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  1. I was poorly rested today, too. It makes everything harder. I hope tomorrow, and the rest of the week, are better for you, Jenny! I did my exercise bike cardio, then arms and back strengthening routines.
  2. I went on a walk with family, including my parents, today.
  3. I'm sorry the 5K wasn't what you hoped, Jenny. I appreciate you starting the threads no matter when--no worries! ---- I did my exercise bike, with an extra 15 minutes added because I expect tomorrow to be pretty busy. I did core and leg strengthening.
  4. Sounds like a great excuse Jaybee! -- I did my exercise bike for cardio, arm strengthening, core strengthening.
  5. I did my exercise bike for cardio, then core and legs for strength. I'm wondering if planks I do as part of my core workout might be making it harder for my neuroma to heal. I think I'm going to change up my core routine for a while to see if it helps. (I did make a podiatry appointment, but can't get in until early July unfortunately).
  6. I'm glad the rental is behind you Jenny! Hope you are liking your hair! --- I did a shorter than usual exercise bike cardio because it was much later than I like to exercise when I started tonight. I did get arms and back strengthening routines in. My foot is really hurting today--it's a bummer that I can't get it under control. I added a bit of height to my metatarsal pad tonight. If that doesn't give me relief, I'll probably call the podiatrists office Monday. Actually, if tomorrow isn't better I may call this week. I've had it with this pain.
  7. When one of our cats died (your sweet kitty reminds me of her), the remaining cat started the yowling. She just kept doing it for months--maybe a year or close to it. I thought, still think, she was sad. We moved and my in laws, who had just lost one of their cats, took her (my son was allergic, we wanted the new house to be cat free, and it was clear that our little Aubrey was just super sad). She stopped crying there, and made freinds with their remaining cat. Anyway, I'm glad your kitty is having a check up. At that age I would be concerned she might be having pain causing it. But it could just be the move. I hope it's something like that and subsides soon.
  8. I can't see your view Jenny (looks like a - on my screen)! -- I got my exercise bike cardio, core strengthening, leg strengthening done this evening. I'm thinking I might try weight bearing, maybe walk at home, tomorrow. Hoping my foot handles it.
  9. What do your family members do now? Go from bath to their rooms to dress or bring their clothes? I imagine either would work. Our main bath is just off the laundry room, where most of our clothes are stored in closets/shelving. I think most of us just grab undies, socks, towels before the shower, then finish dressing in the laundry area. I don't actually know for sure what my teens do, but at least I do--because our laundry room is way bigger than the bathroom. There is a mirror.
  10. I did my exercise bike for cardio, then back strengthening and arm strengthening routines.
  11. Busy (good) day. I did get a walk (2.5 miles maybe?) this evening.
  12. I did my exercise bike for cardio and finished wiht arm, then back strengthening routines. It's nice, but rare, to get my movement goals done before it gets dark!
  13. I believe, in a hope grounded in scripture way of believing, that God will ultimately reconcile and restore all things. I believe that this restoration of all things will (hopefully*) include all people ultimately coming to repentance--all wrongs made right. I believe the judgement begins a process, for all, toward that restorative ultimate end. I don't know what that will look like or be like for anyone. (Ghenna, the word translated, hell was a garbage dump. It's still a real place, though I think a park or something similar now.) We all make choices that lead to ghenna, spiritual/relational death, that are destructive. We all need now, and will all need then, healing, restoration, purification. That's biblical. The idea that we believe the right things and pray a sinners prayer and then go to heaven when we die and/or if we don't believe x and y, don't pray, we go to hell--that's not biblical. And I think believing it distorts people's understanding of God's nature. That concept caused me a great deal of angst growing up (how did I know if I believed "enough"). I've evolved in my understanding of hell and, related to that, my understanding of God's character and what it means to be a follower of Christ as an adult. It's been beautiful for me actually. (I love Brad Jersak's book about this, Her Gates will Never be Shut and, about the concept of God, his book A More Christlike God). (*God is not coercive in nature. People will, I think, always have free will to reject God. I guess it would come down to whether a person's stubborn refusal of God would, ultimately, outlast God's mercy and love).
  14. I did exercise bike for cardio, then leg and core strengthening routines. I've got a solid movement routine going, but I'm very ready to start trying to do a little weight bearing cardio stuff again. (Part of my goal with movement is improving my bone health...and a bike isn't great for bone building). My foot with the neuroma has been feeling ok day to day the last couple of days. If that continues, I'll maybe try something cardio "on feet" next week.
  15. I did my exercise bike, then arms and back strengthening today.
  16. I think it will get back to that place Jaybee. I hope it's soon for you. I know it's hard when you're forcing yourself to do it. (I still struggle with that if I miss days--routine (and checking in here) helps me so much). .... I did 30 minutes my bike (listened to a podcast), then legs and core strengthen routines.
  17. I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike (I like routine in my exercise--it helps me be consistent. But the bike day after day...I'll be glad when this is over!). Tonight I did arms and back strengthening routines.
  18. Ouch! Did the walking help the back Jenny? Sounds really painful. ---- I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike, then legs and core strengthening routines.
  19. I went on a walk today--no problem with foot, but I kept it short and in an area with grass. It was nice to do something different. I didn't feel I got a great workout because I was so careful to not stress the foot, so I did about 15 minutes on my exercise bike this evening. I followed with arms and back strengthening routines.
  20. I'm letting my vaccinated teens do this sort of thing. In our community, we will likely never be in a place where the majority of their peers are vaccinated. They've been careful, like your daughter, for over a year now. That's such a long time, particularly at their age. They are going forward. There is always a chance of infection of course, but I don't feel particularly anxious about it. Their grandparents and dad and I are vaccinated. I'm thankful the vaccines appear to be so effective. This would be a lot harder if that weren't the case.
  21. Your day sounds beyond exhausting Jenny. It's great that you've been able to keep up movement, and adjusted it as you needed to, throughout this move! ---- I did my exercise bike for cardio, then my legs and core strengthening routines. My left foot neuroma is really hurting. But day after day on the bike is ok with my foot, but wears on me in other ways (my left leg isn't happy). I figured out I can't do my walk at home without aggravating the foot, but I may try to NSAID up, wear my orthotics, and do a walk tomorrow. I don't know if I will regret that. The foot really starting to interfere with my fitness goals. And it hurts nearly constantly. If I can't get it calmed down soon, I'm going to have to see the podiatrist for a shot. I really hope to avoid it though.
  22. I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike (I think I'm going to have to stick with that for cardio until my neuroma calms down), then arms/back strengthening.
  23. I did a boosted Walk at Home for cardio and legs/core for strengthening.
  24. Yay for a start and getting settled in your new home, Jenny! ---- I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike and then arms/back strengthening.
  25. I had side effects, not enough to interfere with my normal activity, from the evening of the shot through the next day. So I voted 24-48. But I was feeling better after 24 hours and woke up the morning of day 2 from the shot feeling entirely normal (aside from arm tenderness). (I voted for myself. But 50% of my household--all Pfizer--had symptoms that didn't interfere with functioning at all and 50% had more substantial flu like stuff that did interfere somewhat..but all of us were worse that first day after and none of us had non arm related side effects stick around beyond 48 hours).
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