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  1. What a rough start, Jenny! Yikes. --- My family and I hiked in a state park this morning. I got a quick walk in with my parents this evening. It's beautiful weather here today.
  2. I got my exercise bike cardio, arms and back strengthening routines. I hope to squeeze in something more fun for movement tomorrow.
  3. Jenny, Yesterday you wrote something about holding the line being better than the alternative. I started to reply then, but worried it would come across weird. But it's stuck with me today. So..it is so much better, yes! I have, for too many years, had patterns where I got into a good for me fitness routine and, when things got busy, I would lose my momentum and eventually just quit for a long time until something started me again. It was always hard to start again because it was back to the beginning for me every time. I don't think I'm unusual in that pattern. So, I've been impressed with your "stick to it" pattern of fitness, even when your life has been so much that I know I would struggle. You're doing great. I hope you feel good about it yourself!
  4. I went on a long walk and talk with my parents tonight. I haven't seen them in a while. It wasn't fantastic cardio (and I haven't the time to add it today), but it was so nice!
  5. I did a double session on my exercise bike today to make up for a missed cardio day earlier this week. I hadn't planned to. I had to force myself to start today. But once I got going, and had the house to myself so no interruptions, it was easy to keep going. Tonight I did my core and leg strengthening routines.
  6. I did the boosted walk at home, then arm and leg strengthening routines.
  7. I would only test if I needed to have exposure to someone else while waiting for their results. Otherwise, I would just lay low and wait. I can't remember the percents, but there is a good chance of a false negative if you test too early. This would be too early post exposure for me to feel good about a negative result.
  8. My family did trail walking today at a state park. It's always enjoyable, but hard to find large blocks of time when all of us are available these days. I decided to take a break on my strengthening routines for today.
  9. Church today, in a county with a 130 per 100,000 case rate this past week (39% vaxed), there were 5 masked people in a crowd of 300 or so. It's uncomfortable to live here during COVID. I think I'm going to sign my (vaccinated) teens up for coop classes and keep letting them do the social stuff they avoided last year. Unmasked I guess because being the only one masked in a group of other teens takes a whole lot more whatever than I want my teens to have to give. I hope the vaccines protect us. It's not emotionally or mentally healthy to ask them do another year like that. There aren't COVID cautious options for them here. But it's depressing.
  10. I did my exercise bike cardio, then core and leg strengthening routines.
  11. I did my exercise bike this morning, then added a boosted walk at home this afternoon to make up for missing cardio yesterday. I did my strengthening routines this evening--arms, back, and most of my leg routine.
  12. If I didn't have teens, I would lock down again. I want us to see my parents without fear we might bring them COVID, even though we're all vaccinated. I'm really worried about how to handle that next year. It's bad for my parents to go another year with outdoor only visits (and I'm not sure even that is safe with DELTA), and it's bad for my teens to go another year cutting down their in person contacts. I've been going around in circles about this lately. I don't have any good options.
  13. I wish I could give some wisdom, Jenny. Finding balance and prioritizing when it's all important--it's hard. --- And...today was so busy, I struggled with the movement. I got in my core strength routine in before I left the house, then it was go, go, go until a bit before 10 pm, when I got home. I was trying to do all the things around here that need done once I got home. I'm exhausted. What I intended, movement wise, isn't going to happen today. I'll try to make up tomorrow.
  14. I did my arms and back strengthening routines this morning and a boosted walk at home this evening.
  15. The sleep is important for sure, Jenny. ---- I got my exercise bike cardio, legs strengthening routine, core strengthening routine today. Still out of my routine and forcing myself to move, but at least I'm getting it done.
  16. All of my household has been vaccinated with Pfizer. We had planned a trip involving a plane, rental car, condo stay to see the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Hoover Dam, etc. and COVID canceled it. My kids are getting older and increasing amounts of their time is sucked up. I'm feeling like this fall is probably our best chance to make this trip happen. Just as we're ready to make reservations, the delta strain is giving me pause...but, if I postpone again maybe the next strain (if there is one/seems inevitable) will be worse, maybe my kids will just be too busy. WWYD?
  17. I did a boosted walk at home, arm strengthening routine, and back strengethening routine tonight. I had to really make myself, and finally did it way late--but I followed my movement plan today. I hope it doesn't take long for me to get back into a habit.
  18. I didn't realize I would be without stable wifi all week! I've missed checking the thread each day. I also did poorly on my movement over-all this week. I knew it would be tough, but I did worse than I should have and could have. (I also ate and slept horribly...ugh of a week health wise). I did get light to moderate walking based exercise a couple of days. Today we went hiking at a state park--so good movement to end the week. Hopefully I can get back to my old movement rhythms this coming week.
  19. I made sure to get my movement goals today. I know this coming week will be busy and a little hard movement wise, but it should be a bit easier than last week. I'll do what I can. -- Today I did 45 minutes on my exercise bike and then all my strengthening routines--arms, core, legs, back.
  20. I did pretty good today with my movement--it's only day this week I feel good about movement wise, but I'm going to be ok with whatever I could do. I got at least 3 miles of fast walking today, and another 1.5 of conversational pace walking. (plus a bit on my bike, but got interrupted early, so I'm not counting that). I also got a little bit of my strength training this evening.
  21. For study and contemplation, I like Contemporary English Version. It's a translation, not paraphrase, but in contemporary language. I like how it reads .For scripture memory I use NIV, because that's what I memorized as a teen. (I have NRSV and the Message (which I like sometimes too--it gets a bad rap, but has some strengths) handy as well).
  22. When we were first married, I ended up with a filling nearly every dental visit over 2 years. They were my first ever fillings. I didn't question it, but I did wonder about the water. We moved and I was never told I had a filling again. We lived there for 11 years. At one point I asked the dentist and he told me that some dentists fill areas that other dentists don't. Sometimes anything that "catches" is filled. He basically said it dentists vary on their treatment based on their training. He didn't imply they were con artists. He did mention some dental schools teach different approaches. We moved again. And...my first visit to a new dentist I was told I had a cavity. I told him I wanted to wait and see. He pushed back at me pretty aggressively (given I'm an adult making my choice for my self)--and I told him the above. He took as an insult of course--and asked if I was calling him a liar--it was awkward. For a while I kept driving back to my old hometown to see the dentist I trusted. When he retired, I went back to practice with the dentist who told me I had a cavity. Every time he would tell me I had a cavity in that tooth. I would tell him I'm waiting. It's been 12 years. So that "soft spot" was not a cavity. He did fill a "crack," and I regret letting him do that. Because I don't fully trust him. I should have got a second opinion maybe. I really think dentistry is subjective. Some dentists really think you should fill any potential problem before it gets worse--causing you to do more extensive work. I'll add--I drive 1.5 hours to take my kids to a pediatric dentist who is conservative in treatment. I'd like to be closer, but just don't know who to trust. He told us last appointment that one of my kids has a couple of surface "pre-cavities," and suggested he make sure he's brushing well and using a fluoride rinse. We'll see what they are doing next appointment. I love that kind of approach. I wish I could find it closer.
  23. I'd love to know too! --- Well, I got a decent amount of walking today and yesterday-- quite a lot of walking and, though it's been to get from here to there (and there and there), I'm running out of time and energy to do anything else later, so I'm counting it.
  24. I woke up way too early this morning (anxiety I guess/too much on my mind). Not what I hoped, but it did help me get my movement in (cardio exercise bike, arms/back strengthening routines).
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