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  1. I only skimmed the thread, so this may have already been mentioned. Is it possible she may have hemorrhoids from straining? I remember being that age at summer camp and refusing to have a bm in the shared bathroom. When I came home (a week later!) my first bm, was, um, how shall we say, uncomfortable.
  2. We have a Grandmary. Grandma's name is Mary and the children shortened it from Grandma Mary to Grandmary. Also, I had Mimi and a Grammie. The rest go by Grandma (last name) or Grandma (first name).
  3. The trauma these poor children may have suffered can be lasting and will affect everyone.
  4. We adopted a four sibling group from a similar situation. Past thread searches will give you more details. I can discuss through pm. It is a hard road. One it is hard to be prepared for. Although, I would do it all over again, there were days that were unbelievably hard.
  5. I love the look of their curriculum!! It reminds me of our Noeo Chemistry year! Thanks for sharing!!
  6. We've used Apologia almost exclusively for science. I'd really like to find a different Chemistry curriculum that uses cooking as its base and is at least as thorough as Apologia. Any recommendations?
  7. I haven't read the thread and honestly don't really know what this is about, but I always have one question when encountering the mass poisoning arguments. If government is mass poisoning the population at large wouldn't they by default be poisoning themselves at the same time?
  8. I do a limited amount on a locked down facebook account. We have extended family that would never see my children if it weren't for that account. My main reason for not posting is extended family that I'd rather not know what we are up to any given day.
  9. We tried it twice and it didn't fit well with our family. Omnibus introduces material before I feel is appropriate. Also, I am no prude, but there is quite a bit of nudity. Quite a bit!
  10. A close relative of ours has been visiting regularly and gifting us food. The foods in question vary from canned to boxed to refrigerated to frozen. The problem is the frozen foods are often pre-frozen in their original Styrofoam containers and freezer burnt, the refrigerated foods are either partially used or out of date, and the homemade "chicken broth" bags come pre-frozen, etc. I often toss most of what is gifted and it creates more work. While I greatly appreciate the thought behind the gifts, I want to limit the unsolicited gifts without hurting feelings. Is there a way to do this?
  11. That is my concern. I would be horrified if the cup showed up on the scan and I was taken to another room for further examination. Fortunately, our flights are fairly short (2ish hours each) and this isn't a heavy day, so I could avoid emptying them for the duration of the flights and possibly the airport.
  12. Theoretically, if one were to fly while wearing one's menstrual cup, what would happen? Would one be subject to extra screening? Asking for a friend. ;)
  13. Some laundry mats will wash, dry and hang for you for a small price. You just drop and schedule a time to pick up and pay. No, it might not be cost effective for a mid-sized family's week's worth of laundry, but it could get you out of a tight spot. Or be worth it for a smaller, mid-week load.
  14. Alternate universe....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DZnPZ2iXtk ;)
  15. These ideas are all so good!! I'm stealing for my next menu!!
  16. We gave several as gifts this year. These...https://www.modcloth.com/shop/hidden/q-a-a-day-5-year-journal/999998925115.html?kpid=61663-NOC-NS-REG&cvosrc=cse.google.&cvo_crid=96005424489&Matchtype=&cvo_adgroup=27675470289&cvo_campaign=436527009&cvo_copy=96005424489&src=paid_pla&utm_term=61663&gate=false&cvosrc=cse.google.96005424489&cvo_crid=96005424489&Matchtype=&cvo_adgroup=27675470289&&cvo_cid=436527009&cvo_campaign=G.PLA.US_NB.X_Catch%20All&cvo_copy=96005424489&src=paid_pla&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&
  17. If you think she might like to choose her own you might try https://www.bookofthemonth.com/ We are giving our 18 yo dd a 3 month subscription for Christmas. Right now they are offering a free bonus month for the gift giver, so you would get a bonus book for you.
  18. Breakfast and junk foods. Could be mini cereal boxes, fruit snacks, cheese and crackers, round bottle of water or soda pop, etc. A toothbrush and toiletry items like a unisex manicure set. Small non junky items. It varies year to year. Chocolates and gum or mints.
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