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  1. We purchased them every year (sometimes more than once if they had to be used) until AuviQ came on the market. I'm glad they are being held responsible. It was criminal imo. We'll file.
  2. One of my son's has special needs that mean we need to prioritize the "musts" educationally. He has very little interest in or attention span for fiction. Going forward (11th grade) in LA, I'm prioritizing communication (oral and written) over literature for him. Still, I want to cover necessary literature concepts. I just don't want to suck up a lot of his time. I'm not sure how to do that. Also, I'm trying to balance educating his brother who does love literature (and can do a full school day worth of focused work). Can you help me think through the "musts" to cover and how to cover them? Or suggest a resource or curriculum? Or I'm open to input that might change my plans for him.
  3. I'd say, both based on twin studies and my own personal observations and experiences, that there is a strong genetic component to many mental illnesses. Perhaps environment triggers genetic suspectible people, to a lesser or greater extent depending on the genetics involved. (I am not saying trauma can't independtly cause issues as well.)
  4. My son, when young, did much better with left handed scissors. (He seems to be able to manage with any type of scissor now that he's older--though he doesn't cut much of anything these days!)
  5. I did Body Groove HIIT 2 routine for cardio, then arms and back strengthening routines. It's rare for me to be done with all that before lunch lately! I will add some relaxation pilates or similar today. I'm trying to regularly incorporate that kind of movement in hopes it helps my sleep and mental/physical health generally.
  6. It was busy and exhausting today, and I'm running on low sleep and not feeling great as a result. I'm just doing relaxation based pilates for my movement today. On the plus side, I had good in office blood pressure numbers today. That's the first time that's happened for me in years.
  7. Sounds like a really great trip ((Harriet Vane))! ---- I did a Body Groove HIIT for cardio, then my core and leg strengthening routines. My core routine is still hard for me, but I can tell I'm getting stronger.
  8. I'm sure it's just wiring/personality. Once I wake up or something wakes me, I'm awake and ready to go. It was really inconvenient when my boys were babies. I was absolutely wide awake and alert anytime I needed to care for them in the night. My husband takes at least a half hour, maybe more, to fully get moving. He does not get out of bed ready to roll so to speak. One of my boys is a wake up alert and ready to start his day type like me. The other takes after his dad, maybe is worse.
  9. I've appreciated the thread. I agree there isn't the participation level that we have had, and the feel has changed because of that. I'm ok with whatever you (and any others) decide--continuing, changing, discontinuing. I appreciate you taking over the thread and posting it each day! --- I got lost in a book on my exercise bike today and got an hour of cardio in. Maybe I should go back to reading during that time! I did my arms and back strength routines.
  10. Yes, definitely felt that Monday-ness here, too. All of us in my home. --- I almost forgot to post. I did a Body Groove HIIT 2 workout.
  11. Oh my! If this is going to be a feature of my age...how miserable I will be. I hope it's correctable. If not, I suppose I need to figure out how to shift my bedtime earlier. It's hard because one of my sons, with special needs, "needs" me to check on him before he goes to sleep. Hence my midnight bedtime.
  12. I go to sleep around midnight. I know from past experience that I do best with 8 hours of sleep. I didn't always get that of course, but when I did I would wake rested without an alarm. I don't think I'm ready to wake up at 6 am because I'm really tired. I mean sit down and fall asleep, feel a little uncomfortable if I'm highway driving in case I doze off sort of tired. So something seems off. I hadn't thought about my apnea being a cause. Thank you LJPPKGFGSC. I will also mention that to the doctor this week.
  13. I have an appt with my doctor again next week. I'm sure he will be open to doing cortisol spit. I'll ask. But do you think it might be causing the early morning restless/brief waking too or just the wake up at 3 am wired thing?
  14. Over a decade ago, after sleep apnea treatment, I began sleeping great. I would fall asleep easily and wake up rested after 8 hours of sleep. In the last year or so, I began experiencing times when I would wake up in the early morning hours in the middle of a dream--wide awake and unable to go back to sleep. I think this is sleep maintenance insomnia. Anxiety was (is?) probably a big part of it. I'm likely far into peri-menopause, so that may be a factor as well. I've been working with a doctor to try to address the problem. That isn't happening right now. But I'm finding that in the morning--maybe starting around 6 or so, 2 hours before I would normally wake I briefly wake up lots--maybe every time I turn over in bed. I'm generally able to go back to sleep. I'm wondering if this is normal and I'm just so attuned to morning sleep issues that I'm noticing things I didn't notice before! So, is this normal? If it's not normal, what might be the issue/what can I do?
  15. I did my exercise bike for cardio, then core, legs, and most of my arm routine. I intended to do all my strength routines today, since I missed yesterday. But, when I was doing the weight portion of my arm strengthening, a point in my lower back started hurting. I don't think it's any big deal, but it persisted when I moved from the weights, so I'm stopping the rest of the strength plan for today. I'm planning some relaxation based pilates stuff today.
  16. What a rough start, Jenny! Yikes. --- My family and I hiked in a state park this morning. I got a quick walk in with my parents this evening. It's beautiful weather here today.
  17. I got my exercise bike cardio, arms and back strengthening routines. I hope to squeeze in something more fun for movement tomorrow.
  18. Jenny, Yesterday you wrote something about holding the line being better than the alternative. I started to reply then, but worried it would come across weird. But it's stuck with me today. So..it is so much better, yes! I have, for too many years, had patterns where I got into a good for me fitness routine and, when things got busy, I would lose my momentum and eventually just quit for a long time until something started me again. It was always hard to start again because it was back to the beginning for me every time. I don't think I'm unusual in that pattern. So, I've been impressed with your "stick to it" pattern of fitness, even when your life has been so much that I know I would struggle. You're doing great. I hope you feel good about it yourself!
  19. I went on a long walk and talk with my parents tonight. I haven't seen them in a while. It wasn't fantastic cardio (and I haven't the time to add it today), but it was so nice!
  20. I did a double session on my exercise bike today to make up for a missed cardio day earlier this week. I hadn't planned to. I had to force myself to start today. But once I got going, and had the house to myself so no interruptions, it was easy to keep going. Tonight I did my core and leg strengthening routines.
  21. I did the boosted walk at home, then arm and leg strengthening routines.
  22. I would only test if I needed to have exposure to someone else while waiting for their results. Otherwise, I would just lay low and wait. I can't remember the percents, but there is a good chance of a false negative if you test too early. This would be too early post exposure for me to feel good about a negative result.
  23. My family did trail walking today at a state park. It's always enjoyable, but hard to find large blocks of time when all of us are available these days. I decided to take a break on my strengthening routines for today.
  24. Church today, in a county with a 130 per 100,000 case rate this past week (39% vaxed), there were 5 masked people in a crowd of 300 or so. It's uncomfortable to live here during COVID. I think I'm going to sign my (vaccinated) teens up for coop classes and keep letting them do the social stuff they avoided last year. Unmasked I guess because being the only one masked in a group of other teens takes a whole lot more whatever than I want my teens to have to give. I hope the vaccines protect us. It's not emotionally or mentally healthy to ask them do another year like that. There aren't COVID cautious options for them here. But it's depressing.
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