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  1. I second the cupcake. :) Please, keep us updated. Praying that all is well and there is a reasonable explanation.
  2. Can you mark the bottles or pill organizers? If you take your pills twice a day you could write am and pm then tally mark on the actual bottle with a sharpie when you take your allotted dosage for that time slot. If that won't work maybe tally on a sticker label or piece of paper on the fridge. This again may require marking the bottle or pill organizer. You could paint a different colored dot with fingernail polish on each pill bottle, and have corresponding dots on paper posted to your fridge. Just tally next to the appropriate dot when you take your pills. Eta: fixing awkward wording
  3. I had that happen once when I was at a ladies' retreat. (It was at a regular hotel chain's conference room, so the guests in question were not part of the retreat.) Fortunately, I had booked a private room. I did nothing. I was horrified and rendered rather speechless.
  4. How did I miss that you were pregnant? Congratulations!! I too, had severe morning sickness with 4 out of 5 pregnancies. Phenergan was the only thing that helped. I took half of a child's dose through suppository and it made me so sleepy I couldn't function, so I could only take it when dh was home. This gave me some relief. I would keep saltines by my bed during my last pg and nibble on them first thing in the am, even if I didn't want to (which was never!) and would occasionally take a spoonful of syrup from canned fruit. The only other thing that seemed to help was red raspberry tea. Not grocery store Celestial Seasonings or the like, but real red raspberry tea. A friend of mine that normally avoids all sugar told me the only thing that helped her stomach settle during her pregnancies was coca-cola. Knowing her I am assuming she drank Mexican coke with real sugar not the high fructose syrup kind.
  5. We were finally able to adopt our nieces and nephews. Now we all share the same name!!
  6. Our recycling won't take them. :( I did OM as a child! Great memories!!
  7. Just Googled it. Several malls had fights start at the same time. Why?!
  8. I shattered the glass on my Windows Phone. twice. Dh had been trying to get me to get a new phone for a while as I have been praising the fact Apple products are superior. After teasing dh that I dropped my phone just so I could get an iphone, the wifi issue came up. I think I am about to eat my words. :o
  9. Thank you for all the possible solutions!! Dh and I plan to try all of these until we get it figured out. Someone asked what models the phones are, one is a 5 and the other two (one brand new, the other a year old) are both 6's. I ordered the new ones off of Amazon. If we can't figure it out, we will likely sell or return (if possible!) and keep our perfectly good windows phones. I did shatter my screen, but fortunately dh knows how to replace it as he's done it for me before. I
  10. We can't connect to wifi on our iphones. Our wifi works and connects with other phones, computers, and Apple products. Our iphones connect to public wifi networks. Why not here? I've spent literally hours on the phone with Apple support, rebooting router and modem, updating software, forgetting network, etc. What now? This will eat up my cell data quickly!! Please, help me, hive!
  11. We basically do this, though our situation is a little different. We use indian health and drive 45min+ to our appointments. Fortunately, they group them and we can do them in just 2 trips. Our dentist and eye doc are local, and we use urgent care for any appointments that can't wait. It is worth it to us to avoid the fines, yet still get stellar, affordable care.
  12. I was going to say this. :) Don't the Bates have a daughter named Micheal?
  13. Free. Granted we've always found alternative ways to pose with Santa that may not available to everyone. Our church used to do a night with Santa Christmas party. One of the members would dress up and the parents would pre-purchase the presents to hand out. Our current neighborhood does a Christmas party with Santa. We just snap photos with our cell phones. Occasionally, other events have Santa like our local Christmas light display or a music concert. If we didn't find these opportunities we would skip it. Paying upwards of $50 for Santa photos is not going to happen here!!
  14. We've scaled waayyy back. In a previous post I listed our 12 days of Christmas gifts, basically 12 super small gifts or family outings over 12 subsequent days instead of the usual build up to Christmas morning with 3 minutes of unwrapping chaos. I also let the kids put up the decorations. All of them. I didn't micromanage. The back of our tree isn't decorated. I. don't. care. Oh, and they forgot to add lights to the tree, so no lights this year. ;) Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, so instead of our usual Christmas dinner fare we will have junk foods in crockpots, after morning worship service. Things like cocktail weenies and Velveeta cheese dip. Breakfast will be mini cereal boxes and other junk foods in the stockings. I'm not cooking. One thing we did do this year was minimal lights on the house. This was the first year we've had outdoor lighting, so everyone is giddy about it.
  15. Thank you all!! heartlikealion, I did sent out a Facebook message, so that should cover most of my regular contacts. hornblower and NorthwestMom, Will definitely try both of these. J-rap, We have one drive. Hopefully it has a function like this. I did order an iphone as a replacement phone. zyxwvut- Excellent idea! Carol and Lizzie- Will try these.
  16. I dropped my phone and can't access the touch screen. Dh was able to pull all my photos, contact list and calendar. I have a couple of crucial, time sensitive texts I am waiting on, and am afraid I may have already received them. Is there a way to view them online? We tried a projection software, but you have to click on your phone's touch screen to use it, which I can't do. It's a Windows phone being used with Net10, if that matters. __________________________________________________________________________________________ ***Update*** After reading zyxwvut's suggestion dh remembered we still had dd's old Windows phone. He put my sim into her old phone and it worked!! I lost texts from last night until about 1:20 today, but am able to access the rest. Thank you so much!!!
  17. Love the bath pouf and umbrella ideas!! We always include breakfast and snacks. This year it's mini cereal bars, rice Krispy treats, animal crackers, and mini goldfish packets. Older girls are getting face masks, younger children bathtub finger paint soaps. Everyone is also getting lip balm. Other things we've included in years past... mini flashlights mini hand sanitizers gift cards pocket tools
  18. Good questions!! What if the electricity goes out? Will you get a running total during shopping? Where are the prices listed? In app? What if there is a glitch in prices? Happens all the time at the local grocery.
  19. Escape the Room Game Loaded Questions Yahtzee (Dr. Who, Dalek Collector's Edition) Watch Ya' Mouth Blink card game Would You Rather You Gotta Be Kidding Family Feud Trivia Box Game Buzzers,store:1169569557381139141&prds=oid:18187584538208625618&q=Learning+Resources+Answer+Buzzers&hl=en&ei=2f9EWOzrB-Oe0gKc6oTwDA&lsft=gclid:CjwKEAiAmo_CBRC9qbGQssjqi28SJABYTgZxI6A--euh8Q0tRAfkWyCMYNif-V6Z9cGau7EXhQeeCBoCNqLw_wcB
  20. Quill, your post makes me sad. :grouphug: I am glad you are able to create new memories with your children.
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