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  1. Old thread I see, but we do American School. I don't really do it for the education, though. I do it more for that external transcript. I don't bother with the college prep as distance foreign language just doesn't work well, IMO. We do our regular homeschool thing and co-op classes but AS is that basic transcript with some life courses: childcare, food study, car care, consumer economics, just stuff like that.
  2. Did anything change on the CDs or is it just an updated package? I'd hate to rebuy everything just for an updated label.
  3. I can't find any reviews that are not from TOS from 2010 no less. And even free curriculum couldn't guarantee a good review. Anyone?
  4. I know that my son would love robotics. Is this my best choice? Thanks, Kim
  5. I had to reduce the size. I finally got it. Thanks. :)
  6. Who makes this set? My son wants more but I have no clue what it is. Thanks, Kim
  7. Anyone have one in their email that they won't be using? Thanks.
  8. My son was like that. He cannot decode. He did have convergence insufficiency and finish vision therapy, but that didn't do a thing for his decoding. My COVD agrees that he is dyslexic. Also, he used to look at a word and give a synonym for the word. He couldn't decode it but he had learned what it meant by looking at it. The vision therapist even gave me the technical term for that diddy as well. Check out Barton and Dianne Craft materials.
  9. I've purchased CLE a few times and then sold it. And I am within driving distance, too, so it is very frustrating for me to wait for Paces. I am thinking Paces because one of my boys is dyslexic so reading is a complete challenge for him. I need something that will give him a task that is not too overwhelming for him to complete. They still want to do SOTW and FLL and their other stuff, but I need something that gives them something to do, to keep them always moving forward.
  10. I am having a BOY problem. I am looking for straight-forward, true/false, multiple choice, matching etc worktexts. We do other stuff (when we do it) but I want a daily, structured, scheduled system that will keep the boys moving forward (even when I am not.) And how does it compare to CLE?
  11. Last week we picked up 70ct notebooks for .17 each at Staples. The kids are thrilled but I didn't have time to go back. Hopefully they are still at that price. Anything look promising?
  12. I was actually considering that pasta maker. I have a small Krups ice cream machine but it can't possibly make enough.
  13. Title says it all. I have a Kitchenaid (big guy) just sitting on my counter. I would only use it to shred mozzarella (so that we don't eat cellulose.) But I just picked up a Bosch Compact with food shredder attachments, juicer, and food processor. LOVE IT!!! I have a Bosch Universal for big batches and flour sifting, but this little Bosch will force that KA into retirement. I NEVER use my pasta or ice cream attachment but I need to change that. We go through 11 gallons of raw milk each week so I need to start using that heavy cream before my husband drinks it all (no joke.) And now that I am making my own sauce, pasta is in higher demand and I want to stop buying the processed stuff. Who has something that they just LOVE?
  14. Wow! Just popping on here. I use a COVD fellow. When I looked for a VT, I did use the COVD list. Then I searched my insurance database to find an in-network provider. Once I found one, I applied for the gap exception so that my out of network doc would be covered. There have been a few changes in my insurance protocol. At first, they reimbursed us in full and I only needed to take to National Intake once per year for approval. It has now changed to my submitting claims once I have the therapy appointment and 90-day National Intake approval windows. So this takes a bit more work on my end, but still worth it. I currently have one who graduated, one who is about to graduate, and 3 others (including myself) currently in VT. Anyone who has depth perception is also on a home-based computer program (so they don't have to do that part IN therapy.) I just had an end of unit visit with the doctor. My depth perception is beginning to come in, my eye is not turning off hardly ever now and my eyes are fusing much better. When I walked in the door, I could barely track well enough to read the second line on the eye chart. Yesterday I read the bottom line with no problem whatsoever.
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