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  1. So far so good! My 6th grader has transitioned well at his private school. What I like best is the classroom size. There's a total of 12 kids. He's taken the responsibility of making sure he completes his homework and small projects. The teacher doesn't give too much homework and that's a plus in my book. I am keeping an eye on his math work and grades. It seems like he's a little lost at times. I started out giving him work to do after school but it seemed to be a bit much with everything else we had going on. I may try to implement extra work again when we get back from break. It's going to be another busy season with basketball practice and games.
  2. Everything was a hit with my boys! DS12- Longboard, Dr.Dre Beats, Super Mario Maker, skate shoes, skate socks, new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Guiness World Record book 2016 DS11-iPod Touch, Dr.Dre Beats, skate shoes/socks, Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, popcorn maker.
  3. Before you know it he will be ridding right along. It took my son about a week to get a hang of it.
  4. I got my entire house pained a few days ago and I'm also getting wood floors installed on the 28th. Merry Christmas to me!
  5. Target has the KitchenAid Professional 5 Qt. Mixer KV25G0X on sale for $169.99. http://m.target.com/p/kitchenaid-professional-qt-mixer-silver-kvgx/-/A-15762024
  6. I'm new to afterschooling also! My oldest is still homeschooling but my youngest started 6th grade at a private Christian school. I know we will listen to MOH 1 audio in the car. I'm not sure what else I'm going to use just yet. I would like him to stay ahead in math and possibly do Latin or some vocabulary/word roots program Any suggestions?
  7. Oh Elizabeth, I was gifted the book a few days ago. I'm hoping to start reading it later tonight. My son does fit the criteria for the program. It's very costly😠but he has a scholarship that could possibly be used towards the tuition. The instructor has 5 years of experience and seems to be passionate and knowledgable. One would have to travel to Canada for a few weeks for the training and certification. That's not something I can do right now. The private school is very accommodating. Because my son is homeschooled he can attend half day M-Thu from 12-3pm. He would still be able to go to his homeschool co-op classes on Friday. At this point they don't offer a summer program or after school program.
  8. There's a local Christian school in my area that's starting the ArrowSmith program this fall. If you have any experience or feedback on the program I would love to know. Thanks
  9. There's a local Christian school in my area that's starting the ArrowSmith program this fall. If you have any experience or feedback on the program I would love to know. Thanks
  10. My family went about a month ago. We had a blast!
  11. We knew there was something else going on with my 12 year old son other than dyslexia, dysgraphia, and CAPD. His scores were all over the place! Here are some of his scores and the diagnosis. His verbal scores were in the superior range. WISC-IV-IQ Scores Perceptional Reasoning 73- 4% Working Memory 74-4% Processing Speed 73-4% Full Scale IQ 92-30% GAI 92-30% WRAML-2 Under visual memory he's scores are weak in design memory. verbal memory scores are weak in sentence memory. The diagnosis: Reading Disorder(dyslexia) Disorder of written expression(dysgraphia) Phonological Disorder auditory processing disorder Math disorder(2yrs or more behind) Cognitive disorder NOS(Non Verbal Learning Disorder) Developmental Coordination Disorder(Fine Motor) ADHD-Inattentive Type On paper it doesn't look good, but he's really a great and bright kid with a number of quirks about him. I'm looking for curriculum suggestions, social skills, life skills, and executive skills recommendations. He's progressing at a good rate with his Barton tutor. I'm really hoping to help him bridge the gap in math along with his written expression skills. I also want to know if anyone else has a child with Non Verbal Learning Disorder? Thanks
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