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  1. A lot of airlines don't allow cash transactions. He will need a way to pay by credit or debit card with a significant allowed amount, in case of checking baggage and such. Most won't allow stewards to take cash either, so if the airline is one that requires you to pay for earphones or a drink in-flight then he will need a card. He can also get a government issued photo ID at the DMV. It isn't needed to fly that young, but could be helpful.
  2. Thank you for your advice. I am deleting.
  3. This is why I went to a rotating menu for a while. Monday was spaghetti, Tuesday was tacos, etc. It varied somewhat depending on ingredients at hand and life. My grocery shopping and meal prep was significantly simpler. The family survived. :D
  4. Its pretty uncommon to get a parasite from a dog. Cats on the other hand.....
  5. I had to Google it. I've always referred to the tiny hairs that everyone seems to have as baby hairs. Who knew I could've offended someone.
  6. Our go-to meals are spaghetti, taco bar, and soups including chili.
  7. I have one adult daughter and another that will be an adult this year. I'd like to be added, please.
  8. Growing up with divorced parents meant Sunday was commute day for me. I was picked up on Friday night and returned Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure what the families did when I wasn't there. My travel time was 2 1/2 hours each way. I know one side of my family had a fend-for-yourself night on Sundays. Dh's family did the get-togethers at Grandmas complete with loads of cousins, weekly roast beef, and family games. We tried to carry on the tradition here, with just our immediate family as most live too far away. I spent years either putting a frozen roast in the crockpot late Saturday night or would have dh put on a brisket. Last summer we started grabbing fried chicken from the grocery deli and heading to a park for a picnic. I love the idea of a weekly large sit down meal with family and friends, but refuse to put in the enormous work involved. If it can't go into the crockpot or onto the table quickly, it's not happening. Sunday can only be a day of rest, IF it is a day of rest for everyone.
  9. A friend's costs jumped astronomically. She pays over $1200 per month for her family. I've mentioned this in a previous thread, but dh's niece with a rare form of cystic fibrosis was not allowed certain necessary antibiotics after a routine procedure. She was told the only way to receive it was to go home and end up in the emergency room.
  10. What is pink and fluffy? Pink fluff! What is blue and fluffy? Pink fluff holding its breath!
  11. Dd is, but she is already attending concurrently.
  12. My younger teens babysit and because most families no longer have a house phone, they need a cell phone. We use an old school style flip phone. It can call and text, but it is painful. Think back to the days when you had to push the buttons 3-4 times to get the correct letter. It is $30 every other month through net10.
  13. They can't do that! No warning?! Masterpiece Theater does have it up to watch. Dh and I did watch the episode before posting. I need some time to process this one.
  14. I've been stalking the Masterpiece Theater website waiting for it to be uploaded. Add it already!!!
  15. I remind. Our weather is bipolar. It can be a freeze your toes off ice storm in the am and no jacket, maybe even shorts in the pm. My kids don't always think that through. Also, the better bundled up they are, the longer they stay outside to make said snowman. :D
  16. Bolded mine....Yes! Promotion has to eat up a big %. I have more than one college age child and the amount of full color mailings from unis across the country to which they have never applied are absurd. They did take the PSAT and ACT, but we aren't talking National Merit Scholars, just average scores. So it's not like the unis want to boost their numbers with perfect score takers.
  17. Until I learned differently I thought of Sonic like a glorified drive-thru and never tipped. Now I tip. If I don't have cash for a tip then I try not to stop even for the credit card machine. Some Sonics do allow tips on credit cards, though most don't. I've heard they plan to move away from tipping and will raise the basic pay, but not sure if that is just rumor or will truly happen.
  18. Our tax rate for our city plus state is 8.375%. I take the total bill, including taxes, then double the tax and add it back in after rounding up. Simple in process, but tedious to try to explain apparently. It makes our tip 17-20% I've always thought myself a decent tipper, but after reading this thread that 20% is standard it makes me feel like I'm not.
  19. Is it stamped from a correctional facility? We've received several letters from multiple facilities (don't ask) and they are always stamped. I second turning it over to the police.
  20. Thank you for updating us, Kinsa. Praying for you and your dear sister as you deal with the information you have been given.
  21. Interesting! I didn't catch that the CD and note said the same thing. My bet is still on Moriarty, though I don't know how. He is my favorite villain! I loved the pool episode where he asks if he can take a phone call. Moriarty is unhinged, terrifying, and likable all at the same time!
  22. Spoilers....... What is funny is when Euros visited Sherlock I thought she looked different than Culverton's daughter, but then dismissed it as she was likely wearing less makeup and obviously distressed. Her clothing choice also seemed odd to me. Color me surprised when the big reveal happened.
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