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  1. Gay sin, Yikes! We are Episcopalian and the friend’s family is Lutheran, so I’m pretty sure they didn’t cover anything like that at the gathering. When I asked Dd what they talked about. She said, “Mom, I can tune anything out for 5 hours.” So if they covered it, she fortunately wasn’t paying attention. LOL.
  2. Good to know. From my perspective it would be completely insulting to invite an atheist kid to a church function. It seems like saying they need to change or something offensive like that.
  3. Thanks. I’ll get it!
  4. The secrecy is what makes me uncomfortable. And the other girl absolutely has school friend parties without inviting either my daughter or the friend who actually goes to school with her, so it is a weird dynamic that I don’t understand. My daughter has a standing Wednesday afternoon date with friends that doesn’t include either of these girls and no one gets their feelings hurt. In a way, I think our swim coach has inadvertently contributed to the problem. Her heart is in the right place, but she pushes inclusivity a little too far. A couple of years ago she overreached and tried to
  5. That is helpful to know. We can easily deal with it for another 3 years. I think I was too oblivious to know this was going on when I was a teenager. I had a bunch of male friends who were my constants, and 2 close girlfriends. The three of us sometimes hung out together, but it seemed like one or the other was mad at me at any given time. So having 2 friends worked out well for me, because I just hung out with whomever wasn’t mad at the moment. LOL. There were probably a bunch of social expectations that just flew over my head, so I’m really not in any position to give Dd advi
  6. My 14 year old has always been homeschooled and she club swims so her whole friend group is on the team. Kids are always getting moved up, and sadly sometimes moved down between the groups and that affects who she sees every day and how much time they have to socialize. She has a pretty big group of friends but when kids move up or down, she gets closer to some and spends less time with others. She spends most of her time with the boys in her age group even though there is nothing romantic going on with any of them. They just have fun and act silly like the time they walked to the 99
  7. My 14 year old is a swimmer. When she got her first period, she figured out how to use tampons right then. She uses playtex sport brand. She has never missed swimming because of her period, so it seems to work.
  8. My future DIL was talking to me yesterday about conflict between her mother and my son. In this case, her mother is adamant that they buy a condo rather than rent an apartment. She understands that her mother has insecurities in her past that make her think that this will give them security. I pointed out that plenty of people who buy in a seller’s market end up with less financial security than if they had rented. So we can understand why she wants what she wants, but the bottom line is that she and Ds are both 25. They need to do what THEY both agree on, not what mom and
  9. I have adult friends who don’t own anything except everyday flip flops and “dress flip flops”.
  10. I said “maybe” the mom was reacting to her own hang ups or “maybe” the, kid just needed to learn that families are different. Most of my 14 year old’s friends are single children with two working parents. Sometimes she asks me why we don’t go to Tahoe on the weekend. I explain that we chose to have 5 children with one parent working. We chose that because that is exactly what we want out of life, and she has certain advantages by having siblings. But other life choices have different advantages and she she grows up she might find one of those makes her happier. I don’t thi
  11. But maybe this is exactly what needs to happen. Maybe the other child needs the discussion to start understand how different families have different rules or that life isn’t fair. Maybe the mom needs the discussion to realize she is being too controlling because of her own hang ups, and she needs to back off and let her kid be her own person. Who know, but in our family, discussions aren’t things to be avoided, and not making waves isn’t my goal for me or my kids. Sometimes growth and maturity can’t happen without a few waves.
  12. Ok. Good to know. The adults in my family all had Moderna and since none of us had side effects, I’m probably just biased with no cause.
  13. I totally agree that sometimes it happens on accident, and that doesn’t bother me at all. I guess I’m not really bothered by the girls doing it on purpose either. I just find it weird. My Dd said it is about getting a better tan. I’m glad our coach is strict on stuff like that so I don’t have to fight that battle.
  14. Apologies in advance if this is not the appropriate place to ask this. My 14 year old is the last of her friend group to get vaccinated. Yesterday, I read that Moderna might be available to over 12 year olds soon. I asked my pharmacist if I should just wait until next month and see if I can get her a Moderna shot instead of Pfizer. He told me that they are so similar, and side effects are so individual that the best vaccine is the first one you can get. So I got her an appointment to get her first shot at noon on Saturday. As soon as I got home, I realized she will be gone
  15. I’ve eaten low carb for decades, but when I was going through chemo, all I could keep down was food like bagels or crackers. Sometimes, on good day, I would enjoy a salad with a little chicken on top. My oncologist told me not to worry about the lack of nutrition. She gave me iron infusions when my red blood count got low. She just wanted me to eat anything I could keep down. I know your mom is getting different chemo drugs than I did, but I wanted to mention a couple of things that helped me the most. Regular anti nausea drugs were not effective, so I was able to get a dru
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