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  1. It is such a terrible expectation that people with training are allowed to respond on a hair trigger with deadly force but people with no training going about their day are expected to react perfectly to being screamed at.
  2. My parents, who are 80-85, have had both shots in early-mid March and had no symptoms at all, not even soreness. Not that I have anything but an anecdote, but they have been diligent for years in taking fish oil and a Vitamin D supplement. And they upped the Vitamin D this year since they were home so much. So we started up as well. Yesterday DH got his first shot of Pfizer and has had no symptoms at all, so far anyway. I'm on Saturday so we'll see. I have more health problems than he does.
  3. I know this is a serious discussion, but this pun brought a smile to my face.
  4. We're just now diving in, but it's something we're looking at. I first became aware of this situation when I myself went to college and saw bumper stickers that said "<College Name>, the best 6 years of your life!" My parents were not amused. I do think context matters, though. I would be more concerned with a lower 4-year graduation rate at a small private school than I would be with a large commuter campus with lots of working students or students with families. Another metric that seems important is the second year return rate.
  5. I would take a look at Goucher as well. They're a CTCL school. While I don't have any personal experience, my former boss got her math degree there and loved it. They also are known to have an emphasis on global studies/travel abroad.
  6. I'm not watching this situation at all because of some sort of secondary embarrassment. It's like that situation where you don't park correctly and people are waiting but a billion times worse.
  7. I know people (including myself) have used Elemental Scientific for chemistry lab supplies so I wanted to mention I got an email saying they're moving to the calibration business and have an auction of their own lab supplies at https://www.k-bid.com/auction/36995. While I pretty much have what I need, some of it looks pretty tempting because glassware is so expensive.
  8. Pepper Potts annoys me too, but I'll go out on a limb and say that Darcy does as well. I know people want more Darcy, but I would be happy with less.
  9. Any guesses as to if/when we'll see Agatha again?
  10. I agree with this. I guess I was thinking of a similar trope with a different, where the hysterical, grieving woman can do nothing and has to be slapped back into reality by a man and then takes to her bed.
  11. Hoping to find time to re-watch before Falcon and The Winter Soldier but I doubt that will happen. I do agree grieving woman who's hysterical is a trope, but I think it's been turned on its head by the sheer strength of her power.
  12. Wanda really is a very gray character, isn't she? On the one hand we root for her, on the other hand she traumatized all these innocent people and seems to be learning from Agnes's book of darker magic. I liked the scene with Wanda's runes. It felt like Agnes was going to regret asking for all of Wanda's power and that would be the climax of the fight, so when the runes came into play I was happy. Agnes must be regretting telling Wanda she has powers but not enough knowledge. It's not like Wanda can't learn! We both cried when they tucked in the kids and were looking at each other.
  13. If you do re-watch, notice she's not on the bulletin board of townspeople and her house is in the (maybe?) intriguing position between Wanda and Agatha. Or it could be nothing--the MCU makes me look for little things that probably don't matter much!
  14. Anyone else still thinking something isn't right with Dottie?
  15. Yeah, it didn't answer that. What do you think about the idea that she gave him agency within since it was a retirement plan for both of them (ie in her mind everything is for him too, not just for her) and she knows he can't live outside anyway.
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