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  1.'s where I move into nutter territory. You have been warned. We didn't used to, however one year our dog came into the room where the kids were opening presents and said, "Merry Christmas." I heard it, dh heard it, and the kids heard it. (You were warned!!) When the dog realized there was no present for him, he turned his back to us and pouted the rest of the day. We went to visit my dad later that day and my sister had the exact same story about her dog. Now we purchase presents for our animals. :D
  2. Is it sad that I can't really remember? I do remember a bike and doll. Another year was a pair of earrings that I had asked for. We've done big Christmas, without meaning to. Most of the things were not much $ or were needed. One year my dd's got bedding. Another I literally printed doll house accessories and got a big Crayola art set. Yet another year we found this wooden train table with wooden trains, fake lego style blocks and other toys for $20. It was awesome!! We've decided to break the mega present buying cycle and give experiences and family games. Not ski trip or Club Med experiences, but more like a trip to Krispy Kreme or dollar movie theater as a family.
  3. About the clogged holes, I've found the best way to unclog them is to fill the cup with water and seal the top with your hand. Flip your hand over and squeeze the cup. The water is forced through the holes and quickly clears any clogs.
  4. Yes! A quick Google search on anatomy helped me figure this one out. When you sit your internal anatomy is more horizontal so pushing it more back instead of up makes a big difference! Don't click unless you want an anatomically correct illustration....
  5. Yes! Yes! Yes!! Yes! I was a counselor at a summer camp when I was 18 and was very rudely told to find my counselor and not to wander around. :001_rolleyes: I was 21 when oldest dd (who is nearly 20) was born and any time someone finds out we are mother and daughter they are always surprised. I feel badly for her, because I am sure she doesn't appreciate being told she looks similar in age to her 41 year-old momma! Also, I have 9 kiddos and I get similar responses as Janie Grace, "You don't LOOK like you've had 9 kids!!" What does someone who has 9 kids "look like" anyway? (Bolding in quotes mine)
  6. Yes, this. I used to work for an ice cream and dairy store that would replace ice creams that fell to the floor soon after purchase. Usually it was a small child and it was almost immediately spilled, therefore likely not positioned on the cone correctly anyway. Because of this, I do ask for a replacement if a child of mine spills in a similar situation. Never through fraud. Nor as an adult who spilled. Adults can suck it up, buttercup. Small children spilling is a little different and, of course, the restaurant can always refuse. As for the Starbucks couple, ugh, just ugh! They are part of the reason goods and services cost what they do.
  7. It's contagious, but with proper hygiene no one else should catch it nor should it spread. I agree with previous advice. Take precautions and enjoy your day.
  8. I don't see any difference between that and giving 2 math credits for doing geometry and algebra 2 in the same year. Most uni's are looking for an evenly balanced transcript that doesn't taper off in total number of credits toward the senior year regardless of difficulty of classes taken, and number of credits per type of course, ie: 4 math credits, 3 science with lab, etc.
  9. I've had the best results with dollar store tests. Much better than their more expensive counterparts. Congratulations!!
  10. Hmm...weird about the PM's. I sent a message to the WTM moderator. Thanks for letting me know the problem. arctic_bunny PM'd you too.
  11. The DVD course I own didn't come with handouts for the students. It was more of a parent guide.
  12. At least one person is dead and all flights are temporarily suspended.
  13. The only thing I do to sterilize is washing with menstrual cup wash and water a couple of times a day during my cycle. After my cycle I boil water and put the cup into the water after removing it from the heat. When is cool enough to touch, I remove it and let it air dry before putting it away.
  14. I had a beta jump into an unlit jar candle. We searched all morning for said missing fish until he was found petrified. That little guy was the same color as the candle.
  15. I don't know if childbirth can "reset" your body or period symptoms, but my births have appeared to impact my cycles. As a teen I had long, heavy periods. When I had my first child at barely 21 my cycles shortened. I got pregnant fairly quickly and had two miscarriages before dd#2, 3, & 4, who all came within a short period of time, then it was back to the heavy periods, this time with added cramping. It was several years before dd#5 was born. Now I rarely get cramps. A couple of months after to switching to a menstrual cup the length and heaviness of my flow is significantly less. Maybe it is all coincidence, but it feels like there is a correlation.
  16. I tried the softcup and it was a huge fail for me. I've been using the Eva Cup for over a year now and love it! The first couple of months were definitely a learning curve. Because my cervix is low, I thought I would need to trim the stem. It turned out not to be necessary.
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