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  1. I’m making these for gifts this year. Quiver’s cinnamon rolls are a tradition here.
  2. Here we use a combination of Coptic markers, prismacolor pencils and gel pens.
  3. My middle daughter is has been home all semester, finishing online. She is a week away from graduating and has grades near 100 in all of her classes, and still had a breakdown last night about not being able to get everything done. I went through the calendar with her and showed her how she has plenty of time, she just needs to not get all worked up and sabotage herself. I had the hard conversation with my oldest and she isn’t coming home from the University of Illinois for the holidays. She celiac and autism. It would be so difficult if she got sick. She said rather than go to the
  4. Amy Gen


    Scarlett, I was away from the boards and do not know anything about why you and your son are having struggles in your relationship, but I have seen enough over many, many years to know how much you love him and how fiercely devoted to him you have always been. I’m just so sorry that you are both in this place. I can’t even imagine how much it hurts you. I am also praying for a future reconciliation and an even closer relationship in the future.
  5. I use Martha Stewart’s brine recipe. I mix it in a stock pot, let it cool, and put it over the turkey in a giant zip lock, then put the ziplock in an ice chest overnight.
  6. This may not apply to your friend, but when I was really ill, I missed a bunch of messages. I don’t think I read them and forgot. I just found an email from months ago that I never even saw, and I’m sure the author thinks she didn’t even rank a reply. I have to apologize to her tomorrow. For me, my health issues really impacted my ability to reply in a timely manner and I’m the person who always tries to reply immediately. I WANT my friends to feel like I’m here day or night for them, but that is only because I’ve already gotten rid of everyone with boundary issues.
  7. I absolutely refuse to watch the random videos friends send me. Also what you describe your oldest daughter going through regarding texts is exactly what my friend said she goes through, so for her, a late reply means that she is caring too much, not too little.
  8. I am definitely inclined to feel this way, but...Dh is horrible about reading or responding to texts. He will say, “Text me when I need to go pick up the kids.” And I know than in an hour, when I text him that the kids are waiting for him, he won’t see it or respond. I’ll end up texting, “Since you are not responding, I’m calling an Uber.” And it is all fine and no one is upset. I’ve learned that Dh is just very focused on whatever the task at hand is. He lives in the present, so if he is currently on a call about a work issue, work has 100% of his attention. He isn’t thinking back o
  9. I’m grateful that doing something difficult sometimes gets easier the more times you repeat it. I struggle with consistency, but seeing things get easier for me as I just push through and get it done is really motivating. I’m thankful that I have 2 of my adult kids living here right now. I love having the time with them. I love how close they are to each other and how much we just ENJOY each other. I’m thankful for Ds’s girlfriend. She is spending the week with us and fits right in. Not only is she super smart and close to her own family, she cares about being close to all of my kids
  10. I have a friend who works for a company who is working on a vaccine. I can never remember which one due to lingering chemo brain. She told me that they think it will be like a flu shot that you get every quarter rather than every year. So when you get it, they would give you an appointment card to come back in 3 months. She also said that they were working on a treatment for people with severe COVID. It has to be given over 5 days in an IV, so that means people have to stay in the hospital, but her company is trying to put the drug into an inhaler so that patients can take it home and fre
  11. Saturday I ate outside on a restaurant patio after the swim meet. I haven’t been inside a restaurant since Valentines Day because right after that I went into the hospital and by the time I recovered, our state was shut down. Take out always brings me joy because it is food I didn’t have to cook. I’m not really upset about not being able to eat in a restaurant, but I miss big parties with my friends. Pictures from one came up as a memory today and made me sad. So far, the restaurants who have gone out of business here are ones I never liked.
  12. Our county is going back to the most restrictive tier today. The only times I have to be indoors other than at home is 3 doctors appoints in December. I have a blood draw, a PET scan and then a follow up to discuss the results. Our church was making plans to go back to in person services which I voted against. Going back to the purple tier means that won’t be happening. I’m a little relieved about that because even though I wouldn’t be attending, my husband would. He recorded a funeral last week, and while I’m thankful that the deceased’s parents who were unable to attend the funeral
  13. My dog is just an independent thinker. I’ll take that any day over blind obedience.
  14. This is something I wondered about. One of my friends got really sick. She had a fever and a couple of weeks of exhaustion where she was winded just walking to the next room. She had a negative COVID test and was back at work one day before she had a massive mental health crisis that included an ER visit and is now trying to adjust to taking several meds. She had no history of mental health struggles at all before getting sick. I keep wondering if there is some connection that we just don’t know about yet.
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