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  1. Unfortunately, the divorce news doesn't surprise me in the least. I've been more surprised that they seemed to have a fairly functional marriage and family life. By past media portrayals she used to be a somewhat of a hot mess. Didn't she openly french kiss her brother on camera and used to wear a vial of BBT's blood around her neck?
  2. I cannot imagine a parent abusing their child in that way to cover her death. The idea makes me physically ill. If they did, I hope they get what they deserve and if they didn't, I do hope they are cleared. It is time for this sweet baby to rest in peace.
  3. It has been years since I've seen any evidence about the case as I am purposely avoiding learning any more about it. That said, wasn't she also strangled? It is hard for me to believe that a child of 9 would have done all those injuries including the s@xual abuse, especially post mortem.
  4. Another CeraVe cleanser user here. Unfortunately, my face reacts to the moisturizer. Mabeline BB cream. It is pretty sheer, but it doesn't break me out and my face looks and feels better while wearing it and after I take it off. Secret antiperspirant solid in baby powder scent. CeraVe cleanser. Depending on the time of year, I switch between the formulas for dry, oily, and normal, but all work well and none break me out. Runner ups: Clinique's Black Honey almost lipstick in the silver tube and EvaCup.
  5. I have a Sofia Rose, so that's my vote. ;) Longer middle names sound great with single syllable first names, however Rose Ann is very pretty. Unfortunately, it does make me think of a certain celebrity.
  6. I agree with the adult sentiment. Although 18 is legally an adult, it is such an arbitrary age. I know 18 year olds that are mentally and physically not fully developed. So, 18, can still have a pedophile-ish vibe, imo. *I* like this much better!!
  7. Don't be too hard on yourself, criminals have gotten better about setting up realistic looking accounts and you caught it right away. I'm sure all will be fine. If it makes you feel better I once downloaded a virus called iLivd. I went to a legitimate site that had free worksheets for download. The website had ads. One of those adds was a download now button that was placed directly under the worksheet icon. When I clicked it iLivid started downloading, however I didn't clue in at first and let the blasted virus do its thing. It wasn't until about 1/2 way through the process that I figured out I was on a PC, not a Mac and the virus didn't sound like a document name. After trying to abort the process to no avail, I had to make the call of shame to my techy dh. Fortunately he was able to reset the computer to the previous day and the virus was removed.
  8. Not with an iphone, but we have been messed over by AT&T more than once. I am not a fan of AT&T!!!
  9. Enchiladas, but only because I was too lazy to cook and already had a batch in the freezer. They went straight from freezer to oven. My 14 year old is putting rice in the crockpot as I type and I plan to dump a bagged salad into a bowl before serving.
  10. We only store the current year's work and keepsakes. No one cares that my high schoolers did handwriting in first grade. Not even me.
  11. Mexican variations, our favorite variation is taco bowls using beans and rice as a base Stir Fry, bonus points if you serve it with frugal, simple egg drop soup Quiche with a rice crust Homemade soup Spaghetti boglonese
  12. are not wearing one? I am not asking if you are uncomfortable in your beliefs or clothing choices, but rather does it bother you to be at the pool with others in bikinis or similar type of swimwear? For example, we have several family members that believe women should never wear pants. While we are respectful of their beliefs when we are around them, our girls (and me) do wear pants around them. I always wonder if we are making them uncomfortable.
  13. First kiddos Claire's @ the mall, now we use the diy kit from Wal-Mart. Dh has done the youngest 3 that have pierced ears with these kits. They are affordable and easy to use.
  14. Incorrect answers get marked with a highlighter marker dot. The first time I mark with a yellow highlighter then return the paper to the child in a pocket folder with "please correct" labeled on one side. The child corrects the paper and moves it to the other pocket in the same folder marked "please check." I check a second time and mark with green marker any answers that are still incorrect, and return the paper to the "please correct" pocket. Any misunderstood concepts are worked on with me. Rarely I will mark a third time in pink. This is almost always when a child is skipping something out of laziness.
  15. Yes, I would want to know. Until one is in that situation, one can never truly know how one would respond.
  16. This topic makes my blood boil!! When my last child was born my doctor was in a c-section. I had had pitocin, but no pain meds so I felt everything. I told the nurse dd was ready to be born so she called the doctor. He said to give him 15 minutes. I started pushing before she even got off the phone and had the 3rd degree tear to show for it. I. regret. nothing.
  17. I've watched the documentary so I will refrain from spoilers. What I thought I knew about the case and how the media portrayed the case was nothing at all like the facts.
  18. It is illegal and a poor safety choice. That's not to say I haven't been tempted. Way back before seat belt laws, I can remember my mom holding my sister in the front passenger seat. It made for a much quieter ride. Honestly, if nothing calmed the baby down I would resort to screen time, even for an child that young. Seven hours is a long time to hear a baby fussing. Eta: Child BUCKLED screen time. Et also a: As my dad used to say, "Its time to walk the dogs," referring to us, as children, needing to get out and run around. If nothing consoled the poor child. STOP the car and sit in Micky D's for a while or hang out at a rest stop, but no, flirting with the law and safety is a no-go.
  19. It has about killed me getting one child licensed this summer. You ARE AWESOME!!!
  20. This. We like white chicken chili. Around here we need a whole chicken or two for a meal, so no leftovers it all goes back into the broth.
  21. She definitely would have been dropped and/or uninsurable. I am not sure how they had their insurance up until now. Her form of cystic fibrosis lies in her stomach. She had very greenish-blue diapers when she was a baby. That was what tipped them off that something wasn't right. Fortunately some of the best Cystic Fibrosis doctors in the US are in Tennessee. These responses are very interesting, especially the bolded. I will certainly pass them along to SIL. I didn't have internet this morning and couldn't post as such. SIL ended up being able to get antibiotics sent to her house to the tune of $$$$. I am not sure of all the details, but it was a mess and a half!
  22. It is a specific type of intravenous antibiotics that needs to be changed out round the clock for several days.. As you can imagine a normal 10 day supply of amoxicillin pills wouldn't cut it. I don't know the name.
  23. I have watched obamacare negatively effect family members. Our niece with a rare form of cystic fibrosis lives in Tennessee. She goes in a couple of times a year to get her system cleaned out. This requires a hospital stay and extensive antibiotics. The last time she had this procedure done, her doctor came in crying and told her due to Obamacare he was not able to administer her antibiotics. If she went home and had an emergency she could come back and get them. His partner was retiring because he could no longer help the kids the way he needed to.
  24. I know in Oklahoma we can take a homestead exemption on our main residence. Doctors often purchase more house than they can afford, because if something does happen like a bankruptcy or lawsuit their house is protected. It can appear they are doing better than they are.
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