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  1. My point exactly in bringing YEC Christian up is the OP brought up, lower In the thread, some of her friends left this board over anti-Muslim posts and she thought about leaving too, but was still undecided (not exact words). I brought up my belief (I could have equally said I was Buddhist, Jewish, or whatever) and stated I feel my belief gets bashed just as she feels hers is. TBH, I also felt a few comments about the Christians in general following were a backlash, but probably I misinterpreted. However, unless someone can convince me otherwise, the views that Albeto expresses in the above comments is reason enough to steer clear of this board ( that is if it's so terribly degrading to be a YEC, and everyone else has a right to defend for their faith, to be the minority voice that brings about change. Yet the YEC view is a detriment to society, not even deserving of discussion in a belief thread....it is after all a belief in my very humble, and evidently uneducated, opinion. I am not trying to prove YEC, I am not trying to debate, I fully understand it is a minority view here and am not trying to convert anybody to my side. I feel the same way everytime a thread about YEC comes up, and it comes up way more often than Islam thread, and try to avoid the conversation. The fact that the 2 do not correlate is beyond me, because YEC are prone to violent attacks resulting in killings throughout the world just as people of other faiths. Anyone kept up with the under the radar news on Egyptian Christians lately? It isn't pretty, and neither is the Muslim persecution. Had there been threads against Buddhists recently, I would have brought that up instead..... (Note to self, should have claimed to be a Buddhust vs a YEC to see if that would have changed a couple reactions to my comparison). Can I shout it out?: I meant bashing of YEC as an EXAMPLE, not to be turned into a debate of whether it constituted an actual religion (plenty of Jewish and Christians hold it as part of their belief system...not that I am going to argue or belittle with anyone who thinks otherwise)...... I must have not had my wits about me last night to even comment...reminder to keep my mouth shut...especially since I adhere to a "flashing neon sign" faulty and immature belief....I should be reported for educational neglect of my children, because I obviously have been so wrong! I must not belong on an education board in the 1st place becauseI don't k ow the difference in an education and a religious hot topic (YEC is both, In my, once again uneducated, opinion). (As an aside, I do give free reign for anyone to call me out on admittedly improper grammar, punctuation, and spelling)
  2. I am going back and deleting the last comment quoted above, because looking back it was a different thread. Sorry, and also sorry that I let this whole thing hit my nerves the wrong way.
  3. Yes, in theory that sounds great! Also we should be able to discuss political views respectively on a homeschool board of all places. I only reference it because on this board it becomes a HEATED debate that makes the view on either side seems ridiculous and narrow minded, just as a political thread discussing liberals and conservative views would likely become. We SHOULD be able to discuss either without bashing. Not to accuse anyone personally as bashing, just thinking of a few posts here and there. I am not Catholic, but I was so taken back by an anti-Catholic remark recently. I felt like some Catholics would read it and feel the same way OP feels reading remarks about her faith or the way I feel when I read a thread that i really think is news info yet later on down thread turns out to be a "gotcha Christians for clicking here thinking your faith was under attack, and now you're relieved that it wasn't your fellow believers, but a group you think doesn't deserve a place of worship anyway." I would have been as much disheartened had I read, "Mosques destroyed in CAR" as when I read churches were destroyed. But evidently, I've been generalized as a bigot who was relieved to find out something horrific happened to a people group, but it wasn't my people group. edited out this section d paragraph, quoted below, because I realize it wasn't an issue in this thread, something I got confused about elsewhere, and even more OT than where I've already veered from the postings.
  4. To address an earlier thread, I do skip most of the hot topic controversial against differing beliefs just as I would political threads if they were allowed. This thread wasn't titled as such, it was titled like news info. To address the above, there are far more attacks in the stupidity and narrow mindedness of YEC Christians than Islam in this board lately. . And agreed, it's not just religion, just this week I saw someone rudely criticizing people with medical conditions as a whole ( a post that was deleted when that OP realized that she PO'ed most of the board). i would have avoided this thread if it were titled as " vent against Christians who click on a post about churches destroyed, but who want all Muskim mosques destroyed." Or vent against "people who live in TN, because I used to live there and know they don't want Muslims there". Just as Imwould avoid a thread that was about other things other than religion that get controversial to the degree of BPs rising. There was a post recently to vent against YEC creationist that got heated, but I don't want to go there because I was glad there were apologies. Before the apology, I didn't even read the original heated thread because I knew it was no good to try to defend my views on this board. nm on the rest...sorry if I offended
  5. I sometimes feel pretty inadequate, personally attacked, and judged for my faith on this board (in some threads) which is why I am selective about what posts I make. I am not Muslim, but I feel my faith under attack on many posts, just choose not to debate. In skimming recent posts, I am wondering if debating the age of the earth should be against board rules just like politics. It seems the age of the earth just pushes everyone's buttons moreso than politics. I learn so much on many threads and value most postings on several threads. I try to be helpful and encouraging if I can be. I am guilty of some judgemental vents (not against Muslims though). It is unlike me to comment on a thread of this subject matter, but the attacks you and your friends have felt on this board for your faith are in the same line with the attacks of my beliefs...but only in certain threads, not the board as a whole. I understand your vent, though. Just wanted to let you know that other faiths get dug into the ground as well. I feel in your post you have bitterness to my faith....that it generalizes all Christians as you see Christians generalizing all Muslims. It seems you think I automatically think my faith is perfect full of people who don't do horrific things, when I know they do. I know the media is biased in its reports as well. I am terribly sorry about the situation you posted about. I know situations like that regularlyhappen all around the world to people of varying faiths, we just hear about certain ones. I didn't hear about your posted story, but that is because I don't keep up with world news as I should. I do think it is sad that we are spoon fed by the media one sided news all the time.
  6. I am sorry to hear she is struggling physically. However, you deserve a BEST mom award. Since the beginnings you knew something wasn't quite right, you asked for suggestions in what could be the cause and took different perspectives into account, and you were so in tune to your daughter's well being that you acted on your motherly instincts when it was evident she needed medical care. There was no way to know she was sick just by sleeping in (it could have just as well been hormones, the time change, a phase, or still recuperating from the flu). But you really acted in the right way at the right time. I am glad you got her to the doctor and she is able to get treated for the conditions. I hope she feels better soon and you give yourself a pat on the back for taking such good care of her.
  7. Thanks for giving the real deal info. I hate hospital billing!
  8. I may be wrong on this, I don't think interest accrues on medical bills if you work out a payment plan. So if you have to choose between paying extra on a credit card debt beyond miminum payments and paying extra on a medical bill minimum payment, pay off the credit card 1st so you can eventually get to the point you can pay extra on the medical payment.
  9. Okay, I apologize in advance for being addicted to this thread. I SO wanted to post this under the actual thread as a joke, but decided this thread was the more appropriate place...so here it goes, and please no flares.... "Stress eating (AKA How do I keep from shoving everything into my mouth at the end of the day?)" ....read the "Prescription Drugs-Necessary?" thread at the end of each day BEFORE you get the munchies. Then you will feel too guilty to actually act on your desire to eat under stress. No judgement from me if you still indulge.
  10. I think they are trying to scam you for your phone number as well as email.
  11. "Help me copy this Princess Bride cake" This chart may help.... http://www.auburn.edu/rdggenie/letters.html
  12. "Pet rabbit with dogs and cat?" Yes. If you pet just the dogs and cat, the rabbit will get jealous.
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