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  1. It's my first year with high school and we're outsourcing Great Books and Greek so that got planned fairly early, even though there was a ton of discussion around it back in Jan/Feb/Mar and some revisits of the same stuff. We school year-round and DS's Greek teacher has already given him stuff to do before the first day of class so it feels like we didn't get much of a break. DD's plan for next year has been somewhat neglected until now, which I feel bad about but she can do another month of "do the next thing" until we get high school up and running. I'm just now starting to figure her s
  2. I see I didn't completely get the gist of the question. I agree with forty-two in that I'm not sure how she would diagram a sentence without the understanding. I stick by what I said that it can wait if it's a struggle for her but then I would also have her wait on the whole thing, including the diagramming.
  3. I would say eventually he or she does, but if it's a struggle it doesn't have to be in 6th grade IMHO. My DS is just really getting this nailed down in 8th grade and not knowing for grades 6-7 hasn't been detrimental at all.
  4. Great question! This is our third year for my oldest and the first for our youngest. It never even occurred to me that they might do other sections on the score sheet. (We did look at them afterwards though.) Apparently my strict rule-following has nipped me once again.
  5. Not that some states haven't tried. Before he retired, my FIL was a professor for a well-known state university system. When they tried to change the promised benefits everything ended up in court. After a protracted and nasty legal battle, everyone was back where they started, minus lawyers' fees. So rather than finding something in the middle by reducing the current promise and giving more to the newcomers, they ended up giving a lot to the faculty that was grandfathered in and almost nothing to the new faculty. My FIL was of the mind that it should be more spread out not just for fairness,
  6. I thought I didn't know any alcoholics until it turned out one of my employee's friends did an intervention, sent her to directly to rehab, and left me a voice mail telling me she would be out on medical leave. She was punctual, friendly, got all her work done quickly and well, and I ate lunch with her most days.We went hiking together for a few hours each month. She would drink a glass of wine at company dinners or holiday parties. It turns out at night she would lock the doors and put her car keys behind a combination lock and drink at least 2 bottles of wine every night. Her friends found o
  7. We are using Joy Hakim's History of US this year for both my 13yo and my 9yo. My 9yo loves it. She studies and memorizes less of it and doesn't do as much writing, but it works well as a story. It's a lot to read aloud so we have the audiobooks from audible as well. In the audiobooks the sidebars are not read so I do that part and discuss maps and other images. There's also a free PDF teaching guide for it here.
  8. When I was a teen I attended a 7-week session with the Student Conservation Association. Our leader I think was taking a gap year. Looking at the web site those are now 21+, but they've also added some programs for younger adults: https://www.thesca.org/serve/young-adult-programs https://www.thesca.org/serve/program/gap-year
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. You were very blessed to have her, and she was very blessed to have you. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  10. We did Singapore K-5 with DS and skipped 6 and went to AOPS. We found AOPS too wordy (despite having loved BA) and switched to Dolciani thanks to great advice from Jane in NC. Even though we didn't stick with AOPS, I don't believe doing another year of Singapore would have changed that or been a good use of time. All these programs have a fair amount of overlap built into them and I think whether one does Singapore 6 depends on how solid the student's number sense and arithmetic are, and not because it has topics the student won't encounter elsewhere. When DD9 gets to Singapore 6 we will defin
  11. SWB's advice of picking either a snack, a shower, a nap, or exercise hasn't failed me yet. A few times we've needed to combine a couple of those. It's a given in our work now that if I tell them to choose one they know they're being grouchy, are going to take a break, and are expected to rejoin with a better attitude after the concession to growth spurts and hormones.
  12. When I was 9 our family went to France on a vacation. Sitting at the next table were some English speakers, which was more rare in those days than it is now, plus they had American accents. We started chatting and found they lived 2 blocks from us.
  13. I'm not an expert; my oldest is only in 8th and I've been reading about high school planning and college visits. I've read reports from students (not here, on CC and elsewhere over the last few months) saying that they wished they had taken calculus at university even though it wasn't required of them. What situation exempted them I am not sure, perhaps AP or DE or some other school policy. As a personal anecdote, I took AP Calc in high school, earned top scores on the exam, and am still grateful someone gave me the advice to take the university calc course before embarking on my degree. I
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