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  1. I don't know about the news story. (I'm still processing the bomb!) Yes, it is illegal and being the driver in areas where pedestrians think it is funny to play chicken with cars, I think it should be. It is far less common here (OK) than in California where my mom lives. There, it appears, pedestrians have the right of way!
  2. Not to my knowledge, though I try not to write anything that I would be devastated if someone read it. I do reserve the right to read anything of my children's things, papers, internet usage, etc. if I am ever concerned about them, though this is known up front. They would be notified first, but likely not given time to hide or purge.
  3. This. I was shocked to read that most of the board thought it extremely rude. I do stick by my "you are a grown up, silence your phone" statement I made last time. If I knew *you* didn't like texts after a certain hour, then I would respect that, if I didn't know, well, all bets are off. :p
  4. I refuse to believe they are out of fashion. Humpf! The Duchess of Cambridge wears them, so....
  5. You don't have to justify here what your dd did during her school day. :) Just smile and tell your MIL how thankful you are homeschooling can be so efficient. You have time for a full's day work and time for other pursuits and interests. I can give you a couple of real world antidotes about the public school system. One of my dd's attends our local Vo-tech. She and a few members of her class were selected to attend a movie at the movie theater, yet when I tried to get her excused to be an extra in a movie they denied it. So she can see a popular movie, but can't see first hand how they are made? Also, her Vo-Tech is one that several school districts filter into. This means that high school students are only required to attend if their individual school district is in session. It doesn't matter what school district dd is in, she is homeschooled so there are different rules for her. When the Vo-Tech is in session she is required to be there regardless. :rolleyes: Near Christmas break last year most of the districts let out a couple of days before the Vo-tech, which meant her friends were allowed to stay home, but she was required to be there. (Whatever, right?) Well, because most of the class was gone that day, they spent the day ordering pizza and playing X-box. She had fun, and it didn't matter to me, but it wasn't exactly like they spent the day in crucial learning or even tutoring.
  6. What would be the appropriate time frame? Should I make cookies today or would it be better to wait for a few days?
  7. A Vietnamese family moved in across the street and our kiddos play together often. They made our family egg rolls and had their daughter send them over. They were amazing! I want to thank them and possibly reciprocate. What is the appropriate way to do this? Edited for embarrassing mistake. My daughter just corrected me.
  8. When my eldest dd was 11 she called 911. She had learned you could call in an emergency, tried it, freaked out when they answered, and hung up. Guess who had the police show up to investigate. It's a wonder they didn't charge us!
  9. This is very true! I've seen it with siblings in the same household. All one can do is keep up dialog with one's children, and do the best one can with the knowledge one has.
  10. Yes! Children need an appropriate amount of responsibility.
  11. While dh and I are not quiverfull, we do have lots of kiddos. My children are required to pitch in because they live here, not because they live in a large family. We have worked hard to give them appropriate responsibilities. I am not a fan of the buddy system, with the exception of when we are out for a day trip. When we are at the zoo or a large museum I do ask the children to team up with another sibling and stay together. It's much easier to keep up with 4 sets of 2, then 9 individual people. For chores the old adage "many hands make light work" rings true. Even with lots of children, my kids don't have any more responsibility than I did as a child. They wash dishes, keep their rooms clean, put away their own clothing, as well as another chore. One child is in charge of feeding the cat and changing her litter box, while another is in charge of the 1/2 bath. Everyone is expected to pick up after themselves. I don't have time to put away everyone else's things! Drivers pay for their own gas unless we are asking them to run errands for us, as well as keep the cars they drive clean. Adults who are not in school contribute toward their insurance and pay for their own cell phones. Our oldest four children do happen to be girls and we do ask them to babysit once a week for date night, however we do offer to hire a babysitter if they want the night off. On date nights dh and I order pizza for the kids and usually get a movie or two from the video store for them to watch. The kids love it. Our older children do not get paid to babysit, but dh and I do find ways to compensate them. Just because someone has more than the average amount of children does not mean the kids are being overloaded or expected to be quasi-parents.
  12. I don't know if I admire any one person, but I do admire certain qualities that people possess. A good friend is very organized. Very. Her house is clean all. the. time. Yet she still finds time to homeschool, play games with her kiddos, and organize events. I admire that very much! Sometimes I feel like I am treading water and would love to have a clean house and play games. Alas, here it is usually one or 'tother.
  13. Just went back and read the OP. Is this not including significant hours of driving time? Just the 4 days? Agree with Lori D., it would need to be credit worthy to include on the transcript.
  14. I agree with the previous posters. Growing up it was a class offered by our high school and as such was listed on the transcript as a one semester course. This is no longer the case. We didn't list it, but there isn't any reason why you can't provided you have enough other credits.
  15. We always do TT and FD in conjunction with one another. I would consider them a great pre-logic introduction for middle school age. It's fun to watch the kids' reactions to billboard and tv ads after completing the books. Fallacies are everywhere! To answer your question, yes, we did occasionally have different answers than the back of the book.
  16. You can purchase a sterile DIY kit from Walmart. Our first couple of kiddos had theirs done at Claire's. Dh now does them at our convenience with the DIY kits. Eta: These kits are purchased from someone behind the jewelry counter.
  17. Occasionally, I'll see a topic I'm interested in and click on it only to realize it is a social group. None of the OP's post is visible nor is any of the content of the thread. Is there a way to turn off seeing the topic, so it is never visible?
  18. I have one of those vac/mop combos, Symphony by Bissell. It has changed my mopping game.
  19. Should've been more specific. Yes, it is through a ebates gift card. I'll go back and modify previous post. Eta: I refuse to admit I thought the one click option was PayPal.... :leaving: ETA: What the ever loving heck? It is SWAGBUCKS not ebates! I plan to bow out of the thread now. Apparently I need more coffee or an internet break or something! Maybe I'll just go buy something from Amazon. :lol:
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