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well that didn't take long

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DH's father died suddenly on Tuesday, He was 93. DH has madly been traveling to Canada ever since he heard the news, absolutely devastated.


He got there today and found out that his brother and sisters started fighting over the estate even before the deceased father was removed from the bedroom ( mother is still alive but in shock and completely confused even denying that she was ever married). My poor poor DH. He cannot believe what is going on. He is absolutely distraught .




So wish I could be with him in his time of complete distress

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I'm sorry for your loss, Melissa. Sounds like your MIL really needs your DH right now. Being needed may help him get through this tough time, especially with his siblings acting like complete jerks. I realize grief makes people behave in odd or unexpected ways, but that's just outrageous.

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Isn't it crazy that seemingly normal people can become so greedy after the death of a parent?  We've seen the same things happen in our extended family and it stuns me how that can happen.


So sorry for your loss.  I hope your husband can be of much comfort to his mom.   :grouphug:

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