of course,there is NO WAY I would dress as a clown this year, though I *might* allow a 9yo IF it was uber cutesy and not scary. at. all. AND my town didn't specify not to. You would certainly need to stay close to your daughter, as she might be more likely to get harassed because of recent events. Edited because I apparently can't read and typed son instead of daughter.
  10. Yes! We did the same with Macy's. Love them!!
  11. This one is decidedly not! :blushing: Would you mind sharing the author?
  12. I have seen this book listed on many recommended book lists. After picking up a copy from the library to pre-read before handing it to my kiddos and purchasing; I'm glad I did! Apparently, I was unaware of the details of the story! It is graphic... and the language! :eek: Eta: The author of the version to which I am referring is Al-Shaykh, Hanan.
  13. Every situation is different. What does your gut say? Right now we only have one adult daughter. She is almost 20 and still lives at home. The only expenses we require from her are $ toward car insurance, personal cell phone and fuel costs plus any non-necessary items like fancy pants shampoos or handmade shoes from Europe :rolleyes: . If we were taking a family vacation we would likely front the travel costs. We would have no problem asking the child(ren) to contribute if it was the only way we could travel as a family. They would not be required to pitch in; it would be a matter of not traveling at all or the kiddos pitching in and everyone travelling together.
  14. My plan this year is experiences vs the normal stuff. It will be loosely based off of the 12 days of Christmas. I'm not sure if these will be given all at once or on 12 consecutive days. The trick is coming up with the 12 days! These are still ideas Day 1 A partridge in a pear tree - Golden wrapped pears Day 2 Two turtle doves - 2 Dove chocolates Day 3 Three French Hens - Chick-fil-a trip or choosing own homemade truffle @ local French bakery Day 4 Four Calling Birds - Personalized of some kind, possibly pre-paid phone cards for the teens, whistles or toys for the younger children Day 5 Five Golden Rings - Visit to Krispy Kreme Day 6 Six Geese a Laying - Plastic golden eggs filled with $ or tickets to something Day 7 Seven Swans a Swimming - new towel sets for each child Day 8 Eight Maids a Milking - hot chocolate bar Day 9 Nine Ladies Dancing - Dance Charades Game Day 10 Ten Lords a Leaping - popcorn and rented movie night Day 11 Eleven Pipers Piping - Day 12 Twelve Drummers Drumming - drum shaped gift box with family activities I hope to also include tickets to an event or vacation spot. Eta: adding to the list. :D
  15. I like fancy pantsy with the maid and cook to go with it. For now I'll just settle for a quarter acre and a house built in the 70's with a little updated paint here and there.
  16. Yes! I once posted a thread about grammar pet peeves. Almost every response was something I had posted in previous threads. :blushing: I've learned a lot from this board over the years. Eta: Had to correct a glaring grammar mistake. :leaving:
  17. Yes! Yep! Though, they may be come home with extras like pop tarts (hypothetical situation of course ;) ) and wonder why the budget was blown.
  18. Our total is so low because of the bolded. We cook from scratch and purchase meat by 40# box. I can get a 50# bag of potatoes from the local restaurant supply store for less than $20. We haven't used Bountiful Baskets recently, but you can get really good organic fruits and vegetables for a good price. Truly grocery prices are like real estate prices...location, location, location.
  19. We spend considerably less than the thrifty plan, but then again we are a family of 11 and costs don't rise exponentially equally per family member. Eta: The thrifty plan said we would eat $1830 per month. Our total is closer to $900-$1200. Occasionally $1500, like when we host Thanksgiving. And yes, we do eat well. Not lobster tails, but good ole' family style dinners with plenty of fresh veggies.
  20. Grey squirrel. Ugh. I hate squirrels!
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