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I just spent the last 45 minutes cleaning up broken glass and I need a diversion... please...


Post three little-known/rare/unusual songs that you love (with links if you can).  Let's introduce each other to some new music! (Edit: it can be anything, any genre, instrumental only... whatever you love :001_cool:)


1) The Nerves - When You Find Out



2) Thomas Mapfumo - Hwa Hwa



3) Marco Beltrami, Dirk Powell, Courtney Grainger - La Terre Tremblante

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This is my son.  He wrote and recorded this shortly before leaving home to go to college this fall.  "Home is starting to feel alien -- this place I used to know..."  "I may never see this place again, at least not the way it's been."  



Tears at my heartstrings just a bit.  I'm proud of him, though.  He's at Full Sail University, pursuing his passion, studying Recording Arts.

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I'll share some of favorite covers of favorite songs...


For RUSH fans, Subdivisions:



For Classical or Ballet fans, Madness, a Ska Swan Lake:



And I can't pick a favorite cover of New Order's Blue Monday:




Adding another favorite, Echo and the Bunnymen- People Are Strange from The Lost Boys:

(Warning: video contains movie clips with horror/vampire scenes)


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Cleaning up glass is no fun, and you have my sympathy, but I love any excuse to share music. Here you go, hope four is not too many!


Here Comes My Baby, cover by Elizabeth Mitchell (folksy):


The 77's, The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes, and the Pride of Life (late 80's alternative rock):


The Choir, Wide-Eyed Wonder (late 80's alternative):


Airplanes, cover by Boyce Avenue and DeStorm (acoustic + rap):

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Tainted Love (or anything else) by Imelda May:





Ojos Asi by Shakira:




Laura Pausini - Como Si No Nos Hubiéramos Amado:https://m.youtube.com/?reload=7&rdm=29bpkp6o8#/watch?v=xO7wuDdGKMA


Thanks for the great suggestions by the way. :hurray:

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My daughter likes electro swing.  Not sure if this qualifies, but I like it.  Parov Stelar  (First song is kinda slow so go to the next two if you want a better feel for it.   :) )



This is one group my dd likes, Caravan Palace. (It's animated but there is some violence and sensuality in this video, sorry. Not too bad.)


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