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  1. MIch elle

    Back seizing up--help!

    Have you been tested? Most people are deficient. Happy you are feeling better. My dh had leg cramps ( Charlie horse ) for years until he started taking magnesium regularly.
  2. MIch elle

    Back seizing up--help!

    Vitamin d3, k2, and magnesium everyday
  3. MIch elle

    Whole Foods - new one in my area

    Yes, I so appreciate my Market Basket! But coconut aminos is .14 cheaper at Amazon (9,85) than MB.
  4. MIch elle

    Whole Foods - new one in my area

    Never heard of Tillamook cheese so I looked it up and it’s sold at my Market Basket supermarket. I’ll give it a try. I buy Grafton village raw cheddar cheese along with Cabot.
  5. MIch elle

    Whole Foods - new one in my area

    I now use coconut aminos instead of tamari. The coconut aminos was $3 more at WF than where I usually shop, Market Basket.
  6. I shopped there today. Beautiful store with nice food but WOW expensive. I bought organic wine, 365 bread and crackers, liver pate and Ceylon cinnamon. What are your favorite whole foods items?
  7. MIch elle

    looking for career suggestions

    Environmental safety at college, biotech or pharm. company. You probably need a certificate but with your science degrees and teaching experience I think you could break into this field. Large medical/research facilities need to comply with OSHA stds etc. which requires many of these people. Find someone in your area and ask to shadow them for a day to see if this job would work for you and the job entry requirements.
  8. MIch elle

    About those Speed Queens...

    My 2016 dial only speed queen top loader has lid lock- ugh.
  9. MIch elle

    How to get rid of cold quickly

    Hope this helps!
  10. Any suggestions what to do in Orlando area for adults? We aren’t interested in visiting Disney, theme parks or NASA. Looking for nature, walking paths, beach, or other. We will be staying a in Orlando, St Augustine and DeBary for 2 weeks. Thanks!
  11. MIch elle

    RIP Old Speed Queen designs

    Lucky me I have a 2016 model with dials! BooHoo sorry to hear this bad news.
  12. MIch elle

    And, I have a fever

    Take vitamin c
  13. MIch elle

    Suggestion for daily vitamin, Costco please.

    I take this one
  14. MIch elle

    Flu and hype

    Here are some stats on flu this season and info on how vitamin D can help:
  15. MIch elle

    Tell me about tamiflu

    Read the last paragraph for what to take when sick.
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