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  1. Ok. I am a bit strange. My husband snoring works like white noise to me. When he is having a hard time sleeping I can't fall asleep. But when he starts to snore, out I go! When he isn't home it take me forever to sleep.
  2. Wow! That's incredible! Congratulations!
  3. Yepper! I just started last week. I went no flour/ no sugar combined with NoS. I saw a loss this week. Planning to add exercise in this week.
  4. Thanks! I will have to order them from the library. My daugher and myself will have something new to read and discuss! :001_smile:
  5. My dd13 yr old and I read it. It was very interesting and gave us a lot of discussion. I had no idea there was a series. What order do they go?
  6. If I have Java 6 update 29 should I be worried?
  7. Thanks! I am going no flour/ no sugar so am looking for alternatives. I will look into some of these.
  8. I just started a new "life style". The sweetener suggested is Splenda but I would really like to stay away from the chemical sweetener. What would you recommend as a substitute? Ratio? Help!
  9. Love the idea! Wonder if I could average 5.5 things a day?
  10. Yep, my youngest ds would often go 4-5 days between. Then he would explode all over!
  11. Would love the recipe for this! :bigear:
  12. I have that same problem! Sometimes I have a cup of green tea an it perks me up.
  13. Besides grilling them I like to use them in chicken adobo.
  14. My ds3 pooped his pants at church this morning and just now pooped and peed all over the bathroom floor. This from my son who has been potty trained for months now. Not sure what his issue is today! So I know the gross factor!
  15. How about taking a bunch of gift bags and making clock faces that begin at the time you choose. Then for every hour someone opens that bag. Each one could have a game or activity in it and you would do them for the hour. Then have a bag for 11:55 and in that bag put, party hats, noise makers and stuff and at the stroke of 12 celebrate!
  16. Turkey noodle soup for us. That should do it for the leftovers!
  17. Dinner's done, in laws have gone, bring out the wine!

    1. Alenee


      I'm on my way! ;-) Down here in SW WA drinking wine too.


    2. Robin M
  18. Me? Gift cards to my favorite craft, or book stores. Cash was given me for my birthday, but you know how that works. Everyone needs something more than mommy needs to play. :001_rolleyes: So gift cards at least will get spent on me!
  19. Yep! I first started with straight needles making washcloths. Then discovered hats with circular needles and dpn(doulble point needles). Now I am pondering learning to knit socks. Love working with circular needles! Oh, and Youtube is great for learning new stitches! Enjoy your new craft!
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