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  1. When the kids were little we joined an Alphy's Road to Reading program where they would get up in front of a group of kids and tell about that book they had read. Then the group morphed into more of a speech group. They learned how to give different types of speeches once a month on various topics, pretty informal. During the last two years my older two have joined a formal speech and debate league. On does speech and debate one does speech only. My twelve year old is joining this year. I have been so encouraged by their progress. I am one who took a 0 or didn't participate due to fear.
  2. Smokey Point is growing like crazy! I live just about half an hour north.
  3. This area is about half hour/ forty five minutes from our house. We like to take drives in the summer and have driven that road many times. I know people that are waiting to hear about loved ones. This is quite devastating and sad. They have the National Guard and FEMA now to help. I am afraid that it is pretty much a recovery mission now.
  4. I live about 45 minutes north of Everett. I would recommend looking north of Marysville. Lovely area and not a bad commute!
  5. Ahhhhhh! I just had to go to Youtube and listened to the song! Just for kicks and giggles!
  6. I went to the 2D as I don't enjoy the 3D as much. Our theater is 6.50 before noon. I miss when it used to be 4 dollars before noon!
  7. Yes, there is action and cartoon type violence. My four year old sat spellbound. He is big into Lego!
  8. Anyone go see the Lego Movie? I took my four year old ds this morning. What a fun, well done movie! I laughed quite a bit! He loved it, too!
  9. Filed and waiting for them to process it. Our refund is taking us to Disneyland!
  10. We are going to a pot luck party at our church so a variety of thing! We are bringing a big pot of baked beans. And for ourselves Skittles to snack on! Go Seattle!
  11. I am sure it has been asked before but I can't seem to figure it out!
  12. I have read a couple articles about it. One written by Sherman. Sounds like it is not just one sided and blown a wee bit out of proportion.
  13. Yep, the air was definitely static with the tenseness before the game. Just wait the next two weeks will be worse.
  14. Yeah! That was a real nail biter!
  15. I will have to learn how to do that! Oooooo, maybe when the hawks are in the Superbowl!
  16. I use that recipe for sandwich bread all the time! I will have to give it a try for pizza. The Costco pizza isn't bad. It is a four cheese pizza. kind of expensive.
  17. I know it is silly but who are you rooting for? Seahawks here!
  18. Yes. He is looking to improve his math skills, continue with formal speech and perhaps do a form of debate. We thought about looking into Running Start as he turns 18 in may.
  19. Has anyone done a super senior year for their student. My oldest isn't quite ready for college so we are planning to do that for him. If so what did yours look like?
  20. I created one using Word. I separate the days. Then for each subject I leave a blank that I fill in. You could make space for chores too. I just print a bunch off and fill in one each weekend as I plan.
  21. Thanks for checking on me. Still spotting off and on very lightly. I don't have any cramping. Going to make an appointment to get checked. Thanks for all the encouragement. I have never spotted with any of mine before so this is new territory for me.
  22. Maybe. But I am 4-5 weeks. Guess it is a wait and see now.
  23. We told the kids about baby number 5 as well as both sets of parents. Then last night I started spotting and am still spottiing today. Feeling really bummed. :confused1:
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