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  1. I had never heard of Governor's schools before, but I googled and unfortunately our state does not offer one in the performing arts. I assume you have to be a state resident to attend the programs?
  2. She wants a program that is a week or two away from home for the summer. She has already gotten herself one internship this fall as assistant stage manager for a production that is just finishing up. Through that, she made contacts to run lighting on a second company's production next month. (I've been proud of her initiative!) Austin and SCAD are in the $1,000-2,000 range. NSLC is $3,000. The others that I listed as "expensive" are $5,000 and up (including housing and meals). I'd still be interested to know about any good programs, even if they are expensive, because we might be
  3. My daughter is interested in attending a summer program next summer in stage management / tech. (Yes, she is already thinking about this!) She is interested in the program at the Stephen F. Austin State University School of Theater. I was wondering if there is anyone who has a child who has participated in this program, or knows anything about the program, who would share your thoughts about it? (I know it's a long shot!) Are there any other programs she should consider? We've identified the following so far: * SCAD Summer Seminars - SCAD programs seem more weighted towards
  4. My daughter has been teaching herself Japanese, too! What materials did you son like to use?
  5. Based on your feedback, we've decided to try to move ahead with the level 2 book, and return to the level 1 book if needed for more in depth review of any particular topics. This program combined with a weekly tutor for pronunciation and conversation practice should cover things well!
  6. The B&M school used Bien Dit 1 for French I, and was going to use Bien Dit 2 for French II. Thank you everyone for the replies - they are very helpful!
  7. My daughter completed French I and got credit for it according to the transcript from her B&M school. We were going to have her continue on and do French II this year. They used the Bien Dit textbooks, which we also have at home. But she told me that her teacher did not cover the entire first level book - he only covered about half of it. So I'm feeling like we need to go back and complete the first textbook before moving on to the second. But this will mean many hours of work that she won't be getting any credit for. Plus, if we can't get through both books this year, she'll have a
  8. Thank you, everyone, for the replies. It helps to know that this is not uncommon. She's not in a B&M school any more, so in the short term accommodating this won't be a problem. But thinking ahead to college, are there techniques that she can learn to use to help her adapt to a group class setting? Do we need to make focusing on small colleges with fairly small classes a priority in her college search?
  9. I feel almost silly posting this, because I don't feel that I'm articulating it well. But posters here always seem to have such good advice and insight, that hopefully you can understand what I'm asking even if I'm not explaining it well ... My daughter, a high school junior, has just returned to homeschooling. We are assessing her current math level and working to review any gaps before moving ahead. Today while working with her I noticed that if I ask her to read and do some problems on her own, she tends to do poorly. She'll look at the problems and won't really think them through a
  10. Many thanks for all of the advice so far! We did pull her out mid-stream - she has been unhappy at the public school, her grades were tanking as a result of her being unmotivated and it became clear that she was simply unwilling to put in the effort there any longer. This was certainly not my ideal situation, but I don't think that forcing her to stay in a situation that was not working would have any good outcome. It just does not seem to be the right learning environment for her. I'm not sure where we are going to end up, exactly, but we are jumping in where we are. I do not expect t
  11. Hi everyone, I had not planned for this AT ALL but I might be homeschooling my daughter who is a Junior. I am, of course, overwhelmed at the moment. Can those of you who have BTDT give me a crash course - where do I need to focus first? What am I likely to overlook or screw up? Thanks!!! ETA: Thinking out loud here - I'm thinking my best bet is to break this down into manageable chunks, in the following order of priority: 1. Choose core subject courses - math, LA, history, science 2. Choose electives - world language, art, PE/health, etc. 3. Look for opportunities for socializing
  12. Sorry for being away - a few other minor crises took priority. Many thanks for the replies - I am researching everything!
  13. Hi everyone! I've been away for a bit because after homeschooling in grades 5 through 8, my older daughter went back to B&M school for 9th and 10th grades, and she just started 11th grade. She is unhappy, though, and asking to homeschool once again. I have a lot of thoughts swirling in my head (considerations include moving to a different school district, private school, homeschooling/online school, early college admission), and am looking for basically any suggestions and advice - thanks! Background: She did well in homeschool from 5th through 7th grades. In 8th grade, she develo
  14. Does anyone know of any resources to find mentors or knowledgeable people who are willing to chat with kids about advanced topics for fun? Right now, I’m specifically looking for science subjects, but I changed the title because the issue I’m asking about is not specific to this subject area but applies in any area where our kids’ interest exceeds our knowledge. Books and websites can provide information, but sometimes having a discussion with another person is invaluable. So, how do we find these people? Do they exist? For example, my daughter (14 yo / 9th grade) has been t
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