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  1. Breakfast and junk foods. Could be mini cereal boxes, fruit snacks, cheese and crackers, round bottle of water or soda pop, etc. A toothbrush and toiletry items like a unisex manicure set. Small non junky items. It varies year to year. Chocolates and gum or mints.
  2. No wrapping here. We include Christmas breakfast junk like mini cereal boxes, fruit, granola bars, etc. It seems silly to wrap those. Also, I have 9 children and the time wrapping would be absurd! It is already a challenge wrapping regular presents for immediate and extended family.
  3. They have these in bins and end caps at Wal-Mart.
  4. I just read this entire thread and it is hard for me to believe this is a real belief. So this really isn't a group of internet trolls!? Wow! Just wow!
  5. (not dh!) that lives with us and continually uses a specific product in which I am allergic?
  6. Is he getting enough sunlight for Vitamin D? Could he be depressed? Is he drinking enough water? I know you said nothing showed up on tests, but have you heard of hemochromotosis. It is high iron, but can register as low iron anemia on tests. The only way to determine for sure is a certain DNA test, but you can look up the symptoms. The best thing for someone with this disorder is to give blood or have semi-regular dialysis; both can make one feel instantly better. It is much more symptomatic in males than females for obvious reasons.
  7. Not vegan here, but we gave up dairy as a family for a while after a kiddo was diagnosed with food allergies. We found Daiya cheese to be a pretty good substitute for regular cheese.
  8. I don't want to derail the awesome subscription threads that are currently on the board, so here we go. A subscription box would be a great Christmas gift idea, but I don't like the idea of being locked into a monthly service for so many people. Do you know of any box subscriptions that could be pre-paid, say, for 3 months then could be dropped?
  9. I can't be the only one, can I? I have a fear that someone will poison my drink in a public parking lot. My thought process goes something like this: I leave the house with all of my kiddos in tow with the prerequisite bottle of water to accompany me during my errands. Of course, when I run into the grocery or box store the water must be left behind in the 12 passenger van because who brings a half-dozen kids or more AND a water bottle into a store. When we all arrive back at the van after shopping and get buckled up, I can not bring myself to drink my water. What if someone has followed me, broken into said van, and POISONED the water while I was shopping!? Thinking it through and typing it out, it sounds completely ludicrous. If someone was following around a middle aged momma with several kids in tow, I doubt the last thing they would do would be to sneak into the mega-van and poison bottled water, but ,alas, I worry about it every time.
  10. A school agreed to let dd test!! We go in to pay the fee and register tomorrow.
  11. We were told by the STEM school that the PSAT fees would be covered if we used their code. It doesn't really matter to me either way, especially because the $ would be worth it.
  12. How do I sign up my Junior? She attends the local career tech in a STEM program and as such the career tech said we could use their school code in lieu of the homeschool one. Our local school district has 3 high schools. The one she would attend if she were in public is taking the alternate test date and won't sign anyone up yet "because the kids will forget between now and then." The administrator also told me that x school, also in the district, rarely purchases enough tests for their students so it isn't likely dd will get in, though they are testing on the regular date. (How could they not order enough for their own students!?) A school in the next town over has (finally!) returned my call and is "researching it." It is very likely she will come close to testing for National Merit Scholar and I am befuzzled on how to get her to registered. My eldest didn't have these problems and was able to test. The second oldest never tested. Why can't it just be like the ACT where one just registers on the College Board and picks a test site!?
  13. The uni dd attends not only does price matching and rentals, they encourage you to find the best price. One book she rented they didn't have a used copy for, so they marked a new one as used and gave it to her for the used price.
  14. Is this the kind marketed with a "shelf bra"? They often have spaghetti straps and are meant for layering.
  15. My first Stitch Fix box was a win. It contained a striped tank top, peach shorts, white skinny jeans, denim jacket and blue floral dress. The stylist definitely looked through my Pinterest account and took my notes into consideration. I already own white jeans and a denim jacket so those went back, but I kept the other three items and have gotten compliments on them every time I have worn them. My only complaint (so far) is quality. Both the dress and tank look like they will/are pilling already. The clothes are too expensive to pill after just a month's or so worth of wear. The next box is scheduled for September, which is weird because I chose monthly and my last box came in July.
  16. We store our clothing in our garage and our dryer is out there, so everyone in our family is in the garage every day. Recently we found mice near our cat's food also in the garage, albeit in a walled off area. In the process of catching the mice, we've caught 5 snakes!! Snakes go where the food source is. We figured out how they are getting in and plan to plug the area, but before we could we caught 2 snakes. I texted dh to tell him and he planned to remove them when he got home. Now one of the snakes is gone. It is almost certainly still in my garage. I must move now.
  17. We have owned pit bulls and I agree they are and can be very sweet dogs. However, I am leery of ANY unattended dog off of a leash especially an unfamiliar one on my property. Dogs are territorial and anything with a mouth can bite. They can develop a pack mentality when in groups of two or more, though a single dog can bite just as easily. Just recently two dogs killed a woman in our neighborhood. ******link removed for privacy****** My children were playing with those same dogs the day before and they were sweet as can be.
  18. I'm shocked! I live in Okc and know people who know people who know the Greens, so take that for what it's worth. :p But from what I've heard they are pretty moral. I *want* to believe they were just naive, but as all Christians know the truth eventually comes out. It sickens me to know it may have given any $ to ISIS in any way.
  19. Praying! When you stick to your convictions, you will be blessed because of it! God will provide.
  20. I'm curious. Do you (or have you always) lived in the USA? The reason I'm asking is because a friend of mine adopted internationally and the children that were adopted at older ages never developed a taste for sweets. The child that was adopted younger (2ish) absolutely loves sweets despite not eating many until after his adoption and subsequent moving to the states.
  21. Agreed. You definitely should keep updating us. It's, um, really important for us to know or keep us busy in the monotony of life or something like that. :D
  22. Hee hee...I clicked because the title cut off at O not Oprah. So I was here to explain WHY the appeal of the O. Carry on. :leaving:
  23. You all are scaring me!! I am only (?) 41, but I know its around the corner.
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