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  1. Yes, its low. Our library has done their summer reading goals different ways for different years. My favorite was the year one could choose 8 hours, 8 books or 8 something else, (I can't remember!!). I really liked the hours log for my older kiddos, but it was still an easily obtainable goal for voracious readers. Now the logging in process is all online and a pain for families with several children. The prizes are no longer things we would like or use. Our library used to give things like a free ice cream cone or sandwich meal from Whataburger with an entry for a bigger prize after each goal was earned, then the prizes became a coupon book with buy one get one free type junk in it. It has been years since we participated, so maybe they've changed, but its was no longer worth it when we stopped.
  2. I was always taught applying makeup in the car was okay as it can be considered an extension of one's private space (provided you are not the one driving of course!), but in other public settings is was a no-no. I will admit to touching up lipstick in public on occasion, knowing full well it's a faux pas. I. just. don't. care. :001_tt2:
  3. What the heck? Why would someone continue to push you? I would state my case kindly. Then firmly. Then rudely. They are being rude and disrespectful. Under no uncertain terms tell them no. The end.
  4. I guess it depends on how general or specific your categories are. To me the bigger question is why would one spouse want to sock away money without the other spouse knowing. Is it to eventually separate or to just put away for a surprise gift? I am not questioning why you, specifically, would want to, just wondering what the circumstances would be for avoiding the software for that particular reason. I have a pretty big grocery/household category and I often pull $100 out of that money to keep on hand for petty cash, but I don't log it in YNAB. I either take $ out from the ATM and set aside $100 labeling the whole withdrawal in YNAB as grocery/household knowing it will be spent as such or I just take an extra $20-$40 out in cash when using my debit card at the grocery store. So it can be done without being tracked.
  5. Agreed!! Our neighborhood is trying to transition everyone from the HOA's paper newsletter to posting solely on NextDoor. While, I understand it is cheaper than postage, not everyone wants to see another whiney post about your latest solicitor or random stray dog. I also don't like that surrounding neighborhoods can see all of your neighborhood's posts. Too much personal information can be found, like say your name and address. I will say it was very helpful during the recent dog attack that was near where we live. Eta: Sorry for adding a link and no explanation. My keyboard quit working then my computer did a forced restart.
  6. Agreed!! I was going to suggest something like this. or maybe this In light of my recent thread, I also want to say I LOVE this idea!!
  7. What is the "norm?" Eta: Poll added. Explanation for question to come later. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ The poll results were exactly as I expected. :) And yes, the question was worded intentionally. Extended family member, who will be known as Mr. Moneybags and would have no problem being referred to as such, asked ds what he would like for his birthday. Mr. Moneybags likes to spend $$$ for certain children's birthdays. DS, who LOVES Star Wars and Lego, requested a specific Lego set knowing it would be in the price range and one we likely wouldn't purchase. Mr. Moneybags has repeatedly told DS and me privately on the phone that while he purchased said Lego set, he didn't know why a 13 year old boy should be still playing with Lego. Of course, DS "should" play with Lego if he so desires. Lest you think I think it is merely a boy's toy, I do not. My girls have Lego too, that was just not part of Mr. Moneybags concern. Edited to add: Younger DS whose birthday is a couple of weeks from older Lego loving DS requested a tablet. Mr. Moneybags had no problem with that request. :rolleyes:
  8. I found the jeans for you!
  9. I am really hoping to see The Circle this weekend and will update if I do.
  10. What the ever lovin...? What did I just watch? Very. odd.
  11. I googled and came across this thread I didn't want to resurrect an old thread, so I am creating a new one. We own several of the Henty books, purchased from a company that, ahem, is no longer in existence. As I recently researched Henty, I have learned that several of them are blatantly racist. This alarms me! We have read and loved The Cat of Bubastes. That particular book is also listed in many book lists. While I wouldn't purchase the set today, should we toss the lot of them? Are any of them of value?
  12. I know my flow is much less and shorter since I've started using a menstrual cup. The first couple of months it was the same and the third month it lightened and shortened. It has been fairly consistent ever since. Science or not, my flow changed.
  13. Other animals not known for screaming, like rabbits, do when in distress. It's very likely you heard the groundhog scream. :(
  14. Company level clean. Not necessarily thoroughly deep cleaned, but toilets, mirrors, floors, etc.
  15. does it take you to clean your house?
  16. I certainly miss several people who used to be regular posters and no longer are. I was on the old board and left for quite some time. Not only was I not missed people thought I was a troll when I returned. :001_rolleyes:
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